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Aquas & Turquoises
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Prices From: £28.76

Aqua & Turquoise Venetian Blinds

Window treatments are an elaborate affair because windows have their own charm and have to be decorated with care. With homes and apartments getting smaller and windows becoming a requirement to give you the feeling of open space, decorating your windows definitely makes the whole room and apartment look more energetic. The quickest way to modernise the look of your room and add to your home’s decor is to choose venetian blinds as your key window coverings. To give a chic interior to your room and add a modish touch to your windows you can combine different colours of aqua and turquoise venetian blinds and change the entire look of your room and window in no time without any effort!

At Lifestyle Blinds, our made to measure aqua & turquoise roller blinds have become hugely popular ever since they were introduced! From duck egg to surf blue, we are sure that you will find the turquoise of your dreams in our all-embracing range online! We also have a choice of different slat widths to choose from, ranging from 25mm, 35mm to 50mm.

Our collection of eye-catching pale turquoise verticals is the perfect colour choice for rooms committed to relaxation such as living rooms and bedrooms or deliberation such as bathrooms. Here at Lifestyle Blinds, all our exclusively designed blinds are manufactured by expert craftsmen based in the UK and delivered to your doorstep direct from our manufacturers as soon as they are ready!