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Lifestyle Everyday Range

 from only £23.17
Prices From: £23.17

Textured & Woven

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Prices From: £40.61
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Energy Saving Solar Reflective

 from only £47.46
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Faux Suede

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Prices From: £34.91
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Metallic Effect

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Sheer & Voile

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 from only £34.91
Prices From: £34.91
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Thermal Blackout

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100% Waterproof

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Prices From: £32.24

Luxury Plains

 from only £36.49
Prices From: £36.49

Get Black Vertical Blinds For A Touch Of Class

Black never goes out of fashion; it is a perennial favourite, the embodiment of sophistication and class. These blinds will definitely make a designer statement at your window. At Lifestyle Blinds, we have lots of black vertical blinds for you to choose from so you can dress your window in any style you like.

For a powerful look, a mono-scheme of black and white with a touch of grey always looks great. If you wish to give your window a plain and simple look, we have some fabulous plain fabrics that will look very classy and stylish at a window. We also have some great fabrics with patterns and textures (many of which have elements of grey and white) to give a different look to your room.

For a dramatic and distinctive look to your home, office or conservatory you can never go wrong with these blinds! With a look that exudes sleekness and mystery, these stunning black slats (available in 89mm and 127mm) are perfect for absorbing light and creating a wonderful air of style and drama. Apart from being a wonderfully chic window dressing these blinds are also extremely practical as well.

Black verticals are a very neutral and balanced solution to dress your windows in a more stylish way and control the passage of light effectively.

Our collection is designed by top manufacturers based in the UK. You can browse and order your blinds directly through our site. All our blinds come with a three year guarantee and we ensure prompt delivery to your doorstep. Black is great as a corporate colour and signifies strength and mystery, which makes it ideal for an ultra-modern kitchen or a room with a more industrial look. It is a very versatile colour.