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Blinds For Fakro®
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Lifestyle Blackout Blinds For Fakro Roof Skylights


Lifestyle Waterproof Blackout Blinds For Fakro Roof Skylights


Blackout Blinds for Fakro® Skylight Blinds

Discover our collection of Fakro® Skylight Blinds, blackout and thermal window blinds that are created specifically for Fakro® roof windows. Carefully crafted to guarantee a perfect fit, our Fakro blinds ensure that light and airflow is controlled as efficiently as possible.


Choose from a wide range of styles, including subtle stripes, glamorous metallics, pretty florals and eye-catching graphics. Whether you want a roof window blind for a bedroom, bathroom or study, you’re sure to find the perfect design at Lifestyle Blinds.

If you've got a Fakro® skylight window that needs dressing, explore our collection today.


Fakro® Window Codes For Skylight Blinds

Window Code Frame Size Frame Size Glass Size Glass Size
FTP-V-(1) 550mm 780mm 373mm 590mm
FTP-V-(2) 550mm 980mm 373mm 790mm
FTP-V-(3) 660mm 980mm 483mm 790mm
FTP-V-(4) 660mm 1180mm 483mm 990mm
FTP-V-(5) 780mm 980mm 603mm 790mm
FTP-V-(6) 780mm 1180mm 603mm 990mm
FTP-V-(7) 780mm 1400mm 603mm 1210mm
FTP-V-(8) 940mm 1180mm 760mm 990mm
FTP-V-(9) 940mm 1400mm 760mm 1210mm
FTP-V-(10) 1140mm 1180mm 963mm 990mm
FTP-V-(11) 1140mm 1400mm 963mm 1210mm
FTP-V-(12) 1340mm 980mm 1163mm 790mm
FTP-V-(13) 780mm 1600mm 603mm 1190mm
FTP-V-(14) 660mm 1400mm 483mm 1210mm
FTP-V-(15) 940mm 980mm 763mm 790mm
FTP-V-(16) 550mm 1180mm 373mm 990mm
FTP-V-(17) 1340mm 1400mm 1163mm 1210mm
FTP-V-(18) 1340mm 1180mm 1163mm 990mm
FTP-V-(50) 1140mm 1600mm 963mm 1410mm
FTP-V-(80) 940mm 1600mm 763mm 1410mm