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Blinds For Keylite®
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Lifestyle Blackout Blinds For Keylite Roof Skylights


Lifestyle Waterproof Blackout Blinds For Keylite Roof Skylights


Blackout blinds for Keylite® Skylight Windows

An own brand blind for Keylite® window is a perfect solution for your Keylite® roof window. Designed and manufactured to fit your window by our experts in a great range of styles, our premium skylight blinds are guaranteed to dress your window with style.


The range showcases highly efficient blackout and thermal blinds, ensuring you get a good night's sleep and plenty of privacy, as well as maintaining pleasant temperatures no matter the season. Best of all, you're presented with a great choice of colours, including subtle creams, stylish greys and striking blues.

Your Keylite® skylight isn't complete without our own brand blind for you Keylite® roof window. Shop now!


Keylite® Window Codes For Skylight Blinds

Window Code | CP | TP Frame Size Frame Size Glass Size Glass Size
01 550mm 780mm 373mm 531mm
02 550mm 980mm 373mm 731mm
01C 550mm 1180mm 373mm 931mm
01F 550mm 1400mm 373mm 1151mm
01G 550mm 1600mm 373mm 1351mm
03 660mm 1180mm 483mm 931mm
03A 660mm 780mm 483mm 531mm
03B 660mm 980mm 483mm 731mm
03F 660mm 1400mm 483mm 1151mm
03G 660mm 1600mm 483mm 1351mm
04 780mm 980mm 603mm 731mm
04A 780mm 780mm 603mm 531mm
04G 780mm 1600mm 603mm 1351mm
05 780mm 1180mm 603mm 931mm
06 780mm 1400mm 603mm 1151mm
07 940mm 1600mm 763mm 1351mm
07A 940mm 780mm 763mm 531mm
07B 940mm 980mm 763mm 731mm
07C 940mm 1180mm 763mm 931mm
07F 940mm 1400mm 763mm 1151mm
08 1140mm 1180mm 963mm 931mm
08A 1140mm 780mm 963mm 531mm
08B 1140mm 980mm 963mm 731mm
08F 1140mm 1400mm 963mm 1151mm
08G 1140mm 1600mm 963mm 1351mm
09 1340mm 980mm 1163mm 731mm
09C 1340mm 1180mm 1163mm 931mm
09F 1340mm 1400mm 1163mm 1151mm
09G 1340mm 1600mm 1163mm 1351mm
10 1340mm 1400mm 1163mm 1151mm