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Blinds For Okpol®
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Lifestyle Blackout Blinds For Okpol Roof Skylights


Lifestyle Waterproof Blackout Blinds For Okpol Roof Skylights


Blackout Blinds for Okpol® Skylight Windows

Our range of Okpol® Skylight Blinds allows you to select the perfect window dressing for your Okpol® roof window.


Choose from an extensive selection of colours and patterns, completing the rest of the room with a stylish skylight blind. From plain and simple designs to unusual prints, you're sure to find a complementary window blind for your space.

An Okpol® roof window blind is a must-have for all Okpol® skylights. Shop our collection today.


Okpol® Window Codes For Skylight Blinds

Window Code Frame Size Frame Size Glass Size Glass Size
1 (55/78) 550mm 780mm 376mm 590mm
2 (55/98) 550mm 980mm 376mm 790mm
3 (66/98) 660mm 980mm 486mm 790mm
4 (66/118) 660mm 1180mm 486mm 990mm
5 (78/98) 780mm 980mm 606mm 790mm
6 (78/118) 780mm 1180mm 606mm 990mm
7 (78/140) 780mm 1400mm 606mm 1210mm
8 (94/118) 940mm 1180mm 766mm 990mm
9 (94/140) 940mm 1400mm 766mm 1210mm
10 (114/118) 1140mm 1180mm 966mm 990mm
11 (114/140) 1140mm 1400mm 966mm 1210mm