Top tips for buying blinds Part 1.1 Which type of blind should I buy? Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are essentially a metal track supporting vertical louvers which tilt and turn 180 degrees on hooks which are evenly spaced across the track.   The louvers can be drawn fully across the window or totally back from the window.    Vertical blinds have made a massive comeback over the last few years and are suited to all window types.     Vertical blind louvers are available in 89mm (3 ½ inch) and 127mm (5 inch) slats.   10 years ago the most popular slat size was 127mm slats but now only a limited range of fabrics is available in this slat width as 89mm have taken over the market.


89mm slats are now the most common slat width available largely because the major blind fabric manufacturers have invested heavily in one slat size for manufacturing and stock holding purposes.    They have chosen to invest in 89mm slats as new build houses lend themselves to 89mm slats as the windows are smaller and this slat size takes up less room on the windowsill.   127mm louvers are ideally suited to large windows like patios or bifold doors because there are far fewer slats so less stack on either side of the window letting more light in.

Vertical blinds are suitable for every room in the house from conservatory to kitchen, bathroom to bedroom. This is largely due to the variety of stunning and practical fabrics that are now available.   Solar reflective fabrics for the conservatory keep the heat out in the summer and in in the winter. Blackout vertical blind fabrics are now available in all the colours under the sun and ideal for nurseries and bedrooms.   Soft pvc vertical fabrics are 100% waterproof and available in plain and patterned fabrics ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.   An innovation from America the rigid pvc vertical blind which doesn’t need weights or chains is a clean and crisp modern take on the vertical blind.

What do you think of vertical blinds these days?   Do you think they have had a change of image lately?   Let me know what you think.

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