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Bathroom Blinds

Discover your perfect bathroom blind with Lifestyle Blinds


At Lifestyle Blinds, we recognise that bathroom blinds are incredibly important. Whether you have a small shower room or a large master bathroom, both spaces deserve a window blind that helps you get the most out of the room. We have a wide selection of 100% waterproof blinds available, with waterproof roller blinds, Venetian blinds and faux wood blinds in many styles. No matter whether you’re a true naturalist at heart or want to play with colour, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our online store. We manufactured all of our bathroom blinds in the UK. Each one is made-to-measure for your windows and comes with full installation instructions too.


Our specialist team hand-selects each fabric to ensure you have a wide range to choose from. We also only work with the highest quality suppliers and ensure every single component meets our stringent requirements. Over the years, we have improved our designs continuously so you can shop confidently, knowing you’re buying a bathroom blind that will stand the test of time. With nationwide shipping and free delivery for orders over £149, our online store is the perfect place to find and fall in love with a beautiful blind for your bathroom today.



Large online range of styles and designs

No two bathrooms are the same. So we make sure that our online range is packed with varied styles and designs to suit every interior style. From classic neutrals to vibrant prints and luxury metallics, you’ll find bathroom blinds here that exudes style. Our team hand selects each fabric ourselves, focusing on both the quality and the design. We want you to find something unique in our store and walk about with a bathroom blind you want to show off to every single guest.



Bathroom blinds are a key consideration for every home. Whether you’re dressing the master en-suite or family space, you deserve optimal privacy. Your bathroom should be the space you can relax - a haven where you can shower in peace, sink into bath bubbles or walk through your morning routine in peace. With fluctuating temperatures and high humidity, normal blinds falter in many ways when used in bathrooms. This is why you need a tailored solution that suits your style and practicality needs.


At Lifestyle Blinds, our online range of bathroom window coverings are designed to tick every box. We hand-select each fabric to make sure you can find the unique style you’re looking for. With PVC coatings or manufactured from water-resistant aluminium, these blinds work effectively in these humid environments. No matter the style you’re looking for or the challenges you’re facing, we’re confident you’ll discover the right bathroom blind in our online store today. And, if you need any help or support, our professional team is on hand at all times too.


100% Waterproof Vertical Blinds in soft pvc

Ideal for longer windows and glass doors, our blinds for bathroom windows are 100% waterproof vertical blinds are a stylish choice. They feature numerous made-to-measure louvres that rotate on the top rail. Adjust them to your exact requirements to take control over light, privacy and temperature. Or, draw them to one side if you want to let the light flood in. We have a wide range of colours and styles to choose from, making it easier to style the bathroom of your dreams.


Rigid PVC Vertical Blinds

Made from solid pvc and without weights and chains.  Our Rigid pvc vertical blinds are ideal for shower cubicles and very moist bathrooms alike.


Bathroom roller blinds

One of our personal favourites, 100% waterproof roller blinds are ideal for bathrooms. The single pane of fabric with a PVC coating prevents water from being absorbed. This inhibits the growth of mould or mildew while providing a wipe-clean surface for easy maintenance. The single panel of fabric eliminates awkward areas where grime can sit and allows you to appreciate the colour or style you’ve chosen to its fullest.


100% Waterproof Cordless Blinds

Ideal for family bathrooms, our 100% waterproof cordless blinds are a child-safe solution. They have a similar design to roller blinds but, instead of using a pull cord, they have a spring-loaded internal mechanism. By pulling gently on the bottom rail, you can smoothly adjust window coverage and keep every member of your family safe at the same time. Made-to-measure to fit your windows, they are ideal for prioritising privacy too.


100% Waterproof Motorised Blinds

In households that prioritise technology, 100% waterproof motorised blinds are controlled fully by remote control. They have a rechargeable lithium battery discreetly fitted into the top roll. By tapping just a few buttons, you’ll be able to adjust window coverage and take control over light. With a PVC coating, they are ideal for wet environments and can be wiped clean easily.


Venetian Blinds

Manufactured from aluminium, Venetian blinds are naturally water-resistant. They are lightweight and easy to install - ideal for those looking to budget. With horizontal slats that can be rotated or drawn up entirely, these blinds allow for heightened management of light, privacy and comfort. They are also entirely wipe-clean and won’t promote the growth of mould or mildew.


Faux Wood Blinds

If you are interested in shutters for the bathroom but can’t bring yourself to spend a small fortune then maybe faux wood blinds are a good bet. Whilst real wood is naturally porous, faux wood blinds are manufactured from rigid PVC. This makes them water-resistant and hardwearing, the perfect solution for fluctuating temperatures and humidity. With a host of different colours to choose from, it’s easy to style a bathroom that is beloved by the entire family too.


Waterproof Skylight Blinds

If your loft conversion has become a spacious family bathroom you probably need a Velux bathroom blind.  With brushed aluminium channels and PVC-coated fabric locked in, they are one of the best choices for full privacy and light control. The wipe-clean surface is easy to maintain and you’ll find a host of style options to suit your interior decor perfectly.



The bathroom has always been, and remains, one of the most important rooms in the house. While it’s not one you tend to show off to visitors, it is one that most people who frequent your house will need to visit. Home to your shower and/or bath, the bathroom is a place you can switch off. It is a haven of relaxation that calls to you at the end of a long day and the room you use to calm children down after a busy week. It is the room you enter first in the morning and one where your morning routine helps to soothe an overly anxious mind. The bathroom is so much more than a functional room. And, for that reason, it deserves to be a room you’re incredibly proud of.


Fluctuating temperatures and high humidity prove problematic for traditional blinds. Normal window blind fabrics are highly porous. This means they will absorb excess moisture from the air or from splash backs. Moisture has a detrimental impact on fabric fibers, causing them to break down over time. It also creates the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Hazardous to human health, both of these organisms cause irreversible stains and have the potential to reduce your window blind’s lifespan. Overcoming this is easy - simply choose a 100% waterproof bathroom blind.


Practicality is always important when dressing rooms in your home. But that doesn’t mean that style has to take a step back. In fact, there are so many different waterproof blinds and water-resistant blinds available online, you have just as much free reign with interior style as you would in any other space. Considering both the challenges faced in your bathroom and the decor you want to create is the best way to identify the very best bathroom blind for your home. And our team here at Lifestyle Blinds are on hand to help you prioritise privacy, manage excessive light and even reduce household bills with our extensive range today.

Five reasons your bathroom needs a blind

It won’t come as a surprise that most rooms will benefit from having a window blind installed. But it’s not uncommon to not add bathrooms into these considerations. This is normally because people associate window blinds with absorbent materials and don’t realize that there is a practical alternative. In our opinion, your bathroom 100% needs a window blind - even if you’ve chosen to install frosted glass or applied a film to your windows. And here are five reasons why:

1.You deserve to have privacy

Bathrooms are the one room of the house you expect to be in alone. Whether you’re bathing, showering or using the toilet, they are supposed to be private. Locking the door keeps those inside at bay but won’t stop onlookers from peeking in through the windows. This is particularly important if you have a ground-floor bathroom or one overlooked by neighbours.


Window blinds allow you to choose window coverage. If you’re jumping in for an evening shower or bath, pull the blinds closed to stop onlookers from being able to see in. If you’re popping on your makeup, open the blinds fully and use the natural sunlight to make sure the application is natural.

2.Light management is a must

It’s Saturday morning. You have 30 minutes until the kids are getting up and all you want is a hot, candle-lit bath. You could wait until nighttime and risk missing your window of opportunity. Or, you could pull your window blind closed, sink the room into darkness and allow candlelight to do its thing. Maybe you’re getting ready for the day and need natural light to make sure you look perfect. Open your blinds and benefit from light instantly.


Light management isn’t just important in living rooms or offices. It is just as vital in bathrooms which is why you need the perfect blind to allow you this management.

3.They prioritise your family's health

Bathrooms are very humid with fluctuating temperatures. Hot water from showers, heat from bubble baths and splash back the toilet - all of these factors pose a threat to traditional window blinds. Normal window dressings are made from porous materials that absorb moisture and bad smells easily. Over time, these create a breeding ground for mould - a potentially harmful organism that can trigger respiratory illnesses and allergic reactions.


Bathroom blinds are designed to be 100% waterproof - either through a PVC coating or using aluminium. This means they can be wiped clean when wet, preventing water from sitting stagnant and prioritising your family’s health.

4.Bathrooms deserve to be cosy too

Window blinds are an effective way to manage temperature too. And who doesn’t love the idea of a cosy bathroom? The last thing you want, first thing in the morning, is to step into a freezing cold room. Or step out of a steaming hot bubble bath into an ice-cold space. The right window blind can help to lock residual heat into your bathroom, reducing your dependency on central heating and keeping you comfortable at all times too.

5.Style shouldn’t be an afterthought

Your bathroom may not be considered the hub of the home. But that doesn’t mean you should compromise on style. After all, every corner of your home deserves to be beautiful. The right bathroom blind will help you to create your desired decor, no matter what colour palette you’ve chosen or the pattern that’s captured your attention.


As you can see, there are so many reasons why bathroom blinds are essential in your home. And it really doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about a powder room or a loft conversion bathroom. All spaces will benefit from the right window blind, allowing you to enjoy privacy, light control and comfort at all times.

Do bathroom blinds need to be waterproof?

Both bathrooms and kitchens are unique rooms in the home. They are two of the most humid spaces, with hot water and heating devices used regularly. From filling up the bath, showering or simply flushing the toilet, nearly every bathroom task involves some degree of moisture or heat. The air in a bathroom holds a lot of this water, leaving it on cold surfaces such as mirrors and tiles. Warm air also holds more moisture than cold, increasing the risk of condensation and standing water.


Moisture in a bathroom is fine - if it’s dealt with properly. Smaller bathrooms may be fitted with extractor fans to draw as much water out of the air as possible during a shower. In others, you may keep the window cracked to maintain a more consistent air temperature. However, if you were to choose a non-waterproof blind for a bathroom, you’d encounter some serious problems. Normal window blind fabrics will absorb moisture from the air, locking it into the fibres. Even premium designs made with 100% polyester will allow moisture to run within the weave of the fabric, providing more nooks where it can sit.


Textiles with high moisture content begin to lose their tensile strength and elasticity. The fibres begin to break down, causing permanent damage or changes to the colour/pattern. Over time, moisture creates the perfect breeding ground for mould. This natural organism thrives in wet, hot environments and can spread quickly in rooms such as bathrooms. It is an irritant to human health, causing respiratory problems and allergic reactions. Not to mention, the black marks it creates are unsightly and can cause permanent staining too. Your window blind is less likely to stand the test of time if it hasn’t been designed to withstand these environments.


The temperature in a bathroom also fluctuates significantly more than in other spaces. This is again due to the activities that take place in these spaces. Some natural materials used in window blinds - such as real wood - are highly porous. When they absorb moisture, they run the risk of warping or changing shape. This impacts the blind's functionality and eventually reduces its lifespan. You want a bathroom blind that can handle high and low temperatures equally.

Top 3 blinds for bathrooms

Your bathroom blind needs to be waterproof, durable and stylish. It needs to fit the needs of your household. This includes taking into account the safety of small children, the ease of maintenance and the desired lifespan. Nowadays, there are many different 100% waterproof blinds to choose from, all in various styles, colours and patterns. So you’re certainly not restricted on decor when choosing your dream bathroom blind. There are many different options available but here are our top three:

100% waterproof roller blinds

A staple classic, there really is no room where a roller blind doesn’t excel. They are incredibly easy to use, with a simple pull cord operation. This helps to raise and lower the single panel of fabric, providing exceptional light and privacy control too. With a PVC coating, 100% waterproof roller blinds can be wiped clean after every shower or bath. They won’t harbour mould organisms and come in a host of different colours and styles, giving you full flexibility over style in your home.


Have small children in the home and are concerned about pull cord hazards? Opt for a 100% cordless roller blind which uses a spring-loaded mechanism built into the top rail. By pulling gently on the bottom bar, you’re able to adjust window coverage in a fully safe manner. Or, choose a 100% waterproof electric roller blind. These come with a four-channel remote control that links to the discrete, rechargeable lithium battery fitted in the blind. With the tap of a button, you can choose the window blind position and make comfort a priority too.

Venetian blinds

For undeniable longevity, we love the look of Venetian blinds for bathrooms. These lightweight and durable window dressings are manufactured from aluminium. This makes them 100% waterproof and provides a smooth surface that can be quickly wiped down. The horizontal slats rotate to precise angles, giving you the best control over light and privacy possible. If needed, you can also draw the blinds up entirely to expose the window and give you natural light in abundance.


Just because these blinds are made from aluminium, doesn’t mean you have to choose a metallic style. Venetian blinds come in a host of different colours, with perforated designs that filter light and shimmering metallic styles for added glamour. You can go bold with colour or stay simplistic too. The choice is yours entirely.

Faux-wood blinds

Our third and final suggestion would be a faux wood blind. Many homeowners have a penchant for wood, choosing it for their furniture and accessories throughout. However, as a naturally porous material, it isn’t the best solution for bathroom blinds. In these humid and moisture-rich environments, real wood becomes the perfect harbour for mould and other potentially harmful organisms. Too much-absorbed moisture can cause warping which prevents the blind slats from sitting flush and reduces the blind’s ability to block out light.


Thankfully there is a solution - faux-wood blinds. Made from hard PVC, these made-to-measure blinds come in a host of different styles. They are 100% waterproof with smooth surfaces that can be dusted and wiped down when needed. Those with a thing for wood will find faux-wood blinds that look entirely organic with natural grains and colours too. And, if you want something a bit more unique, there are bolder styles available too. The horizontal slats give you precise control over light and privacy while also helping to reduce external noise - the perfect combination.

The best bathroom blinds for different windows

By now, you’ll know that it’s important to choose 100% waterproof blinds for bathrooms. However, what do you do if you have unusual windows? Very small windows, large windows or tilt & turn windows all have their own demands. So it pays to understand what your options are for each type of window too. Let’s take a look at some of the most common bathroom window/bathroom blind combinations.

Bathroom blinds for tilt and turn windows

Tilt and turn windows open inwardly to allow for the best ventilation. Most styles can be opened from the side as well as tilted vertically too. They are popular in bathrooms, allowing you to open the window while maintaining safety and ensuring good airflow. However, their unique movement makes them a challenging partner for traditional window blinds. When the window is opened, normal blinds will get in the way - especially if they are bulkier styles such as Venetian blinds or wooden blinds.


The best option here would be to fit a window blind to the actual window itself. This allows the window to open fully while allowing you to manage light. If you have a tilt-and-turn window fitted into a sloped roof, you may choose a 100% waterproof skylight blind. These sit flush with your window and operate similarly to cordless blinds. Alternatively, if you’re drawn to a 100% waterproof roller blind, cordless roller blind or motorised roller blind, we recommend installing it outside of the recess. This provides more space for the blind to move and allows you to raise the blind out of the way when needed.


Bathroom blinds for small windows

In the UK, we have some of the smallest bathrooms in the world. Therefore, many households will be faced with small windows. The size of your window in no way impacts your ability to choose the perfect window blind. You can choose anything from a 100% waterproof roller blind to a Venetian blind or a faux-wood blind too. The beauty of made-to-measure bathroom blinds is that we can produce your chosen style to fit your windows perfectly. So you really do have full flexibility when it comes to bathroom decor.

Bathroom blinds for tiled walls

If your bathroom window sits on a tiled wall, or if you live in a rented accommodation, you’re probably on the lookout for no-drill blinds. Unlike traditional roller blinds, they have a tensioned design that springs into your window recess and provides excellent light control instantly. At Lifestyle Blinds, we supply the Louvolite Grip Fit No Drill Blinds that can be installed in seconds. They come in a whole host of colours and styles - and they’re the perfect option for tiled walls, rental properties and if you simply don’t want to ruin the paintwork!


Bathroom blinds for large windows

If you’re lucky enough to have a large bathroom, you may also have large windows. Floor-to-ceiling windows are rare in UK bathrooms, but that doesn’t mean they’re an enigma. Some households have them and finding the right blind is a challenge. A made-to-measure blind will likely be too heavy to roll up and down due to the amount of fabric needed to cover the window. The same goes for Venetian blinds and wooden blinds.


The best option for very large bathroom windows is a 100% waterproof vertical blind. With bespoke louvres made from PVC-coated fabric, they offer excellent light coverage. You can choose to rotate the slats precisely to take control over light and privacy. Or, draw them across to one side and expose the windows fully, allowing light to flood in. The beauty of vertical blinds is you can commission one large blind to cover numerous windows. This saves you money and offers a one-size-suits-all solution.


The perfect bathroom blind for your home comes down to personal preference. It needs to tick practicality requirements - sure. But that doesn’t mean you can’t style a bathroom that makes you want to spend hours and house inside.

Cleaning your bathroom blinds

High humidity in bathrooms means that taking care of your new blinds is vital. No matter how durable and long-lasting your chosen window dressing is, ignoring the build-up of moisture on them will reduce their lifespan. Thankfully, cleaning bathroom blinds is incredibly easy. Waterproof and water-resistant fabrics are designed to bead moisture on the surface rather than absorb it. These beads tend to drip down the fabric or sit there, ready to be wiped away with a clean dry cloth.


If you have a cubicle shower, you’ll know the importance of a quick wipe-down after each shower. This prevents streaking or water marks on the glass and gives your bathroom a fresh feel. The same goes for your bathroom blinds. Once you’ve wiped away all of the water drops on your shower, wipe over your blinds too. You won’t just pick up the excess moisture either. You’ll also capture any speckles of dust, helping to clean your bathroom at the same time.

We recommend adding bathroom blinds to your weekly cleaning schedule - they won’t take very long. Dust them like you would a normal blind and wipe them down when you notice moisture. If you want to do a deep clean, only use chemicals designed for waterproof blinds and make sure not to exert too much pressure on the fabric when wiping.

Cleaning Venetian blinds or faux-wood blinds is slightly more complicated than roller blinds. You will need to open the slats up fully before running a cloth across each one individually. Make sure to pay close attention to the knotted frame as this is where dust and dirt can hide.


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