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Conservatory Blinds

For many households, the conservatory is a space largely enjoyed during the summertime. It offers a hybrid space between the indoors and the outdoors - a room where you can enjoy the beauty of your garden without catching a chill. However, many households face challenges with their conservatories when it comes to heat and light management. The right conservatory blind helps to solve these, offering a physical barrier against unwanted thermal energy and helping you to enjoy every corner of your home throughout the year.

Conservatories are an investment in your home. They are an extension that allows you to enjoy the beauty of your garden with cover from the elements. For many families, the conservatory is a lifesaver. They create more space for storage, help your home to feel bigger and allow you to continue living in a beloved home as your family grows.

However, despite all of their benefits, conservatories do pose a number of issues too. They are largely glass - great for getting the best views of nature but not so great when it comes to managing temperature and light. Glass is one of the least thermally-efficient building materials, meaning it allows heat to pass through at a much quicker rate than others. This is why rooms with lots of windows feel colder - they are quite literally letting out more heat than other spaces. There are a number of ways to tackle this. You can choose double or triple glazing for your conservatory. Here, two or three panes of glass are set in the same frame and separated by a layer of inert gas, such as argon. This gas slows down the thermal transfer of heat by conduction, reducing heat loss.


You could also choose to have window treatments applied, such as filters and privacy films that minimise the intensity of heat loss too. However (and yes, we are biased), one of the most cost-effective and interior-style-focused solutions has to be installing conservatory blinds. These made-to-measure window covering solutions provide a physical barrier between the room and the window. This prevents heat loss, prioritises light control and helps to give privacy when it’s needed the most. And here at Lifestyle Blinds, we have a wide selection of conservatory blinds to suit your budget and interior style. With options from blackout thermal vertical blinds through to real wood blinds and blinds for bi-folding doors, you’re sure to find exactly what you need here.

Here at Lifestyle Blinds, we strive to bring our customers window blind solutions to suit every requirement. We have a range of solutions that are ideal as conservatory blinds - all of which come in a wide variety of styles, patterns and colours to suit your needs. So, whether you’re drawn to vertical blinds, have a penchant for cordless blinds or want a conservatory roof blind solution, you’re sure to find it right here. You’ll also benefit from the experience and support of our team who are on hand at all times to make sure you find the perfect solution today!

Vertical Blinds

Ideal for longer windows and doors, vertical blinds are a popular choice for conservatories. They feature made-to-measure louvres that clip onto a top rail. These can be rotated to give accurate light control or drawn to one side entirely for improved access. We have a wide range of vertical blinds to discover, from thermal blackout styles that effectively manage temperature through to 100% waterproof vertical blinds for kitchens and humid environments.


Real Wood Blinds

If you’re looking for a classically, elegant option, choose real wood blinds. They have the durability to stand the test of time and, as a natural material, help to complement the warmth in your conservatory. One thing to consider is the height of your windows and how heavy the blinds will be to draw up. However, if you have half-windows, real wood blinds are a stylish choice.


Faux Wood Blinds

Tackling moisture and temperature changes in conservatories is very common. This is why faux-wood blinds may be the right option. They are made of rigid PVC, with horizontal slats that rotate for brilliant light and privacy control. You’ll find a wealth of styles in our online store, with natural-looking wood grains and bolder colours too.


Blinds for Bifold Doors

Bifold doors, or indeed any full-length glass door, need a window blind solution that fits directly to the panel. This improves access, creates a seamless look and allows you to manage light without compromising on practicality. Our blinds for bi-fold doors are cordless roller blinds that sit on each individual panel. They are safe for the entire family and are one of the best options in these busy spaces.


Electric Roller Blinds

If you’re creating a modern and practical home, you’ll want to consider electric roller blinds. With an internal motor fitted into the top roll, they can be controlled by remote and even programmed into your smart hub system. This helps you to create a show every time you adjust window coverage and helps you to style a conservatory you’ll want to invite guests to.


Conservatory Roof Blinds

Finally, conservatories are known for their all-glass designs - even on the roofs. There are two options here - either conservatory roof blinds that hug the recess of your glass-pitched roof or skylight blinds that fit on each individual window. We have a wide range of made-to-measure skylight blinds that are easy to install and crafted from the highest quality fabrics to fit your needs too.

Things to consider when buying conservatory blinds

So, you know you need conservatory blinds but you don’t know where to start? With any window blind addition to your home, we always recommend considering the issues you may be facing. Looking at each room from a practical standpoint helps to identify the problems you may have and the blind that could help to solve these.

How are you going to manage temperature?

On average, 80% of the heat that enters your conservatory will leave through the glass walls and roof. This is the key reason why conservatory blinds are so important. They provide a physical barrier against heat loss while also preventing heat gain during the warmer months. There are other options, including window tints and triple glazing.


Choosing the right solution depends on your budget. However, our preference for conservatory blinds comes from their versatility. If you have a sunny spring lunch planned, uncovered windows allow you to appreciate the beauty of your garden while keeping the temperature balanced. As the temperature begins to drop, you can draw the blinds down or across to extend the usability of this room and keep your guests around for longer.

How will you control sunlight?

Natural light is the golden egg when it comes to home design. Being able to flood a room with light without being dependent on internal lighting devices. This saves you money in the long run and creates a softer lighting environment that suits many different events. Conservatories are ideal for this. They allow you to bridge the gap between indoors and outdoors while adding extra space to your home.


However, as with everything, too much natural sunlight can be a bad thing. If you plan on watching TV or working in your conservatory, excessive light increases the risk of glare. Equally, too much light in your direct eye line can cause a distraction - especially if you’re trying to relax with family and friends. The right window blind allows you to choose the right times for lots of natural light and when it’s time to sink into darkness too.

How durable do you need your blinds to be?

Any investment in your home needs to offer a high return. No matter whether you’re restricted on a budget or have money to splurge, you want conservatory blinds that are durable enough to stand the test of time. Consider how often you’re likely to use your conservatory. Will it offer an additional space that needs to be occupied throughout the year? Or is it a leisurely space that will mostly come into its own during the Summer months?


How durable do you need your conservatory blinds to be? Consider other factors including the risk of fading due to excess light exposure and how much time you have available for maintenance.


How much privacy does your conservatory need to have?

Is your garden overlooked by neighbours? Do you live in a built-up area? Maybe you have plans for movie nights or romantic dinners in your brand-new space. Then you’ll want to consider privacy. The right conservatory blind will help to block the line of sight. There are also styles that continue to allow usable light in and continue to give you the perfect view over your garden.

So, what are the best blinds for conservatories?

The right conservatory blind is one that works with your household and the individual challenges in your home. Consider the factors above before you start researching - having a clear understanding of what you want out of your blinds will help steer you towards the right option. Let’s take a look at your options and the benefits of each.

Vertical blinds for conservatories

Most conservatories have floor-to-ceiling windows. They allow as much natural light as possible to flood into this hybrid space. However, this makes them more challenging to cover. Normal roller blinds that have enough fabric to cover the entire window will be too heavy for most people to draw open. This is why, ideally, you want an option that is either motorised or adjusts in a vertical motion.


Vertical blinds for conservatories are simply perfect. The individual and stiffened louvres are made-to-measure to fit your windows - no matter how wide or tall they are. You only need to purchase one full-width vertical blind to cover numerous windows - such as those found in a conservatory. They have a dual-operation design, allowing you to twist the louvres or pull them over to one side. This gives you brilliant management of both light and privacy. Choose a blackout vertical blind and you’ll be able to sink your conservatory into darkness when needed. Or, install a sheer vertical blind which reduces the risk of glare while keeping the room useable with enough light to move around safely.


We recommend choosing a vertical blind available with 127mm slats to accommodate the large glass expanse. And, with a wide selection of colours and styles to choose from, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect one to suit your conservatory.

Wood blinds for conservatories

For households that crave timeless design, there is something eternally elegant about wood blinds. Whether you choose real wood blinds or faux wood blinds, you gain exceptional management of light and privacy without compromising on style. The right wooden blind will add a luxurious edge. Plus you have a wide range of styles, textures and tones to choose from.


Natural wooden hues compliment your chosen furniture while the horizontal slats rotate to give you exact control over light. If you want something more unique, wood blinds with tapes introduce pops of colour too. Think zesty yellows, feminine pinks and vibrant oranges - the opportunities for rich interior style are endless. Again, we recommend going wider with slats (ideally 50mm or wider) to accommodate the large size of your conservatory windows

Blinds for bifold doors in conservatories

One of the beauties of conservatories is being able to open up the space to nature. You nearly always find large glass doors in these structures - whether they’re in the form of French doors or bi-fold doors. When choosing blinds for these windows, you need access alongside the normal factors. You need to be able to open and close doors easily, without adding trip hazards or obstacles that people need to overcome in order to step into your garden.


The best way to do this is to find a blind that fits on each individual panel - a blind that sits on each individual door. Our blinds for bi-fold doors are perfect for conservatories. You have two choices - cordless roller blinds for bi-folding doors and motorised roller blinds for bi-folding doors. Cordless roller blinds fit seamlessly into the recess of your window and have a spring-loaded internal mechanism. They are 100% child-safe and provide shade from unwanted glare. Motorised roller blinds have a discreet rechargeable lithium battery that sits within the aluminium roller tube. Easy to fit, they come with a multi-channel remote control that allows you to adjust window coverage with the tap of a button.


Both styles sit on each panel of your conservatory wall. Bi-folding doors and French Doors open easily, without needing to first move the blind out of the way.

Skylight blinds for conservatories

Conservatories are largely glass structures - even their roofs. This creates another area where light and heat can enter your home. And another area of coverage you need to think about too. Conservatory roofs are normally made up of numerous uniquely shaped glass panels, making them challenging to cover. Some people choose pitched roof blinds that sit around the recess of the roof and create a flat covering. In other conservatories (specifically those with solid and glass roofs) choose skylight blinds.


Skylight blinds for conservatories are designed to roof windows perfectly. They are made using your individual window code and come with brushed aluminium channels that lock the fabric taut. Sitting within the window recess, they are one of the best window blind options when it comes to controlling light. With no gaps around the sides to allow rays through, they easily blackout an entire space and help to lock in (or keep out) heat. There are even some styles that you can sync with your smart home system, allowing voice control and scheduling too.

Do conservatory blinds reduce heat?

If you think of a traditional conservatory, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For some, it will be the stunning hybrid views of your garden. Or maybe, it’s the extra space. But, for any of us who experienced conservatories in our youth, you’ll likely remember the heat box that attached itself to your home during the Summer. Traditional conservatories were terrible for ventilation, locked in heat excessively and were largely unusable during the warmest days of the year. Not being able to manage temperature also made them freezing in Winter, meaning the opportunity to use them to their fullest was very slim.


Modern conservatories have advanced since then. Using double and triple glazing helps significantly, along with sealing the units properly and applying glass coatings to minimise heat and glare transmission. However, even with all of these precautions, conservatories can still become too warm or too cold for comfort. The right conservatory blind will instantly help here. They provide a physical barrier against natural light and temperature, blocking it out when needed and working to regulate heat within.


Choose a blackout thermal conservatory blind and you heighten this further. Using a multi-layer fabric, these window dressings will significantly darken the room when needed. Solar reflective window blinds redirect unwanted heat away from your windows, keeping the indoor space cooler. And, you won’t be hindered by style or design either, with a wide range of options to choose from in our online store. So yes - conservatory blinds will definitely help to reduce heat.

What is the average cost of conservatory blinds?

We get asked this a lot and, in all honesty, it’s a hard one to answer. It depends largely on the size of your conservatory, how many windows or panes of glass you have to cover and which type of window blind you choose. On average, we recommend budgeting approximately £100 per panel, even though you could do it for much cheaper. See the starting prices below for some of our most popular conservatory blinds:

Vertical Blinds start at £23.00

Cordless Roller Blinds start at £26.00

Motorised Roller Blinds start at £129

Faux Wood Blinds start from £24.00

Real Wood Blinds start from £28.00


You can make conservatory blinds cost as little or as much as you like! Our blinds are all made-to-measure to offer the perfect, seamless fit. They come with full installation instructions to eliminate the need for labour costs. And with a host of customisable options, it’s easy to choose the right blind, regardless of financial or style restraints too.


Frequently asked questions about conservatory blinds

Can you put normal blinds in a conservatory?

Absolutely! Depending on the style of your conservatory, many normal blinds will work perfectly in these spaces. We recommend one designed to optimise on light and temperature control, such as a blackout thermal motorised blind or thermal translucent vertical blind. However, most styles will work if they suit your windows.

How do you attach blinds to a conservatory?

This depends on the style of blind you’ve chosen. Some blinds will be fitted within the frame of the window while other designs may sit on the frame itself. All of our blinds are designed to be installed at home, without the need for additional labour. They come with full installation instructions which can also be downloaded via our website. Read through the guide for your window blind type and make sure to follow the ‘in recess’ installation instructions.

What makes conservatory blinds child-safe?

EN13120 states that all made-to-measure and ready-made blinds supplied after 31st March 2014 need to have:

  • No accessible cords or
  • Be supplied with child-safety devices that must be fitted as per the manufacturer's instructions.

This means that any corded window blind must come with one of the following:

  • Safety chain breaks
  • Chain tensioning devices
  • Breakaway cord connectors
  • Breakaway clips
  • Cleats
  • Anti-tangle devices

All of our conservatory blinds are manufactured in accordance with this legislation. We take the safety of our customers and their households incredibly seriously. So you can shop with ease and find a window blind that ticks every box on your list.

Discover your dream conservatory blind at Lifestyle Blinds

Pairing you with the best window blind for every single room is something we take very seriously here at Lifestyle Blinds. We bring together some of the most unique styles on the market, combined with high-quality designs that promise to last for many years to come. All of our window blinds are designed to work in busy family homes, on windows of all sizes and to prioritise light control too. We make them bespoke for your windows to ensure they fit like a dream and provide detailed fitting instructions. This allows you to fit them at home, without the need for additional labour and the relevant costs.

Your conservatory should look just as stylish as the rest of your home - especially if you want it to perfectly compliment your garden too. That’s why we hand-select all of our fabrics, choosing the ones that stand out as well as versatile patterns too. All of our suppliers maintain the highest standards and we have perfected the design of our blinds to ensure they offer many years of service. With nationwide shipping and free delivery for orders over £149, Lifestyle Blinds is your one-stop-shop for covering every single window in your home.


So, don’t hold out and spend your summer sweating it out in your conservatory. Head over to our website and start browsing to find the perfect conservatory blind for your home. Order a bunch of FREE samples, get out your mood board and style a room you’ll be inviting friends and family over to all year round.


Conservatory blinds in 3 easy steps - Measure, order & install

The perfect conservatory blind has the potential to improve your home life. Managing light and temperature more effectively allows you to use this available space more efficiently. It allows you to enjoy those dinners under the stars you had in mind when you first designed this hybrid space. It allows you to gain more storage or an additional room, instead of having to face the stresses of moving. At Lifestyle Blinds, we recognise the benefits of choosing the right window blind and we want to make the process as straightforward as possible. This is why you can order your perfect conservatory blind in 3 simple steps here at Lifestyle Blinds.


  1. Measure your conservatory windows using our free guides

We make all of our blinds bespoke to fit your windows perfectly. This is important in every room but none so much as a conservatory. Most blinds in these spaces need to fit each individual panel perfectly, sitting inside the recess and operating independently from each other. To produce a seamless fit, we need the most accurate measurements before we start designing your blinds.


Thankfully, our team has pulled together detailed and easy-to-follow measuring guides for each style of window blind. Jot the measurements down on a piece of paper and make sure to double-check them!


  1. Browse our website, get a quote and place your order

Once you have your measurements, jump on the Lifestyle Blinds website. We have an extensive range of conservatory blinds to choose from, whether you’re drawn to vertical blinds or have a thing for electric roller blinds. Take your time - we’ve brought together a load of different colours, patterns and styles so there’s no need to compromise on any area of your home decor.


Once you’ve found the conservatory blind of your dreams, pop in your measurements. All of our blinds are custom-made and have a number of configurable features to ensure they fit your exact needs. Fill in all the fields and we’ll give you a free quotation instantly! If you’re happy with the quote, place the order and we’ll get working on your blinds straight away.


  1. Install your conservatory blind at home

Once your conservatory blind arrives, check through the box and make sure you have all the components. Notice anything missing? Give us a call and we’ll sort it out as a priority. All of our window blinds come with full installation instructions, which you can also download on our website here. Our goal was to create a fitting process that saved you money, requiring no additional support or labour costs.


Make your way through the installation instructions. Hit any snags or need advice? Give the Lifestyle Blinds team a call and we’ll be happy to help. You’ll also find instruction videos and troubleshooting content on our Youtube page which may be able to help.


Wide range of styles and designs

Your window blinds shouldn’t be a boring afterthought. They’re an opportunity to add a splash of colour to your home. An opportunity to bring personality and a unique style to every single room. This is why we hand-select each fabric ourselves, focusing on the colour, pattern and uniqueness of each one. We want you to find something different in our online range - something you won’t find on the high street.


Dress your conservatory in style with the perfect blind at Lifestyle Blinds

Make the most out of every single room in your home with the right conservatory blind here at Lifestyle Blinds. We have a professional team on hand to help guide you towards the right style for you. Maybe you’re drawn to the simplicity of one large vertical blind, allowing heightened control over light and privacy while drawing to one side when needed. Or maybe, an electric roller blind set up for each panel meets your desire for a smart, modern home. No matter your preference, we’ll help you to identify the right window blind to fit your needs today.


All of our conservatory blinds are made to measure for the perfect fit, with full installation instructions and a 3-year guarantee, as standard. We work within your budget without compromising on quality and deliver the blind directly to your door - convenience at its finest.










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