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Cordless spring action blinds fitting and trouble shooting guide

How to fit and operate your
Cordless Roller Blind

You should have:

First check you’ve got all the fittings that come with your Roller blind.

Plunger End bracket x 1
Control End bracket x 1

Getting started

You will need:

  • Screws
  • A drill
  • A cross headed screwdriver
  • A metal tape measure
  • A pencil

  • Your brackets are packed separately in the box. Please ensure you’ve located them before disposing of the packaging.
  • The brackets are a universal type that can be used to top fix the blind into a recess or face fix into a frame or a wall.
  • Please read the following instructions carefully before you start fitting your blind.


To fix the brackets.

  1. The brackets differ in appearance. Ensure you fi t the Plunger End bracket on the same side of the blind as the Plunger end.
  2. Locate the measuring points you used to calculate the width of the blind. You may be able to use the blind itself as a template.
  3. Ensure the brackets are positioned a suitable distance away from any window handles or obstructions to allow the blind to operate smoothly.
  4. Make sure you allow the correct amount of space for the blind to fit snugly between the brackets.
  5. Hold a bracket in position and mark where the screws will go using the relevant holes in the bracket as a guide.
  6. If you’re fi tting to a wall or lintel, using a suitable bit, drill holes and push in the rawlplugs.
  7. If you’re fi tting into a wooden frame, drive the screws in to fi x the brackets. You may want to make small pilot holes to allow easier fi xing of the screws.
  8. Fix the bracket into place and repeat on the other side of the blind.


To fit the blind.

  1. With the blind wound up, push the plunger end into the hole on the side of the bracket.
  1. Slide the control side of the blind (where the spring control is located) onto the control end bracket.
  1. Release the pin (do not pull all the way out) from the front side of the spring.

To operate the blind.

  • With a spring operated blind, gently pull the blind down to the required position and release the tension slightly so that the spring locks. To wind the blind back up, pull down slightly to release the spring and guide the blind into position.

Trouble shooting spring action roller blinds

First make sure the blind is placed in the bracket correctly. See diagrams below

Top fixing

Top notch should be free should see “way” in the cut out


Top fixing

Top notch should be free should see “way” in the cut out



  • Roll blind down to the floor
  • Take blind out of the brackets
  • Manually roll the blind back up to the top
  • Put the blind back into the brackets
  • Repeat

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