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Electric Blinds

In today’s world, a modern home is a smart home. Electric blinds are a sleek and tech-savvy way of maintaining good light control without falling behind the times. While the name may sound complicated, the reality is anything but. Here at Lifestyle Blinds, our made to measure electric blinds are incredibly easy-to-install, require no electrician and can be controlled with the tap of a button! It may seem like overkill to choose motorised blinds over standard ones - especially if you’re conscious of budget. However, their list of benefits is so long and, with our UK-made service, the price is so affordable that we’re sure they’ll end up being your favoured option.


Our online range of electric blinds for windows has everything you need to transform a bedroom, living room or office. Each blind is made-to-measure here in the UK, using your exact measurements to promise the perfect fit. As with all of our window covering options, we work with the very best suppliers and have a stringent design process that gives us the confidence to provide a 3-year guarantee on all orders. Plus, our wide range of electric blinds comes in so many colours, patterns and textures, you’re sure to find the perfect solution to compliment your interior style!


DIY battery operated roller blinds for bi folding doors video


Your home deserves a sanctuary that meets every single one of your needs. After all, it is the place you come back to after a long day. It is the space where your little ones feel most comfortable. And, it is the building you’ll make memories in for many years to come. It may seem unusual, but the right window blind plays a big role here. They aren’t just made to look pretty or keep that nosy neighbour at bay.

Remote control blinds are a child-safe solution that is ideal for out-of-reach windows or for residents with mobility issues. They make it effortlessly easy to manage light, privacy and temperature - basically, the entire comfort of your home.


It is estimated that there are somewhere in the region of 2.2 million smart homes in the UK. What this means varies from home to home. Some properties will use a smart assistant or hearing device, such as Amazon, Alexa or Google Dot. These allow you to give verbal commands while controlling different features in your home. You can dim lights, pop the kettle on and add items to your shopping list, all while sitting comfortably on the sofa. And, with a remote control window blinds, you can adjust window coverage or schedule them to open and close when the natural light gets to a certain intensity. Equally, our electric blinds can be used without a smart home system, using the remote control provided. Just a few clicks and you have full management!


This might all sound a bit faffy - after all, what’s wrong with getting up and adjusting the blind yourself? This technology hasn’t just been developed to aid laziness. For one, it allows us to step into the modern, taking advantage of technology that didn’t exist a few years ago. Secondly, if you consider our ageing population in the UK, there are over 11 million people aged 65+ who, as they grow older, have an increased risk of mobility issues. Electric blinds create a hands-free and easy way to maintain independence and prevent potential injuries. And thirdly, by doing away with the traditional cords that roller blinds once had, these window dressings become entirely child-safe. They are simply perfect for use in bedrooms, nurseries and playrooms!


Intrigued? You can browse our range of motorised blinds UK here and order samples to make sure they fit your needs. Or, keep scrolling and let's discuss these modern solutions in more detail to give you more information before looking at electric blinds cost.


Electric Roller Blinds

Styled-on roller blinds, these made-to-measure remote control blinds are sleek and stylish. They fit your windows perfectly, offer excellent coverage and come with a discreetly embedded battery. With just a few clicks your motorised roller blind will link directly to your smart hub for automated management too. They come in a wide range of fabric types and designs, so there’s compromise on either practicality or style - perfect for any space in the house.  Automatic roller blinds are a great idea for bedroom and can we set to open and close at different times and on voice commands if you integrate them into your smart home.


Electric Blinds for bifold doors

Our electric blinds are also an ideal choice for bi-fold doors. When individually fitted on each panel, they eliminate bulky cords and can be programmed to rise all in unison or one by one to suit your needs. Motorised roller blinds for bifold doors accentuates a feeling of luxury in your home and makes for an impressive trick to show to friends. Plus, with these full-length glass doors, choosing the right window blind does more than just add style - it helps to reduce energy bills and manage glare too.


Electric Skylight Blinds

Velux electric blinds cost has come right down in recent years. With the remote control velux blinds are a great addition to any loft installation and kitchen diner if the window is out of reach.  Operated with a battery and solar panel these motorised skylight blinds take the hard work out of keeping your loft or kitchen cool in the summer and warm in the winter. With many other manufacturers of skylight blinds available now electric blinds for velux windows are only a small part of our offering.


Electric Roof Lantern Blinds

If you have an orangery or a conservatory you may be experiencing significant heat gain and loss through your roof lantern window.  Check out our electric roof blinds at Skylight Blinds Direct for the best made to measure DIY lantern blinds online.

How do electric blinds work

One question we get a lot here at Lifestyle Blinds is, how do electric blinds work? Many of our customers see the terms ‘electric’ or ‘motorised' and immediately think of 'excessive labour and long-winded installation’. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Our battery operated rollerblind blinds are made-to-measure to fit your windows. During manufacture, they come with an internal battery that sits within the roller tube and this is integrated within the electric blind motor.. We use both Louvolite motorised blinds which feature the Louvolite® One Touch® Motors and Somfy motorised blinds featuring the Somfy® Cruze Motors - both of which are highly recognised and revered in the industry.


Your Louvolite electric blinds & Somfy electric blinds comes with full-fitting instructions that are straightforward to follow. Our goal was to create a fitting guide that you can use at home, without the need for additional experience or excessive labour. We also have a friendly and experienced team on hand to answer any questions and queries you may have during installation - don’t hesitate to give us a call! The remote control for electric blinds are pre-programmed for instant use. So, once you’ve fitted them, either inside or outside of the recess, it takes seconds to get the supplied remote control up and working.


The remote control allows you to adjust the blinds up and down to suit your needs. It has 4 channels to choose from and can be programmed to adjust four different blinds if needed. If you’re looking to integrate your electric blind into a home hub, check the hub instructions and you’ll be able to do this in minutes too. Now, all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy near-autonomous management of comfort in every home.

5 reasons why electric blinds are worth it in your home

Still, wondering whether it's worth investing a bit more and getting motorised blinds? What do you get with electric blinds that you don’t with cordless blinds or classic roller blinds? Is this just a fad and will you regret it in a few years? Well, we truly believe that electric blinds are the way forward. If you look at how seamlessly household technology has evolved over the years, it’s no longer unusual to talk to a small round box in your living room when you run out of milk. Those automatically on lights we saw in the original Home Alone film now don’t feel like something you’d need an additional small mortgage to install. It has become commonplace to programme your home to your convenience. However, this isn’t the only benefit of choosing electric blinds:


  1. They are ideal for out-of-reach windows. For homes with very tall ceilings or lots of furniture up against walls, adjusting your window blinds can become a bit of a hazard. Electric blinds allow you to stand up to 20 feet away and easily manage window coverage with ease.
  2. They can be programmed to suit your needs. Whether you work with a smartphone app, voice control or simple remote, electric blinds are designed to be flexible enough to fit your exact home automatic system.
  3. They are child-safe. Traditional looped window blind cords are a serious hazard for small children and even small pets. They can become wrapped around the neck, causing breathing complications and sometimes death. When choosing a blind for your child’s bedroom or nursery, it’s important to find a style that either eliminates cords or keeps them securely out of reach. Electric blinds take them out entirely, eliminating the risk and giving you additional peace of mind.
  4. They deter thieves and burglars. Opportunistic thieves will look to the weakest link when considering which house to break into. If you’re away from home, having your lights off all the time is a clear giveaway. Electric blinds can be linked to your smart hub system and programmed to open or close. This can be a timely programme or some systems will detect sunlight levels and adjust when it reaches a specified level.
  5. They help to minimise fabric fading. Yes, this is the same as all roller blinds but it is an important one. If sofas, rugs or carpets are exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods, the UV rays begin to break down dye fibres. This means your soft furnishings will look prematurely aged. Electric blinds can be programmed to close when the sun is at its most intense to eliminate this issue.

How long does an electric blind take to charge?

Another question we get a lot. All of our electric blinds come with rechargeable lithium batteries. Before installing yours, we recommend charging the battery fully overnight. This gives a minimum of 6 months of power - enough to get you through two seasons in comfort. Depending on the size of the blind and how many times it is adjusted, they can last up to 18 months. And, if charging isn’t cutting it anymore, electric blind batteries are designed to only need replacing approximately once every 5 years. Once the battery runs low, all you need to do is unclip the top bar and plug it back in - simple. The blinds themselves aren’t plugged in during use - they sit independently against your windows to reduce bulk and create a modern, seamless design.


The beauty of this system instead of a hard-wired system is that it can be used in rentals or when you don’t want additional damage to walls. Installation doesn’t have to be a labour-intensive and disruptive process. Instead, you get to manage light control effectively in your own home and at your own pace.

Cordless VS Motorised - Which is better?

Visually, our cordless roller blinds and electric roller blinds are remarkably similar. But functionally, they couldn’t be more different. This causes many people to ask which is better. The answer is, it does depend on your household needs and the challenges you're facing. Let's look at some comparisons below:


  • Cordless blinds have an internal spring-loaded mechanism to replace pull cords. Electric blinds have a lithium battery motor, built into the top roll.
  • Cordless blinds are operated manually - you pull gently down on the bottom bar so unclip the mechanism before moving them to the desired position. Electric blinds can be operated by remote control, a smart home hub system or voice control.
  • Both are 100% child-safe as their unique design does away with potentially harmful looped pull cords.
  • Both cordless and motorised roller blinds are made-to-measure to fit your windows.
  • Both styles come with full fitting instructions to suit your budget.
  • Electric blinds need to have their battery charged overnight to lock in up to 18 months' worth of power. Cordless blinds can be installed the minute they arrive at your home.
  • Both types are available in a wide range of styles, including blackout thermal, sheer and textured so there’s no compromise on decor.
  • Both styles are ideal for use on bi-folding doors, however, cordless blinds require more labour to open and close them.



So, which is better? The truth is they both have a tonne of benefits to suit different environments. Electric blinds are perfect in the most modern homes where tech-driven design is the focus. They are also perfect for out-of-reach windows and come with a remote control that allows you to adjust up to five blinds at the same time. They can also be automated to open and close when the light changes outside. In contrast, cordless blinds have a sleek and cost-effective design that eliminates cords while prioritising safety.


The choice is yours!

What if my electric blind stops working?

We get it. Choosing a newer technology for something as vital as a window blind can pose some serious questions. After all, what do you do if your blind suddenly stops working? What if your electric blind stops working halfway through being adjusted? Will it be stuck like that forever? Can motorised blinds be used manually, if needed?


Here at Lifestyle Blinds, we make all of our electric blinds to be as straightforward as possible. There are several simple checks you can do without any previous experience to identify where the problem lies. And our professional team is always on the end of the phone for direct questions so there's no need to worry.


So, what should you do if your electric blind stops working?


  1. Check the remote control battery. It might sound overly simple but, sometimes, it is the simplest answer that helps to solve an issue. Replace the batteries in your remote control and see whether that solves the issue.
  2. Check the motor in your blinds - If new batteries don’t solve the issue, it could be an internal motor issue. Give us a call and we’ll walk you through the steps needed to check if the issue is electrical. In some cases, our 3-year guarantee can be used to cover components that may be faulty.
  3. Charge the blind battery - The premium lithium batteries that we use in our window blinds are designed to offer anywhere between 6-18 months of service. But, if you’re having issues with your blinds, we recommend plugging it in and seeing if it could use a boost of energy to get it moving again


If you’re still having issues, give us a call here at Lifestyle Blinds. We have the experience and knowledge needed to identify the right problem and come up with the most viable and least disruptive solution. 

Cleaning & maintenance for electric blinds

You might think that high-tech window blinds require high-tech cleaning regimes. Well never fear - that certainly isn’t the case. Our electric blinds are made in the UK, using the highest quality materials and components. We have a wealth of options, from blackout thermal motorised blinds to linen-style electric blinds and textured electric roller blinds. They have a sleek, minimalist design which not only blends into your home effortlessly but also eliminates awkward nooks and crannies where dust can accumulate.


  1.  Dust regularly - Using a microfibre cloth, roll your blinds down fully and gently wipe across the surface.
  2. Vacuum on a low setting - Vacuum the surface of your blinds using the upholstery attachment. This will lift stubborn dust and loose dirt from the fibres.
  3. Gentle clean - Keep in mind that, while we use the finest materials, they still have fibres that can become damaged by excessive abrasion. If you want to clean your blinds more fully, gently wet a clean cloth and wipe in a downward motion across the fabric.
  4. Spot cleaning - For localised dirt and stains, we recommend investing in a tailored detergent specifically designed for the blind's fabric. Also, do a spot test on an inconspicuous area to make sure it doesn't affect the dye. And never scrub the fabric as this can cause permanent damage.
  5. NEVER submerge your blind - Aside from the fact you have an electric battery built into the roll, submerging your blind can cause the fabric to absorb too much water. This warps the shape of your blind, impacting window coverage.


Cleaning your new electric blinds is as easy as cleaning any accessory in your home - so don’t feel daunted by the prospect!

Measure, order & install - Electric blinds in 3 steps!

You’ve decided that electric blinds are the right choice for your home. You even know roughly the colour or pattern you’re looking for. So, what do you do now? Thankfully, the Lifestyle Blinds team have you covered with our easy-to-follow, three-step process.


  1. Get your window measurement

All of our blinds are made-to-measure to fit your windows perfectly. To make them, we need your window measurements and we need them to be accurate. Click here to see all of our detailed and easy-to-follow guides that help you take measurements for all different window types. It is incredibly easy - all you need is a tape measure and a scrap of paper to jot the dimensions on.


  1. Browse our range, get a FREE quote and place your order

Once you have your measurements in hand, visit our website. We have a wide range of electric blinds in different colours, patterns and textures to choose from. We're sure there's something there to suit every single room. Once you've found the ideal one, pop your measurements in, customise your blind and get a free quotation. If you’re happy with the price, place your order and we’ll get started!


  1. Install your blinds at home with our guides

We have designed our made-to-measure blinds to be installed at home, without the need for precious experience or electrician costs. This means you can install them the moment they arrive - there’s no need to wait to get booked in or for specialist equipment to arrive. Before you start, check through all of the pieces and make sure you have everything you need. If not, give us a call and we’ll sort it out. Then plug the battery in and allow it to fully charge overnight.


Your blind will come with full installation instructions and they can also be downloaded on our website here. If you have any issues or need advice, don’t hesitate to give us a call. All of our blinds are made in-house which means we can help in nearly every single situation.


Once they’ve installed, sit down and grab the remote. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to optimise light and privacy control easily!


Embrace technology and create a stylish home with electric blinds today. We’re here to help at Lifestyle Blinds

Helping you to create a comfortable, stylish and practical home is something we’re passionate about. We want you to be proud of the space you’ve designed and have people round with pride to show off the hard work you’ve put into every single room. Our online range of electric blinds offers the perfect light, privacy and temperature control - helping to manage comfort efficiently.


All of our motorised blinds are made to measure from the highest quality materials and use your window measurements for the perfect fit. They come with a four-channel remote control that allows you to adjust multiple blinds are one time and can be integrated into your smart home hub system too. For out-of-reach windows, they are a perfect choice and one that helps you to reduce household bills maintains an effortless style and works to suit every budget too.


So, if you’ve decided that electric blinds are the best option for your home, browse through our online range here and find one that ticks every single box. Or order some of our FREE samples to help you visualise the result. We have an experienced team on hand to answer any questions you may have and to make the process as straightforward as possible too.



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