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Your home deserves a dash of luxury and that’s exactly what you get with gold or copper blinds. These opulent household accessories have a way of injecting instant glamour into a space - regardless of how small or uniquely styled it is. Choosing to style your windows with metallics is both cost-effective and smart. Not only do you avoid that tacky and cheap aesthetic but you also create a focal point that warms and sparkles with the light too. And, it’s easy to accessories further, choosing complimentary light fittings and ornaments. Every corner of your home deserves to have a dash of beauty and choosing either a gold blind or a copper blind is a cost-effective way to find this in your every day.


At Lifestyle Blinds, we aim to bring our customers the widest range of window blinds online. All of our fabrics are hand-selected for their lustre, unique design and durability. We want you to find the perfect blind to suit every room, whether that’s a gold roller blind for your bedroom or a copper Venetian blind for the family kitchen. To ensure the quality of our products, we only work with the very best suppliers and implement a strict testing process on all finished blinds. With our warehouse based in the UK, we are able to ensure your window blind meets our standards before it gets sent off to its forever home. On top of all this, we make each blind bespoke to fit your windows. This gives you a seamless finish, prolongs the lifespan of your blinds and ensures you can manage light as effectively as possible. Full installation instructions mean there’s no need to hire additional labour either. So all you have to do is find and fall in love with the perfect gold blind or copper blind to start creating a home you’ll love for many years to come.


If you’re considering a gold or copper blind for your home, read on to discover our tips and tricks for finding the perfect one here today.


Gold & Copper Vertical Blinds

Designed for long windows and doors, gold vertical blinds have a subtle elegance. They are made-to-measure, with vertical louvres that rotate to prioritise light control. When you need to open the window or step out the door, draw them to one side where they’ll sit neatly without causing any trip hazards. And, with a dash of gold or copper details, these blinds promise to bring a luxurious edge to conservatories and living rooms alike.


Copper and Gold Roller Blinds

Gold roller blinds bring together a traditional window blind design with a dash of elegance. The single roll of fabric moves up and down, offering excellent light control and privacy alike. They are easy to use and cost-effective - an ideal option for many different rooms. Choose gold blackout roller blinds for bedrooms and copper sheer roller blinds for offices and television rooms. The choices are endless.


Gold & Copper Cordless Roller Blinds

Ideal for households with small children and animals, gold cordless roller blinds use a spring-loaded internal mechanism in place of traditional cords. This eliminates the risk of injury while streamlining the entire look. Simply pull on the bottom bar to release the hold and adjust. They are an ideal solution in bedrooms, playrooms and throughout busy, family homes too.


Gold & Copper Motorised Roller Blinds

A modern option, gold motorised roller blinds also do away with traditional pull cords. In their place, a rechargeable lithium battery sits discreetly on the top rail. Charge them overnight, hang them using the instructions provided and adjust window coverage using the remote control supplied. They are an ideal choice for out-of-reach windows as well as for homeowners with poor mobility.


Gold or Copper Venetian Blinds  

If you’re looking for a blind that can withstand fluctuating temperatures and high humidity, consider a gold or copper Venetian blind. Made from lightweight aluminium, these 100% waterproof window blinds are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. They have a wipe-clean surface with numerous horizontal slats that provide excellent light, privacy and temperature control. And when you choose a gold or copper Venetian blind, you choose to add a dash of glamour into the mix too.


Gold & Copper Blackout Blinds

With their inherent warmth, gold and copper blackout blinds fit in seamlessly with luxurious bedrooms and nurseries. A multi-layer fabric blocks out unwanted light, offering a physical barrier against unwanted heat too. This maintains a cool and dark environment that is ideal for sleep. Plus, with such a wide array of gold, copper and patterned designs to choose from, opting for a practical window blind doesn’t mean giving up on your dedication to quality.


Gold & Copper Waterproof Blinds

Made with a waterproof, PVC coating, gold and copper waterproof blinds are designed to meet the demands of bathrooms and kitchens. They inhibit the growth of mould, preventing unsightly grey marks or damage over time. And with a wipe-clean surface, each one is easy to maintain with a soft cloth after each shower.


Gold & Copper Patterned Blinds

If you want to introduce metallic details without a full injection, gold and copper patterned blinds are an ideal choice. From patterned roller blinds to patterned vertical blinds, we have a wide range of designs to suit every space. Opt for classic stripes, soft floral or linen-inspired details - no matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got it right here.


Both gold and copper have a unique allure that only comes from metallic colours. They are undoubtedly luxurious - details that have long been linked with royalty and the most prestigious of properties. And in this modern world, more homeowners are looking for ways to bring this opulence into their own homes. Gold and copper window blinds are some of the most cost-effective and practical ways to play with shimmering tones in any room. They can be fitted in under 30 minutes and used as a focal point or to blend in with other accessories. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going full glamour or subtle elegance - there’s a blind in our online store that can help you achieve your interior design goals instantly.


We’re here to find you the perfect gold blackout roller blind for your bedroom or shimmering copper Venetian blind for your kitchen. All of our window dressings are made-to-measure, using your window dimensions and supplied with detailed installation instructions. We only work with the highest quality suppliers before putting our blinds through a rigorous testing process. And once they reach your door, they’ll also be covered by our 3-year guarantee too - for added peace of mind. Our goal is to make sure you can complete your home in confidence. And the right gold and copper blind will help you do just that while reminding you that your space deserves a sprinkling of luxury too.

Three reasons to fall in love with gold and copper blinds

If you’re not already drawn into the metallic interior design trend, we promise it won’t be long. There is something undeniably alluring about introducing shimmering tones into your home that dance with the light and catch the eye. If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s to create a safe space that you want to come home to at the end of the day. And you do this by finding household accessories that you love to fill every room.


Here are three reasons why we think every home should have a gold and copper blind.

1. Metallic colours reflect light back into the room

Gold is one of these alluring colours that has you coming back for more, like a magpie. When you choose gold and copper blinds, you put a reflective colour next to your biggest source of natural light. As the sun streams through your windows, the rays dance off the fabric’s surface. This instantly draws attention while warming the available light in your room and making it feel cosy. It also enhances that feeling of luxury, creating a sparkling surface that adds a dash of magic to any home.

2. They make your space feel larger

Any colour that can reflect light back into a room is going to make a space look larger. This is exactly what gold and copper blinds do. Even in the most compact spaces, they play with the available space and make a room appear more spacious and abundant. This is particularly ideal if you have a small bathroom or an office space where natural light would be beneficial.

3. They are versatile - being both vintage and modern alike

Both gold and copper are colours that have come full circle in popularity. Once favoured by Royalty, they are now commonplace in homes throughout the country. It is this versatility that allows them to be used in both vintage decor and modern interior design. Choose darker golds for a traditional look and crisp, polished hues to compliment contemporary homes with ease.


No matter which way you look at it, there is a certain draw to using gold and copper blinds in your home. And, with such a wide variety of options available on our website, it won’t be long until you find the perfect one to suit your space.

Gold and copper colour pairings - which is best for your home?

If you’re considering a gold or copper blind, it’s time to look at how to style these hues in your home. The beauty of both these metallic tones is their warmth. It works just as seamlessly in crisp minimalist homes as it does in maximalist havens. While we truly believe your home should be an expression of your personality over a set of rules created by interior designers, it helps to understand why certain colours look better when placed next to each other. Here are our top colour pairings for both gold and copper blinds.

Gold & neutrals

Gold, in its purest state, is a natural material that is mined from the earth. This makes it the perfect accent tone for neutral rooms. Think warm stones and cream walls with a statement gold roller blind hanging proudly on the window. This metallic is an easy way to eliminate the clinical or unfinished look in single pallet homes and introduces a dash of luxury that instantly takes your interior design up a notch. A tip is to look for richer golds when pairing with softer neutrals as this creates a stronger contrast to highlight the different hues.

Gold and slate grey

A strong contrast and one that exudes masculine luxury, gold and slate grey are a colour pairing made in heaven. The warmth of the gold contrasts starkly with the cool nature of grey. Let’s also not forget that this is the nation’s favourite modern neutral and it’s likely that you’ll have an element of grey in your home somewhere anyway. So this colour palette is likely to be the most practical if you’re looking to inject gold without completely renovating an entire room.

Gold and chocolate brown

Undeniably luxurious, there is something truly alluring about the combination of gold and chocolate brown. Both colours have warm undertones that complement each other perfectly, creating an inherently cosy feeling in living rooms, bedrooms and offices. They work together to create a sophisticated look and have the practicality to their pairing too. Think gold vertical blinds with deep mahogany furniture - an elegant blend that will stay in style for many years to come.

Gold and navy blue

With a similar strength to slate grey, gold pairs beautifully with the stark coolness of navy blue. This deep hue brings its own level of opulence, having been another colour favoured by royalty for many years. When brought together, gold and navy blue offer such a strong contrast that they instantly attract attention and create an effortlessly, stylish look. We love the idea of navy blue walls and a gold roller blind standing out for all to appreciate.

Copper and white

Copper has a stronger pink undertone than gold. Due to this, it offers the perfect contrast against crisp whites - one that isn’t too aggressive but can be seen instantly. The two colours have come together many times over the years and now are a staple feature in many contemporary homes.

Copper and deep green

Deep, earthy greens are the perfect accompaniment to copper. They sit at the opposite end of the colour spectrum, helping to break up the warmth with a cooler edge. Dark greens are associated with affluence too - the perfect accompaniment to metallic tones - and will instantly help to create a luxurious space when paired with a touch of shimmering detail.

Perfect gold and copper blinds for every room

The beauty of a made-to-measure window blind is its ability to compliment every room. Modern technology means that blinds are no longer just a style choice. They actively help to improve comfort, reduce household bills and promote concentration too. So finding the best blind for every room is important - especially if you want to inject the luxury that gold and copper bring.


Location: Bedrooms

Best blind: Gold & copper blackout roller blinds

Your bedroom deserves to be the most relaxing room in the house. In order to fall into restorative sleep, our bodies need two things - darkness and a cool temperature. A gold or copper blackout roller blind will help you achieve both of these. The multi-layer fabric creates a physical barrier against excessive light. When pulled down, a blackout roller blind will darken a room significantly. (Note: If you want 100% blackout, you’ll need to opt for a blackout skylight blind with brushed aluminium channels. This style of blind only suits a roof window blind but eliminates all gaps where light rays can travel through).

The multi-layer design doesn’t just prioritise light control. Choose a gold blackout thermal roller blind and you’ll also be able to prevent excessive thermal loss or gain. During the winter, when you want to hold heat in, keep your blinds closed during the coldest parts of the day. And, on the flip side, open your blinds up during the coolest parts of the day during Summer to let unwanted heat out. Blackout thermal roller blinds are a highly effective way to take control of comfort in your home while helping to reduce household bills too. And in bedrooms, they allow you to maintain the cool temperatures needed for your bodies to produce the right sleep hormones.

Location: Office

Best blind: Gold & Copper sheer electric roller blinds

When you create a home office space, you create a space where creativity thrives and productivity is the focus. Natural light is vital to maintaining concentration levels throughout the day. But allow in too much and you’ll be battling against glare on computer screens. There is nothing more distracting than being unable to see others during a conference call or constantly dodging your head while working on an important spreadsheet.

The right window blind for an office will help you to manage light while offering options for privacy during calls. It will keep the room usable throughout the day without adding your electricity bills and, of course, compliment your personal working style. And it is for all these reasons that the best option here is a gold & copper sheer motorised roller blind. Made with woven fabric, these bespoke blinds diffuse excessive light. They can be rolled down during the day without sinking the room into pure darkness. This reduces the intensity of natural light, eliminating glare while still allowing you to work comfortably. And, if your office is overlooked by public roads, these blinds provide the privacy you need too.

Location: Kitchens

Best blind: Gold & copper Venetian blinds

Kitchens are challenging rooms when it comes to window blinds. With their fluctuating temperatures and high humidity, normal window blinds stand no change. The porous materials used absorb moisture from the air, locking it in within their fibres. Over time, this either causes the fibres to disintegrate or creates the perfect breeding ground for mould. And with this comes unsightly mould and poor hygiene. The perfect window blind needs to counteract all of this, as well as being made from a material that won’t absorb unwanted food smells either.


Gold and copper Venetian blinds tick every box. They are made from lightweight aluminium, with wipe-clean surface and 100% waterproof benefits too. The horizontal slats rotate in unison, giving you heightened control over light and privacy alike. Plus, this particular style feels incredibly at home in a kitchen space. Choose a rich gold tone and you’ll compliment matching tap wear or appliances. Or go for a copper Venetian blind and bring added warmth into the hub of the home.

Location: Bathrooms

Best blind: Gold & copper waterproof cordless blinds      

Bathrooms share many of the same issues as kitchens. They are subject to high humidity and fluctuating temperatures. However, privacy in these spaces is even more important - even if you opt for frosted windows. You want to know that your bathroom is a place you can truly switch off in. A room that offers you a haven away from the world. Choose a gold and copper waterproof cordless roller blind and you’ll discover exactly this.

No matter whether you opt for muted gold or rich copper, waterproof blinds boast a PVC coating that is both waterproof and drip-dry. Eliminate the pull cord and you eliminate extra bulk and areas that can become soaked or damaged in the future. And, this child-safe design also makes gold and copper waterproof cordless blinds ideal for busy family homes.

There is a window blind for every room in the house. From the smallest box rooms to the largest open-plan dining rooms, a gold and copper blind will inject a wealth of style into your space.

Discover gold and copper blinds for your home with Lifestyle Blinds

Your home is where memories are made. It deserves to be perfect - a blend of personality, comfort and unique details. The right gold or copper blind will help to do this with ease. Whether you’re styling up a master bedroom or looking to inject luxury into your bathroom, these cost-effective accessories meet your budget and interior design needs. With their reflective nature, both copper and gold bring added warmth into a space, making it appear larger and accentuating other colours too.

Here at Lifestyle Blinds, we have created an online collection of high-quality window blinds to fit your home. Our hand-selected gold and copper blinds are some of the most popular. They add an instant sprinkle of glamour while providing excellent light, privacy and temperature control too. And, with such a wide variety to choose from in our range, you’re sure to find the perfect option for your home. All of our blinds are made-to-measure to fit your windows perfectly. We work with the very best suppliers and have a stringent testing process to ensure the highest quality. And, with full installation instructions provided, as standard, you can rest easy knowing you’ll stay within budget too.


As a nationwide supplier of gold and copper blinds, we’re confident you’ll find the right blind here. From gold blackout roller blinds to copper Venetian blinds and more, all of our products come with a 3-year guarantee. Take advantage of our FREE delivery on orders over £149 or order samples to check the gold and copper hues against other accessories. You’ll find everything you need to transform your windows and every room in the house here at Lifestyle Blinds.

Shop for your dream gold or copper blinds here at Lifestyle Blinds

With their inherent warmth and luxurious finish, there’s nothing quite like a gold or copper blind in your home to complete any decor. Whether you’re drawn to a copper blackout roller blind for the bedroom or have a penchant for copper 100% waterproof blinds for the bathroom, we have a wide range of choices to suit every need. All of our fabrics are hand-selected and chosen for their unique beauty. This means you have access to made-to-measure blinds that inject style and personality into your space instantly. We also have a team of professionals on hand to help with any enquiry.


We highly recommend ordering FREE samples of your favourite blinds to check the yellow hue against other accessories. So, browse through our website and order a bunch of samples to get the best understanding of colour and style. And, once you’re ready, pop in your measurements and we’ll create a gold & copper window blind you’ll love.








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