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Kitchen Blinds

Choosing the right kitchen blinds is an important decision as the kitchen is the heart of family life. It is the space where you prepare your food and where the household comes together to talk about their day.  Not to mention that nowadays with the popularity of open-plan living, the kitchen tends to incorporate the living room and dining room as well, providing multiple uses for everyone who visits.  With all of this in mind, you need to consider this multiuse when considering a kitchen blind.  You will need to think about light and privacy, glare and temperature control like never before.


Our top things to consider when looking for the best kitchen window blinds are:

Location of the blind:

Is it on a window?  If so is the window above the sink? 

If it is above the sink you need to make sure that you can reach the controls. A cordless blind may not be suitable for instance. If it is above the sink you may wish to consider a material that is suitable for a kitchen environment, such as PVC, vinyl, or moisture-resistant fabric.


Is the blind going to be doors?

If it is you will need to consider all the door blind possibilities.  There are so many doors that are in kitchens these days, the most popular being bifold and sliding doors.  Not to mention the classic french doors and patio doors too.  Popular door blinds include cordless roller blinds, electric roller blinds and vertical blinds.

Light control:

Consider the level of light control you need. For example, if your kitchen gets a lot of suns and glare you may want to choose a blind that offers blackout or light filtering features.  If the dining table is opposite the window it may be nice to choose a blind type that tilts to filter the light rather than being fully shut or fully open for instance a roller blind.   Or is the window opposite the tv?  If so you will need to consider glare-control fabrics and tilting blinds too.

Temperature control

If your room gets too hot or too cold you should consider a thermal fabric that will help to control the heat gain and loss.


Cleaning and maintenance: Look for a blind that is easy to clean and maintain, as the kitchen can be a messy place.


Types of blinds suitable for Kitchens 

Kitchen roller blinds -100% waterproof roller blinds

With their traditional design, 100% waterproof roller blinds are ideal for the high moisture and fluctuating temperatures found in kitchens. They are made from fabric composites, consisting of 3-ply vinyl and 1-ply fibreglass. This creates a wipe-clean surface that won’t absorb liquid splashes and, therefore, minimises the risk of mould growth. In addition, this fabric blend won’t hold on to lingering cooking smells or become stained quickly from oil sprays. They come in a host of different patterns and styles - each one designed to compliment the decor of your kitchen perfectly.


Kitchen roller blinds- Patterned blinds

Boldly patterned roller blinds are very popular in kitchens.  People tend to be a bit braver with style in the kitchen and they, therefore, add their personality to the kitchen with typically a funky patterned roller blind over the kitchen sink.  These patterned blinds are used to create a striking focal point or to complement existing decor and colour schemes.


Sun-screen roller blinds

If you’re fortunate enough to have a garden-facing window or bi-folding doors in your kitchen, you’ve hit the jackpot. Not only do you get to overlook the outdoor space you’ve spent so long creating. You also can create a hybrid space where your garden and kitchen become one. Sunscreen roller blinds are the ultimate modern kitchen blinds as they combine the usability of classic blinds with a practical fabric option. When rolled down, they have a voile design that allows diffused light and the view into the garden to enter the room.   They also significantly reduce excessive glare and they repel heat gain and heat loss.  They are also made of PVC mesh so are 100% waterproof and therefore ideal for kitchens and doors.


Kitchen Vertical blinds: 100% waterproof vertical blinds

Larger windows can prove harder to cover with some kinds of window blinds. This is where 100% waterproof vertical blinds come into play. They are made from the same wipe-clean, water-resistant fabric that won’t absorb moisture or promote mould growth. But instead of having a single pane of fabric that rolls down to cover your window, you have vertical louvres that clip to a top rail. You can rotate these louvres to manage light and privacy, or draw them entirely over to one side for easy access out of French doors, patio doors or bi-folding doors alike.


100% waterproof cordless roller blinds

Traditional roller blinds are controlled using pull cords. While this is a simple operational design, it poses potential hazards to small children and animals. One of the most child-safe solutions here is to opt for a cordless blind. Instead, a spring-loaded internal mechanism sits within the blind and allows you to adjust window coverage by gently pulling on the fabric. Offering excellent window coverage, these 100% waterproof blinds can be wiped clean and are ideal for rooms with high humidity too.


100% waterproof electric roller blinds

Another child-safe solution is our 100% waterproof electric roller blinds. Crafted using the same water-resistant fabric as traditional roller blinds, they are fitted with a rechargeable lithium battery. This sits within the top rail and allows you to manage window coverage with the remote control supplied. They are an ideal choice for out-of-reach windows or as a means to manage light control without interference from other household members.


Blinds for bifold doors

Many people blend their living spaces with their kitchens, creating hybrid rooms that are just as much inside as they are out. If you’ve chosen to have bi-folding doors fitting in your kitchen, you need a blind tailored to this door style. Opt for either cordless roller blinds or motorised roller blinds fitted to each panel. This way, you'll be able to move the doors freely while taking control of light simultaneously. And, with a host of 100% waterproof blinds for bi-folding doors, it's easy to find the best solution for your home.


Faux-wood blinds

If your kitchen is a blend of contemporary and traditional design, faux-wood blinds are a luxurious choice for your kitchen. They won’t warp in the same way that real wood blinds will but allow you to introduce wooden grains to your decor. Each horizontal slat is made from solid PVC which is highly durable and wipe-clean - ideal for the busiest of kitchens. Plus with two options for window adjustment, you’ll be able to manage light and privacy seamlessly.


For many households, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms. It tends to be the room that we entertain guests in and one that the entire family uses regularly. There’s a reason why the kitchen is considered the heart of the house. And for this reason, it is this room that tends to get a lot of focus when it comes to interior design. You can expect to pay anywhere between £2,000 to £20,000 to renovate an outdated kitchen fully. Therefore, the accessories and dressings you choose should be tailored to make sure you can enjoy this room to its fullest. Kitchen blinds aren’t just a style choice. They are an essential consideration that you should take your time researching.


In a similar manner to bathrooms, kitchens are very humid spaces with fluctuating temperatures. This poses challenges when it comes to normal window blinds. Traditional blind fabrics aren’t designed to withstand excessive water in the air. They quickly become breeding grounds for unwanted organisms, such as mould. Not only does this put the health of your household at risk, but it also creates unsightly black marks that permanently mark the fabric and sneak into the corners of your window frame. Waterproof blinds are an ideal option for kitchens. The wipe-clean surface allows moisture to be removed quickly while also making it easy to clean up cooking sprays and oil marks.


You also need to consider temperature fluctuations that come from hot water, cooking appliances and high foot traffic. Materials such as wood move when exposed to high temperatures, with the inner fibres stretching and contracting as a result. In window blinds, this can cause the slats to bend and prevent them from sitting flush against each other. This impacts light and privacy control while also shortening the lifespan of your blinds. When choosing the best kitchen blind, you’ll need to take into account these challenges as well as your chosen decor to find the perfect solution.


At Lifestyle Blinds, we offer a wide range of window blind options to suit every room in the house. Our kitchen blinds are the perfect style choice, bringing a host of benefits to suit your household. Create a cottage-chic kitchen with a Belfast sink and faux wood blinds. Style the perfect family kitchen with a kitchen pattern cordless roller blind that prioritises their safety while making the space fun. Or make the most out of your investment by bi-folding doors with a sunscreen roller blind fitted to each panel that allows you to see into your garden while effectively managing light too. All of our kitchen blinds are made-to-measure to fit your windows perfectly. We supply full fitting instructions so there’s no need to hire extra help. And, you benefit from a 3-year guarantee that gives you added confidence in your purchase.


Found a kitchen blind that ticks every single box? Why not order a FREE sample to check the colour in your space? Or take measurements, place your order and we’ll get your kitchen blind to you in no time at all.

Should I put blinds in my kitchen?

If you ask anyone in the Lifestyle Blinds family, we’ll tell you that there isn’t a room in your house that won’t benefit from a window blind (unless it doesn’t have a window, of course). So if you ask, ‘should I put blinds in my kitchen’, we’re going to say yes. However, aside from our bias, there is a ton of reasons why a kitchen blind will benefit you and your household. As we’ve mentioned above, kitchens are rooms with high foot traffic. You’ll use them at all different times of the day and throughout the year. You’ll be working against different light conditions and varying temperatures as well as the demands of cooking, washing and cleaning all in one space.


The benefits of choosing the right kitchen blind are significant however, the first place to start with your research is understanding what challenges face you. Kitchens:


  • Have high humidity, from activities such as washing up, washing machines and cleaning.
  • Experience fluctuating temperatures brought on by cooking appliances, such as ovens and hobs.
  • Have high foot traffic so need to be durable enough for constant movement.
  • Tend-to-face gardens are designed to create a hybrid space where you can enjoy your outdoor space while inside.
  • Are exposed to cooking splashes, including oil sprays and other foods.
  • Are highly fragrant rooms with lots of cooking and cleaning smell blending.


All of these points make kitchen blinds somewhat more challenging to shop for than normal blinds. You need a window coverage solution that can withstand this environment and tick your practical needs too. However, the right kitchen blind will:


  • Help you to manage light, whether you’re feeding the family breakfast or settling down for a romantic, candlelight meal with your loved one.
  • Prioritise privacy so you can prioritise time spent with those you care for the most.
  • Effectively manage the temperature to ensure your kitchen is a place you’ll want to spend time in throughout the day.
  • Offer an easy-to-maintain surface that can be wiped clean and won’t become damaged over time.
  • Keep access clear through bi-fold doors, French doors or patio doors so you can still open your kitchen up to the garden during warmer days.
  • Allow you to maintain your focus on style and interior decor easily.


So to answer your question - yes, your kitchen needs a blind and thankfully, with our vast range here at Lifestyle Blinds, you’re sure to find one you love here.

Things to consider when buying a kitchen blind

Once you’ve decided that a kitchen blind is essential, we’re here to help you find the right one. When choosing the perfect window blind, you’ll need to consider several factors - fabric, light management, and operation privacy style. Let's look at each of them in more detail.

Kitchen blind fabrics

The right kitchen blind needs to be able to stand up to the challenges we’ve listed above and one of the key factors here is the fabric used. Traditional roller blinds are made from polyester. While this offers some degree of protection against moisture absorption, it’s not suitable for the levels you’ll find in this room. That’s why you need to consider the fabric of your kitchen blinds very carefully.


You want a fabric that is waterproof, with a wipe-clean surface so you can easily remove food sprays and oil. You want a fabric that won’t absorb cooking smells or become engulfed in mould and one that can withstand constant movement. You also don’t want to overlook style - after all, your kitchen needs to be just as fabulous as it is functional. 100% waterproof fabric blinds are an ideal choice that ticks all of these boxes. Soft PVC fabric beads water on the surface, allowing it to drip away or be wiped off with a soft cloth. Choose a 100% waterproof roller blind, cordless blind or motorised blind and you’ll have a flat plane of fabric from which you can easily display your favourite pattern.


If you’re looking for a more durable solution, choose either a faux-wood blind or a Venetian blind. In contrast to the real material, faux wood is crafted from rigid PVC. It has no porosity so won’t absorb water or move in shape in hot conditions. It is just as easy to clean and these blinds offer heightened light and privacy control too. Venetian blinds are made from aluminium which is one of the best, lightweight blind solutions. They are easy to install - ideal when you’re trying to fit them over sinks - and come in a range of different styles so you’re not just stuck with metallic details.


We recommend avoiding some sheer materials, unless they are 100% waterproof, such as our sunscreen roller blinds. Other sheer materials present the perfect breeding ground for mould, with many small holes that are difficult to clean.

Light management in your kitchen

Isn’t lots of light a good thing in your kitchen? Yes and No - depending on the situation. If you’ve had your kitchen renovated, you likely chose your window positioning based on how much natural light it lets in. Sunlight is the pinnacle in interior design, helping to make a space appear bigger and reducing your dependency on household electrics. However, too much of anything is a bad thing. And this is particularly true in kitchens.


With so many people using this room every day, you want to make sure it is comfortable. Imagine trying to do the washing up and dodging a direct sun ray that is shining directly into your eye. Or attempting to watch the kids play in the garden but struggling to look around the sun’s glare? Light control doesn’t just mean darkening a room. It means managing the available light to make sure you have just enough but not too much.


Sunscreen roller blinds are the perfect choice in kitchens for this very reason. They have a woven design that is also 100% waterproof. When rolled down, you’re still able to see out of your window but excessive natural light is diffused. Equally, if your kitchen window overlooks other gardens or the road, rolling these blinds down during the day provides privacy from onlookers. They are a perfect option for kitchens!

The best operation for your kitchen blinds

There are several ways to operate window blinds - some that are more suitable for kitchens. You want a solution that is easy to use and one that is safe for the youngest members of your household. And there are many different solutions available on the market. For us, some of the best blinds for kitchens are cordless roller blinds or motorised roller blinds. By eliminating the pull cord, you take away another surface where food splashes and dirt can sit. You reduce the number of surfaces you’ll be touching when your hands are soiled. Plus, you eliminate the risk of injuries for children and young animals, creating a cord-free solution that can be adjusted regularly.


If you’re looking for heightened light and privacy control, we recommend a faux-wood blind or Venetian Blind. With horizontal slats that rotate to manage light and privacy, they provide you with heightened management of comfort. You also have the option of drawing all of the slats upwards, completely exposing the window and giving you the perfect view over the garden. So no matter whether you want to flood the room with light or switch off from the outside world, you have two different options to choose from.

The perfect kitchen blinds for privacy

Privacy probably isn’t the first thing that pops into mind when you’re choosing the right kitchen blinds. However, it is certainly a factor to take into consideration. If your kitchen is overlooked by neighbours or you regularly want to escape from the outside world in this space, you need a blind that allows you to optimise privacy. Equally, some households have kitchens that overlook main roads, where passers-by can look in and see your family life.


In this case, you’ll want to find a kitchen blind that can give you the privacy you need to relax. All window blinds will allow you to close the outside world out. But, in our opinion, some of the best options are roller blinds. 100% waterproof roller blinds will block out everyone outside but will reduce light significantly. If you want to prioritise privacy, sunscreen roller blinds will reduce excessive light while giving you a physical barrier against the outside world. They will allow you to use your kitchen fully without putting your internal lights on at all times. And, with a wide range of styles to choose from, you won’t have to compromise decor either.

Your choice of kitchen blind styles

Now let’s get into the fun part - kitchen blind styles. The beauty of interior design and technology has meant that there are so many window blind styles available. So you can choose the kitchen blind that fits both your decor and functionality needs. In theory, you can choose any window blind you like for this popular space. But some of the best options are those designed to help you counteract the issues you’re currently having. Some of our favourite kitchen blinds are:

1.100% waterproof roller blinds

Roller blinds are some of the most popular window dressings on the market. They are easy-to-use, simple to install and versatile enough to suit every single room. Add in 100% waterproof fabric and you have a blind that is perfect for kitchens (and bathrooms too!). The beauty of roller blinds is the single pane of fabric that, when rolled down, means you’ll be able to appreciate the entire pattern or design entirely. You also have the benefit of a simple mode of operation which can be used by every member of the household to make light, privacy and temperature.


If you want an entirely child-safe solution, we recommend 100% waterproof cordless blinds or 100% waterproof motorised roller blinds. Both have a cord-safe style - either with a spring-loaded mechanism or a rechargeable lithium battery that can be remote-controlled. So you don’t have an issue with strangulation issues and can allow the entire family to adjust light control.

2.100% waterproof vertical blinds

If you have larger windows in your kitchen, there’s no better choice that 100% waterproof vertical blinds. They have the same wipe-clean fabric as roller blinds but, instead of a single pane of fabric, you have made-to-measure louvres. These clip to a top rail and can rotate to give you control over light, privacy and temperature. Even if you have children, we make all of our vertical blinds following EN13120 so you'll either receive an easy-break chain connector or a child-safety clip to keep cords stored safely.


Once again, they come in a tonne of different styles and colours. And, if you draw all of the louvres over to one side, you’ll be able to easily access any bi-folding doors, French doors or patio doors too.

3.Venetian blinds

A stylish and practical choice in many rooms, Venetian blinds are perfect for kitchens. They are manufactured from aluminium - a lightweight and waterproof material that perfectly suits these humid environments. With horizontal slats, you have the option of rotating the blind to manage light or drawing the slats up entirely and exposing the entire window. The smooth surfaces are easy to wipe clean and won’t allow mould to thrive. Over time, Venetian blinds offer a long lifespan and won’t easily become damaged (unless you put excessive pressure on the slats individually). Plus, they’re incredibly easy to install and are light enough to be lifted into position effortlessly.


Where once Venetian blinds were only available in metal tones, they now come in a range of colours. The only style we would recommend avoiding would be perforated Venetian blinds - simply because the small holes provide additional hidden surfaces where moisture and dust can sit undisturbed. All other Venetian blinds are perfect for kitchens, no matter the size or style.

4.Faux-wood blinds

Our final suggestion would be our faux-wood blinds. Made from solid PVC, these horizontally-styled blinds are made-to-measure to ensure the perfect fit. Each slat is wipe-clean and has exceptional durability - perfect for the regular cleaning you’ll expect to do. You have the same level of light control as Venetian blinds and a wide range of styles to choose from. Faux-wood blinds that are fully inspired by real wood are some of the most popular. They are a practical way to tackle high humidity, which would cause normal wood to flex or bend out of shape. Instead, you can take advantage of those wood grains you love with an easy-clean surface and the durability to withstand consistent use too.


Find kitchen blinds that tick every box from Lifestyle Blinds

Your home deserves the very best when it comes to both style and functionality. Our online range of kitchen blinds at Lifestyle Blinds is designed to help you achieve this. Our kitchens are some of the most important rooms in our home and they deserve to look their best. No matter whether you're working with a compact space or have an open plan design that allows you to cook to your heart's content, we'll find you the perfect kitchen blind here.


To fit your needs perfectly, all of our kitchen blinds are made to measure using your dimensions. We provide full fitting instructions as well as informational Youtube videos to help you install them yourself, without costly labour charges. Once up, you’ll have created a luxurious home that feels custom-made to fit the needs of your busy family. Our online range is constantly evolving, with hand-selected designs added to our online store every week. We want you to scroll through and fall in love with a blind, regardless of whether it’s the colour and style that captures your eye.


Measure, order and install - Kitchen blinds in just 3 steps

Ordering your brand-new kitchen blind should be an enjoyable experience - not one that causes any additional stress. This is why we’ve created a website where it takes just three simple steps to take you from no window cover to the perfect, made-to-measure blind that is all ready to go. All of our blinds are crafted to fit your windows perfectly and promise many years of service so you have a wide range of styles and options to choose from.


  1. Measure your windows using our guides

All of our blinds are bespoke - it gives you the very best fit, no matter your window. This is why, to order your blind, we need your window blind measurements. Chances are this isn’t something you get involved in every single day. So our experienced team have pulled together guides that walk you through exactly how to measure every single type of window.


Grab a piece of paper, a pencil and your tape measure. It should take you no more than 10 minutes to measure all of your windows. One tip from us - measure them twice to make sure the numbers you have are entirely accurate. Once your order has been made, we cannot cancel them as they are manufactured to your specifications.


  1. Choose your blind, get your quote and order today!

You’ve got your measurements so now it’s time to find your perfect kitchen blind. Our website is the best place to start. We have hundreds of blinds, in all different styles and designs. Attracted to bold colours? You’ll find vibrant yellows, zesty oranges and deep blues right here. Want something more minimalist? We’ve got a tonne of neutral styles. Or, have a thing for patterns? Don’t worry, we have you covered!


Once you’ve found the perfect blind, simply enter your measurements. There are several customisable options available for each style so fill out every field. Click ‘Get Price’ and we’ll give you a quotation instantly, making it easy for your to check against your budget. Once you’re happy with the price, simply place your order. We’ll start working on it instantly so you won’t be waiting too long!


  1. Install your kitchen blind at home, without extra help

Affordability - that's one of our keys focuses. And it's why we worked hard to create premium blinds that you can install yourself, without needing to hire additional support. All of our blinds are supplied with full installation instructions which are also available to download here. If you can use a drill, you can fit one of our blinds.


If you do hit any issues or have questions, contact our team - we’re always here to help!



The Lifestyle Blinds Promise: What Can You Expect From Us


Lifestyle Blinds is, first and foremost, a family-run business. We have worked hard over the years to build a trustworthy business, with premium-quality products and high levels of customer service. We understand how daunting it can be to order something as significant as your kitchen blinds online. That’s why we have our Lifestyle Blinds Promise - it is our promise to you and the ethos of our business.


People-orientated approach

Our customers are our number one priority. This is why we tailor your experience to suit your needs. From helping you order made-to-measure blinds within your budget to providing consistent support throughout, we’re here to help you create a home you adore. Our people-oriented service is designed to suit your needs at all times.


High levels of customer service

We’re here to make the process of ordering your window blind much, much easier. Our professional team aren’t just here to help you find the right blind. We’re here throughout your entire Lifestyle Blinds experience, supporting you during ordering, installation and aftercare too. We want you to walk away with a blind that fulfils every single one of your expectations and work hard to maintain our ‘Excellent’ rating.


Unrivalled quality and safety standards

We make a point of only working with the highest quality suppliers and manufacturers. All of our blinds go through a rigorous testing process that identifies and resolves any issues before they leave our warehouse. We also hand-select every blind, choosing them according to their quality, style and durability so you can shop confidently through a large range of premium quality blinds.


Child safety is also a key focus for us and all of our blinds are manufactured following EN13120. We work closely width the BBSA (British Blinds and Shutter Association) to ensure our blinds are compliant with legal regulations and suit the needs of busy families too.


Wide range of styles and designs

Our online store is the perfect place to find a window blind unlike any you’ve seen on the high street. We want to be your one-stop shop for beautiful and unique window dressings - those that make a statement in your home or help to tie together its interior style. We understand that homes change and evolve and keep our range updated with new designs to ensure you’re always able to find the perfect option.


3-year guarantee, as standard

Our 3-year guarantee comes with all of our blinds, no matter how much they cost. It isn’t just about customer satisfaction - even though that is a keen priority for us. Our guarantee is there as a show of confidence in our products. We dedicate so much of our time to ensuring all of our window blinds are crafted to the highest quality, we want you to fall in love with them while having a reliable route to go down should you encounter any issues.

Shop kitchen blinds to complete your home here

Creating a kitchen you’re proud of couldn’t be easier with our support here at Lifestyle Blinds. We’re here to help you turn this important room into a stylish showcase - a room you can confidently invite friends around to and spend many hours creating memories. Whether you’re tackling excessive light, and privacy or want a solution that fits with your limited cleaning schedule, you’ll find it right here.


All of our kitchen blinds are made-to-measure for your measurements. With full installation instructions and a 3-year guarantee provided, as standard, you can focus on relaxing in your home and enjoying every single moment too. So, if you’re ready to find kitchen blinds that tick every box, browse through our online range here. If you have any questions, get in contact or order FREE samples to give you the best prediction on how your home will look once fully styled.




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