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Lifestyleblinds Promise

The Lifestyle Blinds Promise
Buying anything for your home means you're putting your trust in a company. And this is something we take very seriously. This is why we offer our Lifestyle Blinds 7 Point Promise so you know exactly what to expect.   This doesn't just indicate customer satisfaction. It is a stamp of quality, providing peace of mind and ensuring you can confidently use your window blind for many years to come. So, when you buy from us, you can rest assured knowing that your investment will last. 

1.    We care about YOU!
We’re not just an online window blinds company - we’re a family run business and if you are shopping with us at Lifestyleblinds we consider YOU family too.  We will look after you every step of the way and give you that personal service that is lacking so much these days.  We truly care for our customers and will do everything we can to give you stunning, functional blinds at a fair price and fantastic quality.   As such, we understand how important a comfortable home is when it comes to bringing everyone together and making memories. All of our customers are given our most personal service - one that considers their individual needs first and foremost. We want you to find the right blind for your budget and to solve any issues you may be dealing with. 

2.    UK customer (365 days per year)
We recognise the importance of your home environment and the restraints of online shopping.  It can feel worrying when making such an important household investment. That's why we strive to provide the most comprehensive and supporting customer service, with the advice and information needed to help you make an informed decision. With experience in interior design and a detailed understanding of window blind design, we're here to ensure you find the perfect window blind that meets every single requirement with ease. This is how we can maintain our 'Excellent' rating consistently.
Our customers are always our key focus. That’s why we’re constantly analysing and reviewing our customer service processes to make sure we’re able to offer the highest level of service at all times. From initial enquiries and advice through to installation support and after care, we have everything covered so you can focus on finding the right blind for your home today. 

3.    Quality and Safety
We want you to feel confident with your window blinds at all times. We know how beneficial the right window blind can be when creating a safe, comfortable and inviting home. As such, we provide a personal and attentive service to every single one of our customers - one that focuses on every member of your household to make sure their needs are met.
This is why we only work with the very best suppliers and manufacturers. Our team is heavily involved in every stage of design and manufacture. Plus, we have an intense testing process that identifies any imperfections and allows us to fix them with ease. This means you get the highest quality blinds that promise many years of service.

4.    Accreditation
We also work hard to maintain our reputation for quality and superior craftsmanship. Our window blinds are ideal for family homes and take into consideration everyone, from adults to children and animals alike. We are members of the BBSA  (British Blind and Shutter Association) as are all of the factories that we work with and that means your blinds are guaranteed to be child safe, guaranteed to comply with all UK safety regulations.

5.    Unique designs and varied styles
Every single home deserves to be unique. This is why we work hard to hand-select the most unique and striking patterns, colours and styles for our blinds.  We hand source a range of unique colours, patterns and textures to help your interior style come to life.  We don't want to be like everyone else. We want you to be able to swipe through our website and find something unique - a window blind that completes any room in your home.

6.    3-year guarantee for our high quality blinds
We work hard to produce the highest quality window blinds. It's what we're passionate about. And, it's what we do best. To prove this and help you build trust with our business, we provide a 3-year guarantee on all of our made-to-measure blinds. We only use the highest quality manufacturers and suppliers. All of our undergo a strict testing process that ensures they are at their very best at all times. We hand source a range of unique colours, patterns and textures to help your interior style come to life. 

7. The Environment
Through our drive to introduce more and more recycled and sustainable materials during manufacture to our investment in the “climate control” blinds collection.  We are constantly striving to create a better world for generations to come.


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