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Loft Conversion Blinds

Loft conversions are becoming increasingly common here in the UK. With house prices soaring, it makes more sense financially to try and gain as much space in your current home rather than move to another property.  Loft conversions are a smart way of expanding the space in your home, without having to move. Lofts generally take up the largest square footage of your home and are relatively easy to transform. They are also financially beneficial with a well-built space adding up to 20% value of the average three-bedroom home. This is one of the main reasons why more than 50% of homeowners choose to have one created, rather than pay the costly fees to move to a new property.

With all of these pros’s there are inevitably going to be a few cons. 

  • The loft room is exposed to the elements (so experiences extreme heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter.
  • Heat rises naturally rises so during the winter the loft is usually the hottest room.  During the winter if the loft and the loft windows are not insulated properly all of the heat will escape out of the loft conversion too.

The good news is that with good roof insulation and a decent thermal blind, you can have the loft conversion of your dreams.  Blinds are a proven, passive, sustainable solution for temperature and light control within the home and we have the most comprehensive range of blinds suitable for lofts on the market.  

Five things to consider when choosing blinds for loft conversions

There are so many things to consider when designing your new loft conversion. If you’re at the start of your conversion journey, you’ll need to make decisions about everything from insulation to room layout. Even if your loft conversion is already complete, there’s choosing furniture, accessories and even room colour to consider. So many considerations to help turn this space into one that fits the needs of your household.

It may seem irrelevant at the beginning but choosing the right blinds for loft conversions is incredibly important. Your window blinds will play a key role in managing temperature, giving you the privacy you deserve and allowing you to relax fully. They create a focal point to accentuate your interior style and help you add personality to this space. But don’t be daunted by the prospect - it’s easy to find the perfect window blind for your conservatory, especially when you have the support of the Lifestyle Blinds team too.


1. The Purpose of the room

Perhaps the most important question to ask yourself is what will your attic extension be used for?

Some transform into master bedrooms with luxurious en-suites and Juliette balconies. Others use the new loft space as offices or studios where your creative juices can run wild. Some become extravagant family bathrooms that provide a haven of quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of your home.


Knowing the purpose of this top-floor room is one of the best ways to choose the most suitable blind. If it’s a bedroom loft conversion, you will need a blind that manages temperature whilst darkening the room at night. If you’re creating an office, you need to consider how you’ll manage glare and excessive light during the day.

And, if you’re turning this large space into a master bathroom, you need to consider moisture exposure, fluctuating temperatures and their impact on the fabric.  Maybe you are going for a Velux loft with an ensuite where you will maybe consider a blackout Velux blind for the bedroom and a waterproof blind for the bathroom.   Knowing what you’ll use your loft conversion for will quickly help to identify the right blind.


2. Temperature management

Remember, heat rises so the loft will be one of the warmest rooms in your entire home. During the summer, you'll want to have functional solutions to manage this temperature increase and the right window blinds can help to do just that. Blackout thermal skylight blinds, for example, have a multi-layer design that physically blocks unwanted heat from entering your home. Equally, if you find that your attic space becomes uncomfortably cold during the winter, thermal blinds will lock in the residual heat and help to maintain comfort for longer.


3. Humidity

Loft conversions are ideal spaces for bathrooms and en-suites. The right window blind needs to stand up to fluctuating temperatures and excessive moisture levels. Normal fabrics will absorb the water in the air, locking in that wet smell and creating the perfect breeding ground for unwanted organisms. Over time, this moisture will impact the strength of the fabric’s fibres, causing irreversible damage.

If you’re transforming your loft conversion into a bathroom, you’ll want a 100% waterproof blind. Our styles have a PVC coating that beads water, allowing the surface to be wiped clean and prevent mould growth too.


Types of Loft Conversions

Velux Loft Conversion

If you have a Velux loft conversion you probably have Velux angled windows and you will therefore need a skylight blind.  We have a large choice of skylight blinds to choose from all of which help to manage light, privacy and temperature effectively.


Skylight Blinds

Most loft conversions have roof windows fitted onto a slanted surface.  Examples of these windows include the ever-popular Velux windows and popular alternatives including Keylite and Fakro windows.  These blinds are so easy to buy as the window manufacturers put the codes of the windows onto the labels so you just have to choose the correct code from the drop-down menus on the site (so no measuring is involved).  Also these blinds are easy to fit with no drilling needed, only a small screwdriver is necessary to fit these easy-to-install blinds in less than 5 minutes.

Skylight blinds can be operated by hand or you can opt for electric blinds for Velux windows that are difficult to reach.  You can set automation and schedules with Alexa to enable you to get the most out of your blinds even if you are not in.

How do skylight blinds work?

One thing we get asked regularly is how easy it is to use a skylight blind. If you’ve never operated one, they can seem daunting at first. However, the opposite is true. Skylight blinds are incredibly easy to use, regardless of whether they’re at arm's length or placed up high.

Once they have been installed using your instructions or our online video, you simply need to:

  • Push the bottom bar back, towards the window. This will unlock the spring system, allowing the fabric to be adjusted.
  • Move the blind to the position you required and allow the bottom bar to move back into place.
  • Once released, this will lock the fabric into place.

If your skylight blind sits out of reach - perhaps you have a high window or tall walls - you’ll want to invest in a blind opening pole. These telescopic poles fold down to under 1 or 2m when stored away. When you want to adjust your skylight blind, simply:

  1. Extend the telescopic blind operating pole to the required length.
  2. Hook the bottom bar onto the pole and gently push towards the window to unlock the spring system.
  3. Use the pole to adjust window coverage to the optimal position.
  4. Allow the bottom bar to move back into place.
  5. Once released, this will lock the fabric into place.
  6. Fold down the telescopic blind operating pole and store it somewhere safe for the next use.

For the most technologically advanced window dressings, opt for an electric skylight blind that comes with a remote or can be added to Alexa or a smart home (with the addition of a home hub). Many of these systems also allow some degree of scheduling. So, you can set your blinds up to open and close at specific times during the day or when light reaches a certain level.

Roof window blind codes explained

Here at Lifestyle Blinds, all of our skylight blinds are made to measure using your window dimensions. But wait a moment before you whip out the measuring tape. All roof windows, regardless of who the manufacturer is, have a unique window code printed on them. This data tells you the type of window and the window size. It is a universal system that allows everyone from contractors to window blind manufacturers to utilise each window appropriately.

To order your skylight blind for a loft conversion, we don’t need you to take fiddly window measurements. We simply need this window code and our experts can do the rest. Regardless of whether your window has been manufactured by VELUX®, Keylight® or Fakro®, there is a window code to be found. They are in slightly different places for each manufacturer but the information is the same - and it’s one thing that makes placing your order incredibly straightforward. You just need to know where to look.

How do I find my VELUX® skylight window code?

Identify the product plate. The code will include 3 letters and up to 3 numbers. For example - GGL 606.

How do I find my Keylight® skylight window code?

Identify the product plate. It will show a ‘Window Size’ code. For example - Window size 01.

How do I find my Roto skylight window code?

Identify the product plate. It will either be red or blue. Open the cover to reveal the information shown. You will need the series number and window code. For example - 628 5/9

How do I find my Fakro® skylight window code?

Identify the product plate. The code will include 3 letters and two numbers. For example FTP 94 x 118.

How do I find my Dakea® skylight window code?

Identify the product plate. The code will include 3 digits - both letters and numbers. For example C2A.

How do I find my Dakstra® skylight window code?

Identify the product plate. The code will include 3 digits - both letters and numbers. For example C2A.

How do I find my Rooflite® skylight window code?

Identify the product plate. The code will include 3 digits - both letters and numbers. For example C2A.

How do I find my Balio® skylight window code?

Identify the product plate. The code will include 3 digits - both letters and numbers. For example C2A.

How do I find my Aurora skylight window code?

Identify the product plate. The code will include 3 digits - both letters and numbers. For example C2A.

How do I find my Axis 90 skylight window code?

Identify the product plate. The code will include 3 digits - both letters and numbers. For example C2A.

How do I find my Optilight® skylight window code?

Identify the product plate. The code will include 3 letters and two numbers. For example FTP 94 x 118.

How do I find my Duratech skylight window code?

Identify the product plate. The code will include 3 digits - both letters and numbers. For example C2A.

How do I find my Tyrem® skylight window code?

Identify the product plate. The code will include 3 digits - both letters and numbers. For example C2A.


Dormer loft conversion

You may have a Dorma loft conversion with a normal vertical window.  If you have a normal vertical window you can in theory choose any blind.  But make sure you consider the purpose of the room and temperature management when choosing your blind.


BlocOut Blinds

BlocOut blinds are our number one choice of loft blinds for vertical windows as they are cassette roller blinds and are 100% blackout and thermal.  So even if the room is not a bedroom it will still be a source of heat gain and heat loss so it is safest to go for the BlocOut for full protection during the seasons. BlocOut blinds are also available as electric blinds so you can set up routines to make the most out of the automation making sure the blinds are shut during the hot summer sun and open when the heat goes out of the day.  In winter the best way to use the BlocOut blind is to keep it open during the day to harvest the winter sun and then closed it when the sun sets to preserve internal heat.

Roller Blinds & Cordless roller blind

If you choose dormer windows or gable-end windows, you have a vertical unit that you can dress in the same way as other windows in your home. This gives you a wealth of different options, however, our firm favourite has to be the classic window blind. Available in a wide range of fabric types, patterns and colours, there truly is a choice for every room. Even loft conversion bathrooms will benefit from 100% waterproof roller blinds with a wipe-clean, PVC coating.


Electric Roller blinds

If your window sits out of reach or if you simply want to embrace modern technology to its fullest, consider a motorised roller blind. Instead of pulling cords, they have a rechargeable lithium battery discreetly fitted into the aluminium top roll. With a multi-channel remote control supplied too, you’re able to adjust window coverage with the tap of a button - ideal for when you’re tucked up in bed and need to get more privacy from the world outside.  You can also set these blinds on a timer or automation where you can have different routines for different times of the year.  Electric blinds are very useful to set up scenes for different times of the year.  Scene suggestion: In the winter: open the blinds first thing in the morning when the sun comes up to harvest the free winter sun.  Close the blinds as soon as the sun goes down to conserve the heat.  In the summer the opposite is true: you should close the blinds as the sun comes up to stop the sun in its tracks and to stop the sun's energy from coming into the home in the first place.  In the evening the blinds should be opened when the sun has gone down and it is a good idea to open the windows then to release any heat that may have been gained in the house during the day.  This is also can be very bad as heat rises so the loft is likely to be the hottest place in the house.

Are blinds for loft conversions worth it?

One question we get asked regularly is whether blinds for loft conversions are worth it. Consider this. When you chose to convert your attic space, you transformed it from a dark and dingy storage unit into a usable family room. Instead of being illuminated by one, yellow-tinged light, it became a natural light-flooded haven that brought extra space for every household member. The skylight windows or dormer windows you’ve had installed do a brilliant job of creating a room you want to spend time in and one that ticks every single useability requirement.

So why cover them up? Why block out any light when you’ve invested so much money in finding ways to let it all in? Let’s remember that anything in excess is rarely a benefit. Too much light can cause several problems. If you’re using the new loft conversion as an office, excessive natural light on device screens can cause glare. Imagine trying to get that last-minute project done or interacting with your team via video conference. Or, imagine nestling into bed to watch your favourite film and struggling to follow the characters around the screen.

Blinds for loft conversions aren’t designed to obscure your roof windows. They are designed to complement the room and make it even more usable. Whether you choose roller blinds or skylight blinds, both styles sit snugly within your window recess. They can be rolled out of the way when you do want to embrace natural light. And, during the evenings or when the light gets too much, can be rolled down to give you heightened control.

Another area to consider here is privacy. Yes - most loft conversions sit so high up that being overlooked by other properties is unlikely. But this risk increases if you choose gable-end windows or dormer windows. It’s not uncommon to find that these face directly towards other homes - especially if you live in a built-up area. Whether your loft conversion is used as a bedroom or a bathroom, privacy is incredibly important. And, the right window blind will help you to achieve this. Opt for a sheer roller blind and you’ll mute excessive light, allowing the room to be used comfortably throughout the day without compromising on privacy.


Create a stylish loft conversion with the perfect blind at Lifestyle Blinds

When you choose to invest in a loft conversion, you’re investing in the quality of life for everyone in your household. These brand-new spaces bring you a wealth of opportunities, whether it’s a chance to bring an elderly member of your family in to live with you or create a space to launch a new business. They are one of the largest rooms in the house, with a significant footprint, and add value to your property instantly. With house prices shooting up every single year, adding a loft conversion is one of the most practical ways to expand your home.


After you’ve decided on the layout, had the second fix electrics in and chosen your wall colour, it’s time to think about window blinds. These household accessories certainly aren’t an afterthought. They are one of the most vital additions in ensuring your new loft conversion can be used comfortably throughout the year. Here at Lifestyle Blinds, we are here to help you find the window dressing solution that ticks every single box. All of our blinds - from classic roller blinds through to skylight blinds - are made-to-measure to fit your windows perfectly. We use only the highest quality components to guarantee long-lasting products that stand the test of time in any household. Our detailed installation instructions come with each order and can be downloaded online. So there’s no need to hire additional labour and pay out the costs - simply read through and fit your brand-new loft conversion blinds yourself.

We want your new loft space to look stylish and meet your wildest expectations. All of our fabrics are hand-selected. We love looking for those unique patterns and designs that inject personality into your space. From minimalist to boldly colourful, we’re confident you’ll find everything you’re seeking right here. Plus, we offer nationwide shipping and free delivery on all orders over £149 to suit your budget too.


Head over to our website and browse through all of our loft conversion blinds - especially our skylight blinds that come made to fit your roof windows seamlessly. We offer FREE samples with all of our fabrics so you can compare the colour to your existing accessories and make sure that vision in your head can become a reality.

Measure, order & install - Blinds for loft conversions in 3 easy steps

Ordering your loft conversion blind should be an enjoyable experience. One that allows you to celebrate the new space you’ve created and take time to dress it perfectly. However, for many of our customers, this is the first time they’ve ordered a blind of this type. So the process can feel slightly daunting. At Lifestyle Blinds, we want to eliminate this stress. This is why we’ve made it incredibly easy to order your made-to-measure loft conversion blind from our website. It takes just 3 simple steps to take you from initial research to optimal light control. And, we’re here to help at all times too so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or enquiries you may have.


1. Measure your windows or find your window code

All Lifestyle Blinds window blinds are made bespoke, whether you choose a traditional roller blind or a skylight blind. Depending on the style of window dressing, we need to know your window measurements. If you order a vertical window blind, such as a roller blind or wooden blind, you can follow the instructions available on our website here. Make sure to take the measurements twice to make sure they’re accurate.

If you’re looking for a skylight blind, we don’t need any measurements! All we need is your unique window code which will tell us everything we need to know. Scroll up and read how to find your window code. If you have no luck, give us a call and we’re more than happy to help.

2. Find your dream blind, get a quote and order on our website.

Now it's time to jump online and find the loft conversion blind of your dreams. We have a wide and eclectic range of options, with everything from crisp white and plain designs to patterned kids' bedroom styles. Once you've found the right style, enter your measurements and we'll give you an instant quotation. (Hint - don't forget to add in all of the configurable information too as this will give you the most accurate price).

3. Fit your loft conversion blind yourself!

We always aim to blend high-quality blinds with prices that suit your budget. That’s why we supply all of our loft conversion blinds with full installation instructions. They are a simple, step-by-step guide designed to help you fit your blinds without the need for any additional support. If you do hit any issues or have questions, give us a call. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners install blinds and are always on hand to help - even if you’re mid-installation!

The Lifestyle Blinds Promise: What Can You Expect From Us

At Lifestyle Blinds, we recognise that the right window blind can make a significant difference in your home. It isn’t just an accessory that sits stagnant. The perfect blind will improve temperature management, help to reduce household bills and improve the usability of a room. They work within your budget and allow you to express your personality through interior decor. This is why we work hard to deliver the highest quality service to every single one of our customers. The Lifestyle Blinds Promise is our commitment to you.



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