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Nursery Playroom Blinds

Your children’s nursery or playroom should be a space where they feel comfortable - morning and night. It should be their own personal haven and a room where their wildest dreams can become a reality. Proper light and temperature control are, perhaps not the most exciting parts of designing these rooms, but some of the most important.  That’s where we come in.  With a wide range of stylish, made-to-measure window blind solutions, we’re here to help you complete these special places in no time.

Creating the perfect space for the youngest members of your family is something that every new parent looks forward to. Whether it’s the nursery that will be their very first bedroom or a playroom where their imaginations can run wild, these rooms hold special sentimental value. This is why choosing the right nursery blinds is vital. Especially when your children are in their youngest years, these will likely be the rooms you spend the most time in. So, as well as being fun and playful, they also need to be functional spaces that prioritise child safety.

Understanding what to look out for when choosing either a nursery blind or playroom blind is easy once you know what to focus on. Here at Lifestyle Blinds, we have many years of experience and have supported hundreds of homeowners. Our extensive range of blinds includes everything from cordless roller blinds to blackout roller blinds - all of which take your specific needs into account. We can help you darken a nursery to help promote healthier sleep and give your children privacy while they play. Our nursery and playroom blinds work to prioritise temperature control without compromising on style and have the durability to last for many years to come. So, if you’re looking for the perfect window dressing for these special rooms, read through our top tips here or browse our website to find the right solution for your child’s favourite room in the house. 

Nursery Blackout Blinds

Easy to use and practical, blackout thermal roller blinds are ideal for nurseries and playrooms. The multi-layer fabric provides a physical barrier against both light and temperature. Roll the blind down and you’ll sink the room into darkness - ideal for promoting healthy and restorative sleep in your little ones. Roll it up and the room becomes flooded with natural light so they can play to their heart's content. One thing to remember with traditional-style roller blinds is child safety. All of our roller blinds with looped cords are supplied with either an easy-break chain connector or a child-safety clip. Always store cords away from the reach of children to prevent the risk of strangulation.


BlocOut Blinds

The go-to blinds for the nursery.  This blackout system is guaranteed to create 100% darkness and to keep the room cool in the summer and warm in the winter so your little one will be comfortable all year round.


100% waterproof roller blinds

Paints, bubbles and even slime - all items you can expect to find in a child’s playroom. The window blind you choose needs to be practical as well as stylish and 100% waterproof roller blinds fit the bill. They offer good window coverage and management of light. The soft PVC fabric is wipe-clean, allowing you to remove spray and marks quickly. And, you’ll find a host of different styles and designs to choose from in our online store.


Children’s patterned roller blinds

What child doesn’t love patterns and colour? We have a wide range of patterned children’s roller blinds designed specifically for nurseries and playrooms. Have a little one who loves nature? Find roller blinds adorned with balancing flamingos or shivers of sharks. Trying to appease older children too? Choose graffiti-inspired blinds with bold colours and bubble-style writing that help them build an appreciation for other forms of art. There’s something in our range for everyone.


Cordless roller blinds

Any blind you choose for a nursery or playroom needs to be safe for use around children. Child-safety devices are ideal for traditional window dressings but if you want to eliminate the hazard entirely, choose a cordless roller blind. Instead of looped cords, we use an internal spring-loaded mechanism. Simply tug gently on the blind’s bottom rail to release the hold and adjust the blind to suit your needs. With both blackout thermal cordless roller blinds and 100% waterproof cordless blinds in our range, you can still gain the same benefits - just with a safer blind for everyone in your family.


Electric roller blinds

Another cord-free option - and one for those with a penchant for new technology - choose a motorised roller blind. In a similar way to cordless roller blinds, these electric models do away with traditional cords. In their place, you have a rechargeable lithium battery that holds up to 6 months of charge at any given time. Each order comes with a multi-channel remote control that allows you to adjust window coverage with the tap of a button. And, if wanted, you can link these blinds up to your smart hub system and take advantage of voice control or scheduling functions too.


Cordless Roller Blinds

Sometimes, you either can’t or don’t want to drill into windows to fit the right blind. Maybe you rent your property or perhaps you’ve just finished renovating the space. In this situation, you can still achieve perfect light control and privacy for your little ones - especially if you’ve chosen cordless roller blinds. Instead of traditional brackets, these removable blinds grip the inside of your window recess and secure into place in minutes. So, if your little ones are growing up too fast or constantly changing their minds about style, you don’t have to make a long-term commitment with any blind.


For everyone in the family, the nursery or playroom is an incredibly important space. Before your little one’s come along, it is a physical reminder of the newest addition to your family. When they’re tiny, it is the room that houses their first-ever belongings and a space where they can take time to relax when they become overwhelmed with the chaos of the world. As they grow, nurseries are a space they can call their own. And when they gain some independence, their playroom is the room they can let their imaginations run free and enjoy all of the beauties of being a child. There are so many factors to consider when styling either a nursery or playroom - all of which are incredibly important.


However, we truly believe that finding the right nursery or playroom blind is up there with some of the most important. Light plays a key role in how the human body switches from awake to sleeping mode. This is even more important in small children who have spent their very first months wrapped in a warm and dark environment. While you’re teaching a little one to soothe, having a dark and relaxing room is key. And, you can’t achieve this if you’re battling against the early morning light or juggling bedtimes when the sun is still streaming. Equally, a playroom should be a safe haven for your little one. The last thing they want is to be driven out by uncomfortable glare, over-zealous temperatures or even the potential for onlookers walking past. The right nursery and playroom blind will solve all of these issues and more.


Here at Lifestyle Blinds, we take into account the challenges that these special rooms raise. Our blinds are manufactured to the highest standards, using premium fabrics throughout that can easily withstand little hands. They are made to measure for the perfect fit and our cord-free designs eliminate any risk of injury. We have a range of blackout thermal options to manage both light and temperature. Or, if you need something more durable for those expressive painting sessions or waterplay moments, our 100% waterproof blinds tick every box. Our team hand-selects each fabric to make sure you have a wide range of styles, patterns and colours to choose from. So, even as they grow and their tastes evolve, you’re sure to find an ideal nursery or playroom blind here.


With full fitting instructions and a 3-year guarantee provided as standard, our blinds help you to create a room they’re sure to adore. If you’re in the design process, order FREE samples and get a clearer idea of how your new blind will look when fitted. If you have any questions, contact us today - we’re always here to help!

The demands of a nursery or playroom

Grubby hands and over-excited squeals. Having small children in your home is a blessing - even if you find yourself picking up the same toy more than once every single day. Family homes are some of the busiest and they have unique demands when compared to all-adult properties. You need to consider everything from child safety to maintenance and even longevity as your children get older. The right nursery or playroom blind needs to be able to stand up to rigorous use while also slipping into your weekly clean and helping the whole family get more sleep.


The right nursery or playroom blind needs to be:

  • Entirely child-safe and does not pose any risks to health or safety
  • Able to withstand paint, water and other moisture exposure
  • Suitable for managing light - ideally offering blackout properties
  • Tailored towards privacy for your little ones
  • Easy-to-clean and, preferably, wipe-clean
  • Durable enough to stand the test of time


Let’s look into each of these points in more detail.

Child safety for nursery and playroom blinds

According to ROSPA, around one to two deaths occur every year because of looped window blind cords. While they may look harmless, these cords pose a significant strangulation threat - especially in children between 16 and 36 months. At this time in their development, children’s heads are disproportionately heavy in comparison with their bodies. They also have underdeveloped muscles around the neck. If they become entangled in blind cords, they are less likely to have the strength to free themselves before something serious happens.


As of 2014, EN13120 was introduced in support of the BBSA to make sure that every blind produced and sold in the UK abides by specific child-safety regulations. Older blinds purchased before this date should be either replaced or partnered with a child-safety device. When choosing a blind for your nursery or playroom, you should consider the following:

  • All cords should be kept out of the reach of small children.
  • Cots, beds and furniture should be placed away from window blind cords to prevent interaction.
  • Cords should never be tied together - this can prevent them from breaking in the event of an accident.
  • Do not allow cords to twist or create a loop.
  • Cordless blinds should be installed, where possible.
  • If using corded blinds, safety devices must be installed, as per the manufacturer's guidelines, to reduce the risk of accidents.
  • When buying new blinds, look for non-corded solutions or those with build-in safety devices
  • For more information, visit the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents or Child Accident Prevention Trust.


Understanding the latest child-safety regulations when choosing window blinds helps you prevent the risk of accidents and keep your entire family safe. Remember that these recommendations don’t just apply to child-only rooms. You’ll want to use them to choose blinds for the rest of your house too - especially any room where the whole family spends time.

Liquid exposure on nursery and playroom blinds

Who’s child doesn’t love painting up a masterpiece or playing with slime? A nursery or playroom isn’t just a place to switch off for the evening. It’s a room where they can enjoy themselves and learn more about sensory experiences. Even if you keep these activities to the kitchen, grubby hands are an unavoidable part of having small children in your house. And, as any parent will know, sticky surfaces seem to follow young children around like a shadow.


When you choose the right playroom blind, you’ll want to consider one that can stand up to the many activities that may take place in this room. 100% waterproof blinds offer a wipe-clean surface that won’t absorb moisture - whether that’s paint or simply a spilt drink. They are very durable and come in a wide range of styles so you don’t have to compromise in any way.

Light management for nursery and playroom blinds

Now we come to the area of window blind selection that will impact your household the most - light control. The human body works on a 24-hour clock, known as the circadian rhythm. Your body is set to release certain hormones at certain times of the day to help our bodies function properly. When the light begins to dim in the evening and the temperature drops, it triggers the release of melatonin - the sleep hormone. Without this, humans struggle to fall asleep and find themselves shifting out of deep relaxation regularly.


Any parent knows how vital sleep is for young children (and everyone else in the family). So, creating a nursery or playroom where sleep is promoted is key. The right window blind will add a physical barrier to your windows, preventing unwanted light from streaming in - no matter the time of day. Blackout thermal blinds use a multi-layer fabric to do just this. They also lock in temperatures, preventing late-afternoon heat from raising internal conditions too high and keeping the space cool at all times. Some styles will even lessen external noise so your little one can drift off easier and you can spend nap time with a hot cup of coffee.

Privacy in nurseries and playrooms

As parents, we do everything to keep our little ones safe - including prioritising their privacy. They deserve to be able to play comfortably in their nursery or playroom, without worrying about passers-by or on-lookers. The right window blind will help you to achieve this. You need to consider both light and privacy here though. A blackout thermal roller blind will give you privacy but you’ll be engulfed in darkness while enjoying it. You could choose a sunscreen roller blind with woven fabric and a waterproof coating. This allows muted light to enter the room, allowing them to play while preventing anyone from seeing in through the windows. However, you’ll struggle with evening darkness here - especially during the summer months.

Maintenance of nursery and playroom blinds

No one wants to spend hours every single weekend cleaning - especially when you’ve got children to entertain. The right nursery or playroom blind needs to be easy to maintain with a wipe-clean surface and fabric that won’t absorb stains quickly. It needs to allow proper airflow and not harbour mould organisms that could pose a potential health risk to your little ones. 100% waterproof blinds are an ideal choice here. The soft PVC coating provides a water-resistant surface that beads moisture and allows it to drip off. With a damp cloth, you’ll be able to wipe gently over the fabric to remove dust and keep your blinds looking their best.

Durability for nursery and playroom blinds

And finally, you need to consider how durable your nursery and playroom blind is. Whether you like it or not, little children are curious. This is one of the main reasons we recommend cord-free blinds such as cordless roller blinds or motorised roller blinds. Once they’ve locked their minds on touching your window blinds, you won’t be able to turn them away easily. Pair this with the fact that multiple daytime naps will mean your blinds need to be raised and lowered continuously during the day and you’ll want a product that can stand the rest of time.


We only work with the highest-quality suppliers and choose components that meet our stringent requirements. Our blinds are all tested in-house and need to meet specific criteria before we send them on to you. On average, a window blind will last anywhere between 8 and 15 years, depending on how well they’re maintained. And our range is designed to support your family as it grows and evolves seamlessly.

What blinds are best for a baby room?

Once you’ve done your research, you’ll find that many window blinds are perfect for your baby's room. Here, we bring you our top 3 - the blinds we recommend to customers and ones that we’re confident your little one is going to love.

1.100% blackout thermal cordless blinds

Leading the pack, you have a 100% blackout thermal cordless blind. This window covering ticks every single box. It helps to effectively manage light, making it easier to sink the room into darkness in no time. It has a thermal barrier to lock in cooler temperatures during the day to create the perfect sleeping arrangement. The cordless design eliminates the risk of strangulation, instead using a spring-loaded internal mechanism. And, being made-to-measure, it fits your windows perfectly - no matter how large or small.


As well as being practical, 100% blackout thermal cordless blinds come in a wide range of different styles and patterns to suit your needs. Creating a neutral space for a new baby? Discover neutral pearl and soft white designs with thermal backings that complement jute storage spaces and fluffy toys alike. Have a little one who adores bold colours? Add a pop of cerise or blue to their windows - perfect for accessorising with other rainbow colours. Or if they love patterns, find floral cordless blinds that remind them of spring or leopard print styles to bring out their sassy sides.


Cordless roller blinds are incredibly easy to fit and they suit most types of windows too!

2.100% waterproof cordless blinds

Next up is an ideal solution for playrooms - a 100% waterproof cordless blind. With the same cord-free design, they are entirely child-safe. This is even more important in playrooms where the likelihood of older children playing without supervision is higher. These blinds continue to offer good window coverage and light control. However, it is the fabric that takes centre stage here. As we mentioned above, playrooms should be spaces where your little one can let their imagination fly. And this likely isn’t the only thing that will fly around the room - especially if they’re a budding artist or slightly less focused when having a drink.


100% waterproof cordless blinds have a soft PVC design that is wipe-clean and durable. When a spill or spray occurs, all you have to do is gently wipe the surface with a damp cloth. The water-resistant fabric won’t absorb moisture, reducing the risk of long-term stains and helping to fight against mould too. And, similar to our blackout blinds, we have a wide range of style options to choose from. From bold pops of imperial blue and red to nature-inspired patterns to help spark their imagination, you’ll find it all in our online store.

3.Motorised roller blinds

Our third spot goes to a tech-inspired design that will make your home feel like it’s plucked from the future. Electric roller blinds have a cord-free design (perfect for children). Instead of using a looped cord, they have a rechargeable lithium battery that sits discreetly in the top roll. Each order comes with a multi-channel remote control that takes seconds to set up. Install your blind, step back and you’ll be able to adjust window coverage with the tap of a button. They are ideal in rooms where you want no interference from small children or windows that are out of reach. This technology also pairs with most home smart hub systems, meaning you can schedule your blinds to adjust or use voice recognition too - two factors that can make home life considerably easier.


The beauty of automated roller blinds is that they come in a plethora of fabric and style options. You can still choose blackout thermal motorised blinds for excellent light control or 100% waterproof electric blinds for playrooms. With everything from classic neutrals to rich explosions of colour and children-inspired patterns, you’ll find the right blind here to complete any nursery or playroom with ease.


No matter what blind you choose, it should be one that ticks every box practically.

Make their wishes come true with the perfect nursery & playroom blind from Lifestyle Blinds

From baby nurseries to pre-teen playrooms, the spaces that your children inhabit need to help fuel their imaginations and provide the privacy they deserve. As a family-run business, we understand just how important taking all of this into account is. We only work with the very best suppliers and use a stringent testing process to make sure that every nursery blind or playroom blind that leaves our factory meets your high standards. From stylish designs to cord-free operations, our blinds help you to create spaces they’ll want to spend every hour in.


All of our nursery and playroom blinds are made to measure using your measurements. Not only does this give you the perfect fit but it also prioritises their safety. Eliminating unnecessary gaps or nooks from your windows reduces the risk of injury and makes restful sleep much more achievable. We also bring together a wide range of patterns so you can evolve their space as they grow and develop new hobbies. Our team hand-selects every single item and brings them to our online store every week, so you can fall in love with the style that suits the best.


Your children’s nursery or playroom should be a space where they feel comfortable - morning and night. It should be their own personal haven and a room where their wildest dreams can become a reality. Proper light and temperature control are, perhaps not the most exciting parts of designing these rooms, but some of the most important.  That’s where we come in.  With a wide range of stylish, made-to-measure window blind solutions, we’re here to help you complete these special places in no time.



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