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Sideways Blinds

CENTOR the sideways blind pulling system

ideal for Bi-fold Doors, French and Large Sliding Doors

The Sideways Pulling Blind System

These award winning blinds allow homeowners with large doors to enjoy the luxury of inside-outside living without insects, glare and loss of privacy.

  • Fingertip operation
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Sizes up to 9m wide, 3.2m drop
  • Covers up to an incredible 28m²
  • Sun Screen, Blackout & Insect Screen fabrics
  • Custom RAL colours available

Colour options

Anti Glare
Perfect for reducing glare, solar heat gain and fading. A popular choice with its hard wearing and easy clean qualities.

  • White
  • Sand
  • Light Gray
  • Dark Gray
  • Charcoal

Blackout Fabric
Luxury fabrics are available in blackout options for systems mounted on the inside of the opening to offer a full blackout option.

  • White
  • Snow
  • Ash
  • Silver
  • Steel

Insect Screens

Durable polyester/PVC mesh is available in two different weave styles to keep even the smallest insects out


This award winning Screen & Shade system is available in three configurations. The frame is constructed from durable aluminium. It can be powder coated in white, anthracite or to a customised RAL colour to match existing doors.

  • Single

    A single screen that exceeds from one side of the frame to cover the fill width of the opening.

  • Combination

    A combination of two fabric types - both covering the full width - such as a screen from the left and a shade from the right.

  • Double

    Two screens (in the same fabric option), which meet at any point along the opening.

Frame Size

Specially designed for large doors, the sideways pulling blind system can span 3200mm high and 9013mm wide1.

Fabric type Overall frame width (mm) Overall frame height (mm)
Single Combo Double²
Sun Screen 1015 - 3377mm 1015 - 3442mm 1015 - 6545mm 815 - 3200mm
Mercury Blackout 1015 - 4011mm 1015 - 4076mm 1015 - 7813mm 815 - 3002mm
Inset Screen Standard weave mesh 1015 - 4611mm 1015 - 4676mm 1015 - 9013mm 815 - 3200mm
Inset Screen Tight weave mesh 1015 - 4611mm 1015 - 4676mm 1015 - 9013mm 815 - 3200mm

1. Fabric widths are established by fabric thickness. Variations in fabric thickness may mean the maximum width can be achieved. In these cases we offer alternative colour or fabric type or an extended lead time to allow fabric to be resupplied from the mill.

2. All screens over 5910mm width require frame joiners to the head and sil.

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