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Bold and timeless, there’s little denying the allure of black blinds. Whether fitted in bedrooms, offices or living rooms alike, these pigmented household accessories make a statement while completing your home to perfection. There are few interior design trends that black blinds won’t go with. Find yourself drawn to minimalism?  Black blinds for windows cut through that clinical aesthetic and bring a contemporary edge. Have a penchant for gothic luxury? Use black blinds as the heart of your interior design, complemented by dark woods and polished surfaces. Or seeking to craft a contemporary and functional space that works for the entire family? Black blinds do this with delectable ease.

Lifestyle Blinds is home to a wide selection of plain black and textured black blinds - all of which have been hand-selected by our team. They help to improve useability in your home by managing light, privacy and temperature. From succulent florals to tactile textures, we have window blinds that bring added depth to a space. All of our window dressings are designed and manufactured here in the UK. Using only the very best suppliers, we are able to bring you premium quality blinds at budget-friendly prices. And, with a host of experience supporting homeowners of all shapes and sizes, we’re able to direct you to be the best window blind to suit any room today.

Considering black blinds for your home? Read on to delve into our tips and tricks to identify the perfect options for you.

Black Vertical Blinds

Covering longer windows with ease, black vertical blinds make a beautiful statement in every space. Full-length horizontal slats clip to a top rail, rotating together to give accurate management over light and privacy. And, if you’re fortunate enough to have patio doors or French Doors, vertical blinds can be drawn to one side to improve access.

Black Roller Blinds

A statement classic, black roller blinds can be used to complete bedrooms, offices and living rooms alike. The single pane of fabric provides excellent window coverage while showcasing patterns to perfection. And, when you choose black tones, you have an understated household accessory that compliments minimalist and maximalist homes alike.

Black Cordless Roller Blinds

Designed for bustling family homes, black cordless roller blinds eliminate potentially harmful pull cords. Instead, they have an internal spring-loaded mechanism discreetly placed within the top roll. Simply pull on the bottom bar to release and adjust your blinds to the desired length - perfect for bedrooms and nurseries too.

Black Motorised Roller Blinds

Opt for black motorised roller blinds and you have a remote-controlled design that is ideal for out-of-reach windows. Instead of pull cords, they have a rechargeable lithium battery with up to 6 months of power. Hang in under 30 seconds and take control over light, privacy and temperature with classic blinds that have a unique, contemporary edge.


Black Venetian Blinds

Manufactured from lightweight aluminium, our black Venetian blinds are easy-to-install and perfect for high-humidity spaces. The horizontal slats can be rotated in unison, providing excellent light management. Or, draw them upwards to allow the light to flow in easily. Venetian blinds are wipe-clean and 100% waterproof - ideal for kitchens and bathrooms alike.


Black Wooden Blinds

Find a window coverage solution that is durable and timeless. Our black wood blinds are made-to-measure for your windows, with horizontal slats crafted from either real wood or solid PVC. They rotate in the same way as Venetian blinds, making it easy to manage light and privacy. And, with wood being a natural insulator, these window blinds help to lock the heat in during the coldest months too.


Black Skylight Blinds

If you’re working on a loft conversion or extension, you’ll want to consider a black skylight blind. With brushed aluminium channels that lock fabric in taut, these blinds offer the best light management as well as a thermal barrier to manage interior temperatures. They are made bespoke using your unique window code and are easy to fit in under 30 minutes too.


Black Textured Blinds

In many rooms, using texture is an effective and stylish way to break up a single colour palette - and black textured blinds are no such exception. From subtle textures to bolder ones, there’s something for every home in our online range, from black textured roller blinds to black perforated Venetian blinds.


Black Blackout Roller Blinds

Encourage the deepest night's sleep in relaxing havens with the help of our black blackout blinds. These multi-layer window dressings use a light-blocking central panel to effectively darken a room, prioritising your privacy and even helping to manage heat loss/gain throughout the night. 


Black Waterproof Blinds

Some rooms are more demanding than others. Our blackout waterproof blinds have a wipe-clean surface that doesn’t allow moisture to absorb through. They are an ideal solution for bathrooms and kitchens while inhibiting the growth of mould and prolonging your window blinds lifespan for longer.


Black Patterned Blinds

Black blinds needn’t be plain or boring - especially when you choose black patterned blinds. From darker florals to playful football-inspired prints, there’s a style in our online range for you that will inject personality and improve comfort in your home collectively.


Black window blinds aren’t a thing to be feared. While they may seem counterproductive in rooms where optimising light control is a must, this couldn’t be further away from the truth. Instead, black remains one of the most versatile and popular colours in interior design. It partners beautifully with all other hues, creating minimalist spaces just as easily as it does colour-drenched palaces. When you choose to introduce black window blinds as a statement piece, you optimise wall space and find the perfect blend of practicality and style. Use them correctly and you’ll be able to make a room feel bigger, highlight the most beloved household accessories and manage light effectively.

The range of black window blinds is extensive. There is quite literally an option out there to suit every single room. If you’re looking to darken a room and evoke the deepest night's sleep, black blackout roller blinds tick every box. When styling a contemporary kitchen, Venetian window blinds provide a waterproof solution with added style. And if it’s a timeless living room that you’re crafting, black wood blinds bring unrivalled elegance to every window. There is something endlessly charming about black blinds - one of the many reasons that they have remained so popular throughout the years.

At Lifestyle Blinds, we don’t just bring you any old black window blinds. We bring you bespoke black blinds that are crafted in the UK using premium materials. All of our designs are hand-selected for both their beauty and durability as part of our goal to provide a unique selection of stylish blinds to fit every space. From texture black cordless roller blinds that break up a monochromatic home to patterned black vertical blinds with endless personality, you’ll find it all here. And to support you at all times, all of our window blinds are supplied with full installation instructions and a 3-year guarantee for peace of mind too. So, you’re sure to find a black blind that suits your style and your budget seamlessly.

3 Reasons Why You NEED Black Blinds

We’re firm believers that there’s no point looking for the new black - it’s right here. The epitome of style and grace, black blinds remain one of our most popular offerings. They are perfect on so many levels and find their way into any home with ease. But here are three of our biggest reasons why we truly believe black blinds should be considered for every room.

1. Black blinds work with every single style of interior design you can imagine

When we say that black blinds are versatile - we truly mean it. With such a wide range of types out there, we can guarantee there is a blind out there that fits beautifully into your room. Crisp black roller blinds are perhaps the most flexible, adding a deep injection of contrast to any space. They are perfect in minimalist rooms with white walls or when partnered with grey hues. Equally, full-length black vertical blinds reduce unwanted light significantly (even when you consider the gaps between each of the slats). They visually make ceilings look taller and windows longer, making them perfect for offices and living rooms alike.

If you’re creating a country-chic or rustic-inspired room, choose black wooden blinds. With their naturally insulating nature, these textured blinds maintain a comfortable temperature inside. They can be adjusted to your exact requirements for heightened light control and pair beautifully with other wooden accessories and details too. So trust us when we say, choosing a black blind will be the best thing you ever did for your interior style.

2. Black blinds make a room feel warmer - even if it isn't!

Now it’s true that black blackout thermal blinds have a very specific role - they’re here to help prevent heat loss and keep your home warmer during colder months. But did you know that choosing the colour black for your windows can help too? Due to the darker tone, black blinds will hold on to more heat, allowing less of it to disperse throughout the day. In those cold winter months, this makes them one of the best choices for reducing your dependency on central heating AND cutting your household bills too.

3. The right black blind will evolve with your family

Even if you’re not one to be drawn to fast trends, there’s every chance that your interior design preferences will change throughout the years. Households with young children need wipe-clean surfaces and extra durability while adult households can afford to prioritise style over function. As black is one of the most flexible and easy-to-style colours available, the right black blind can stand true - even if your preferences change. Choose a timeless option, such as a black real wood blind or plain black roller blind and you’ll be able to dress different accessories and change the wall colour without investing in new blinds too often.

Black blinds for temperature management

Window blinds are one of the most cost-effective and versatile forms of temperature management in your home. Here in the UK, all new properties have to abide by Building Regulations which dictate many things - including the degree of insulation a building has. This translates into a figure known as a U-Value. Measured in W/m²K, U-Value measures the rate of heat transfer through a material. The lower the value, the better a building component is at holding in heat.

Insulated walls need to have a U-value of 0.18W/m²K. In comparison, a single-glazed window can have a rating as high at 5.8W/m²K. Choosing double-glazed windows can bring this figure down to around 2.8W/m²K and triple glazing can drop it even further, to as low as 0.8W/m²K. Glazing works by trapping heat between the panes of glass, along with argon gas which has a 60%+ thermal conductivity to keep the temperature warmer inside for longer. If you add a window blind to this, you provide an additional barrier for thermal transfer, with the potential for a double-glazed unit’s value to drop from 2.8W/m²K to around 2.1W/m²K. And, if you consider the cost difference between replacing all of the windows in your home (between £600 and £1200 per window) and hanging a new window blind (as little as £20), it’s clear which option will work out the most cost-effective.

If you consider black blinds for temperature management, you enhance the comfort of your home even further. The colour black will absorb all wavelengths of light - a lot more than a lighter colour can. When this light is absorbed, it is converted into another energy, which is usually heat. This is why you’re always told to wear lighter colours in hotter weather. They help your body to regulate its internal temperature more effectively, keeping you safer under the sun.

Black blinds do the exact same thing. They absorb heat (both internally and externally).  Therefore we recommend blackout thermal blinds with a white backing so you do not overheat in the summer.


For example, black thermal translucent roller blinds will allow you to embrace the black hue while offering a silver/white backing that reflects unwanted light away. This will minimise the percentage of thermal heat that the black can absorb during the hotter months to prevent that heat-box feeling. Plus, these blinds have a unique design that allows diffused light to support all-day-long activities. And, if you chose black Venetian blinds or black wooden blinds, you have numerous horizontal slats that can be adjusted to expose the window when you want to let internal heat out.

The best black blinds throughout your home

There’s no need to be scared of black blinds. They truly are one of the most versatile options on the market - regardless of the room you’re looking to style. And, we promise that there is a black blind design out there to suit you, no matter whether you’re working in the kitchen or bedroom. Read on to discover our top suggestions for each room in the house.

Black blinds for kitchens

Kitchens are one of the busiest and most demanding rooms in the house. For many, they are regarded as the hub of the home and used for everything from quick breakfasts to lavish evening meals. The right window blinds have a lot to stand up against. Kitchens have high-temperature fluctuations due to the multitude of cooking appliances. They are also rooms with high humidity, whether this is due to endless washing up or washing machines rolling all day long.

The right window blind for your kitchen can withstand these high fluctuations. And a black Venetian blind is the ideal choice. Made from lightweight aluminium, they are easy to install in under 30 minutes and instantly add style. The horizontal slats will visually expand the look of your window and rotate in unison to provide excellent light control. Each one has a slight curve, allowing it to close flush against the next and block out the world when you’re relaxing with family. Plus, the metal construction creates a wipe-clean surface that is simple to maintain. Dust with a microfibre cloth or wipe the surface down when needed to remove grime. Aluminium is a non-porous material so it stands up well to high humidity and will work to inhibit the growth of mould too. Plus, it is highly unlikely to absorb unwanted cooking smells to keep your kitchen inviting and homely.

And, don’t be concerned about style. Black Venetian blinds come in a range of different finishes. Choose a high-gloss for a contemporary edge or discover perforated black Venetian blinds. With small punctures throughout the slats, they diffuse the light and create a warm glow in your space. You don’t have to compromise on style either. Striped black Venetian blinds draw the eye in instantly while black hammered Venetian blinds play with the light in a captivating way. So there’s no need to compromise on the interior style you’re driving towards.

Black blinds for bedrooms

A bedroom should be one of the most inviting and cosy spots in your home and a black blind will help to achieve just that. Temperature management is incredibly important in these spaces, along with light control. Our bodies work on a circadian rhythm - we release hormones and activate certain functions in line with the 24-hour clock. Originally, humans would rise with the sun and return to sleep when it set. And, in order to get the best night's sleep, we still need to do this. Blue lights from screens and long working hours have thrown our ability to sink into restorative sleep with ease, which is why creating the perfect room for sleep is vital.

Research has shown that a bedroom needs to be around 18 degrees for our bodies to start to cool down and slip into restorative mode. A black translucent roller blind is the most cost-effective solution here. The multi-layer fabric features a white or silver backing that faces out onto your windows. When heat from the sun bears down on the glass, this backing reflects it away and prevents the thermal energy from passing through. The woven fabric diffuses light rather than blocking it entirely, meaning you can maintain a comfortable temperature in your bedroom while still popping in to use it freely during the day.

However, light also plays a key role in how well our bodies fall asleep. When we relax in a darkened room, our body releases melatonin - the sleep hormone. This signals to the body that it is time for rest and kick starts a chain of reactions that allows your body to restore and repair itself overnight. When this hormonal production is thrown out of synch, that’s when we experience sleep complications. So, creating a dark room is just as important as a cool one. Black blackout blinds are the perfect solution here.

With a multi-layer design similar to their translucent alternatives, blackout blinds use an opaque central panel. This prevents unwanted light from coming in, darkening the room to perfection. Unlike vertical blinds or Venetian blinds, there are fewer gaps where light can seep through. The same goes for black blackout cordless roller blinds and black blackout motorised roller blinds which are an even more suited solution for children’s bedrooms. Eliminating the pull cord eliminates the risk of injury too!

However, it’s worth mentioning that if you’re looking for a 100% blackout result, you’ll need a black blackout skylight blind with aluminium channels.

Black blinds for bathrooms

Even the smallest rooms in your home can become beautiful havens with black blinds, and bathrooms are no exception. Privacy is the most important factor here and the perfect window dressing will ensure no peeping toms look in while you’re bathing. Plus, let’s not ignore the high humidity. Bathrooms are incredibly wet, with showering, bathing and even toilet flushing. Normal window blind fabric is porous, absorbing moisture from the air and locking it in the fibres. Over time, these can deteriorate fibre strength and create the ideal breeding ground for mould. What you need here is a window blind that is non-porous and easy to clean in order to maintain hygiene in your bathroom.

Black 100% waterproof roller blinds are a perfect choice. These custom-designed window dressings have a flexible PVC coating that blocks moisture absorption. Instead, droplets either fall down and off or can be wiped away using a microfibre cloth. Don’t be worried about an overtly shiny surface either - modern technology has allowed waterproof blinds to blend in seamlessly without shouting about their benefits. And the options are just as extensive as their traditional counterparts too. Choose black 100% waterproof blinds with crackle details, stripes or solid black hues to complete your bathroom to perfection.

And, once again, you can find the same styles in black 100% waterproof cordless blinds and 100% waterproof motorised roller blinds for bustling family bathrooms.

Black blinds for sliding doors or patio doors

Patio doors and sliding doors present specific demands that need to be considered when shopping for the perfect blind. You need to prioritise access at all times - both to maintain useability in your home and for safety purposes. You also need to find a window covering solution that makes the most of these all-glass structures while giving you essential privacy. And, you need a blind that suits the needs of everyone in the household - especially the safety of younger family members.

Black vertical blinds are considered to be one of the most practical solutions here. Until roller blinds, they don’t require an excessive amount of force to draw them to one side. Multiple horizontal louvres hang from a top rail and can be rotated to your exact requirements. This way, you can reduce glare on television screens, give yourself the ultimate privacy or keep an eye on little ones in the garden. Fitted within the recess, you can maintain the space between the blind and sliding door, preventing any issues with the opening. And, when it's time to step outside, draw the slats to one side and you have full access without any trip hazards.

We design all of our black vertical blinds with child safety in mind too. All full sets come with either an easy-break chain connector or a child-safety clip for wall installation. And, once again, you don’t have to choose a plain design if it doesn’t fit in with the room’s aesthetics. Whether you go for a subtle linen style or a matt alternative, there will be an option here.

Black blinds for bi-folding doors

If you’re dressing bi-folding doors, you could also opt for a black vertical blind. But our favourite blind here would have to be a black cordless roller blind or a black motorised roller blind. The beauty of bi-folding doors comes in their design - the ability for each panel to fold up against each other and provide full access to the outdoor space. Vertical blinds can be drawn entirely out of the way to allow for this folding, but they don’t work as seamlessly if you only want to adjust a single panel. Or, if you’re looking for more acute management of light and privacy (for example, if you’re overlooked by neighbours through a certain panel or at a certain angle).


Choose black cordless roller blinds or black motorised roller blinds and you’ll solve all of these complications. If you order individual blinds for each panel and fit them individually too, you lose none of the movement and adjustment that bi folding doors at famous for. Both styles can be adjusted without the use of bulky or potentially harmful pull cords. Cordless roller blinds use a spring-loaded mechanism while motorised roller blinds have a discreet and rechargeable lithium battery fitted within the top roll. With the latter, there is also the option to link your blind up to a home smart hub system. So you can either use the supplied remote or voice control to adjust window coverage to suit.

Both options are available in a host of different styles. If you’re concerned about moisture from outdoors or in an open-plan kitchen, choose a black 100% waterproof solution. If you want to be able to reduce light intensity while using your home to it’s fullest, consider a thermal translucent style. These use a white or silver backing to redirect unwanted light while diffusing what is available to make your home more comfortable. If you want to create a luxurious haven, our faux suede blinds boast a tactile finish that blends perfectly with other accessories. And if you want to break up a single-colour decor, choose a black textured cordless roller blind.


There are so many different options so you’ll find it easy to create a room that works and one that you fall in love with again and again.

Styling black blinds into your home with Lifestyle Blinds

In our opinion, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a passionate minimalist or are drawn to rustic aesthetics. Black blinds are a household accessory that works seamlessly with all interior design trends. By helping to manage light and temperature effectively, they improve comfort in your home. And with their timeless hue, black blinds are an investment that can stand the test of time - even as your personal style preferences change. There are so many different types to choose from and, here at Lifestyle Blinds, we pride ourselves on bringing you a wide and varied range.


Fall in love with black blackout roller blinds for your bedrooms. Opt for black vertical blinds to compliment your living room aesthetic. Or discover the versatility of black motorised roller blinds on bi-folding doors and out-of-reach windows - the choice is yours entirely. All of our window blinds have been hand selected and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards. We only work with the very best suppliers and have a stringer testing process that happens in-house to ensure you receive the finest window blind for your home.


We also manufacture every single blackout blind made to measure so you will get a perfect fit blind for you. This ensures that you receive the greatest control over light, temperature and privacy while also creating a seamless finish.




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