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The BlocOut system is not just any blackout blind - it's extraordinary. With the option to control it by hand, remote, app or Alexa (the blocout xl is available motorised), it's the ultimate solution for a pitch black room and a good nights sleep. Its light-blocking siderails, premium fabric, and bottom seal make it a helpful sleep aid for everyone, including parents, kids, light-sensitive sleepers, shift workers, and daytime nappers. Ideal for use in nurseries, bedrooms, TV gaming rooms, home cinemas, and even photography dark rooms.  Not only this but the BlocOut blind is energy efficient too proven to save home owners up to 43% on energy costs.


The BlocOut Blind (for smaller windows - manual only)

Experience the Award-Winning Solution for Bedroom Darkness The BlocOut blackout blind offers the ideal environment for high-quality sleep, any time of day or night, regardless of the season. Fitting windows up to 1800mm in width and 1500mm in height, this innovative solution boasts side rails along the top and sides of the blind to prevent light leakage. A bottom seal provides an added barrier between the bottom of the blind and the window sill, blocking light and minimizing heat loss. For larger windows, consider the BlocOut XL.


The BlocOut XL blind (for larger windows- manual or motorised )

The BlocOut XL blind is designed for larger windows up to 240cm wide x 240cm high.  Available as manually operated with a chain-operated system and child-safe clips, or a motorised option, you can achieve the ultimate dark sleeping environment. Additionally, the BlocOut™ XL provides an energy-efficient barrier to minimize heat loss and can save you up to 43% on energy costs. 


BlocOut™ Blind

For the smaller window

(up to 1800mm wide x 1500mm long)

BlocOut XL™ blind

For Big windows!

(up to 2400mm wide x 2400mm)

Manual operation only

Manual or electric (battery powered)

Manual operation is spring operated cordless

Manual operation is chain operated

Slim Design

Bulkier design

Can sit inside,or at the edge of the recess

Can sit inside or outside of recess


Benefits of BlocOut Blinds

Wake up feeling better! You will feel:-


















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