Voile blinds are gorgeous for both roller and vertical blinds

Voile blinds are a modern alternative to old fashioned net curtains and voiles.  Voile blinds are now so popular as they are excellent at preserving daytime privacy whilst allowing you a good view of the world outside. A common misconception about voile blinds is that they are just available for roller blinds.  In fact voile is perfectly suited for vertical blinds too!  

Voile roller blinds are a clean, contemporary application for voile fabrics.  Roller blinds are popular as they can be adjusted to any position on the window and take up little to no room on the windowsill.

Voile vertical blinds are a totally different proposition as you not only benefit from privacy within your room but you can also alter the amount of light that enters the room.  Voile vertical blinds are available in 89mm (3 1/2 inch slats) and 127mm (5 inch slats) slat widths so you are not restricted in choice.

Voile vertical blinds are a simple and classic blind that are ideal for large bi-fold doors and overlooked living rooms. Once voiles were just available in white and cream but now there are a rainbow of colours available from black through to silver, purple and green!

This bi-fold door is perfect for a vertical blind face fixed above the recess & stacked to the left
Do you like voile blinds or are you more traditional and prefer net curtains?  Would love to hear from you.

Sheer and Voile Roller blinds

Sheer and voile roller blinds are a fantastic alternative to traditional voiles and nets.  Now don’t get me wrong I love traditional voile curtains (not nets though I hasten to add!), but sheer and voile roller blinds are a simple and clean alternative.

Benefits of sheer and voile roller blinds

  • You can see outside whilst your neighbours can’t see in
  • Sheer rollers take up little to no space on your windowsill.
  • You have the option to roll them up and down at your will.  Whether you want a totally clear view to the outside or if want to clean your windows.

At Lifestyleblinds we have recognised this trend and have hand picked the largest range of sheer and voile roller blinds on the market.  We have over 20 fabulous fabrics in this range which are available in several colours, patterns and opacity values.

 Blossom Spring is a fabulous semi-sheer fabric adorned with flowers and branches.  This gorgeous fabric offers a glimpse to the outside without being totally sheer in all areas.  An unusual, breathtaking fabric which in situ is a striking addition to your room.

Blossom Spring semi sheer roller blind

Voile white is a lovely totally plain and sheer delicate white roller blind.  This best seller allows you to see out in the day with total privacy and allows you to enjoy the view to the outside world without passers by enjoying the view in!

Voile White Roller blind

Cotswold Linen is a wonderful natural woven fabric which is reminiscent of hopsack and calico fabric.  This fabric is slightly more opaque than a lighter weight fabric like voile but you still get a lovely view of the outside world with this Linen delight.

Cotswold Linen

Cotswold Linen

To see our whole range of sheer and voile roller blinds just click here.

Which is your favourite fabric?  Let me know and I will send you a sample.

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