5 Benefits Of Blackout Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a great window covering solution as they are clean and crisp, easy to operate and take up little room on the windowsill.  They are also totally customisable so you can have different coloured operating chains, funky braids, eyelets and classic scalloped bottom finishes.

These days roller blinds are considered a viable replacement for expensive curtains due to the huge range of fabrics available.

A stunning black and grey bold stripe blind.

Napa Porto Roller Blind :A stunning black and grey bold stripe blind.

Blackout roller blinds have been traditionally seen as bedroom blinds as a solution for darkening rooms but now we can reveal that this in not their only application.  They can be used in any room in the house to darken and stop the glare and are also great for offices where sunlight hitting computers is a problem and for use in schools with electric whiteboards and projectors.

So, what are the main benefits of blackout roller blinds?

1. Preventing Light from entering rooms: Unlike conventional curtains and shades blackout roller blinds are designed to prevent sunlight and glare from entering the room.  These blinds are therefore ideal for bedrooms and nurseries.

Bring gorgeous dinosaurs into your childs bedroom with our Roar blackout roller blind

Bring gorgeous dinosaurs into your childs bedroom with our Roar blackout roller blind

2. Maintain Privacy: Due to their special blackout properties, these roller blinds provide optimum privacy to people in homes and offices. Gossip mongers and peeping toms will not be able to pry into rooms when windows are draped with these accessories.

3. Price: These multi-functional wonderful blinds are available at many price points.  Our bedtime range of blackouts start at £20 per blind so don’t think you can’t afford a good nights sleep!

4.Thermal blinds: Blackout roller blinds can thwart the sun’s rays and glare from entering the room. So, people who install these accessories on windows can keep their rooms cool and pleasant.  During cold winter months, these blinds help to maintain room temperature, keeping the room warm and cosy when the blinds are down.

5. Noise Insulation Moreover, these window shades can prevent unwanted sound and noise from entering the room and help to maintain a serene atmosphere in homes, nurseries, hospitals and offices.

Do you have any benefits of blackout roller blinds that I haven’t mentioned?  I would love to hear them.

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