Add A Touch Of Fashion To Your Home With Patterened And Striped Roller Blinds

Striped Blinds Are Right On Trend

Striped Blinds Are Right On Trend

Fashions and trends can play a huge role in our everyday life, be it an accessory, gadget or clothing, what we wear, do and even how we communicate can often be dictated by fashion. This trend has even made it’s way into our homes. Whether we like it or not, when choosing new items for the home or deciding upon new colour schemes, whether conscious or subconscious, modern trends and fashions will play somewhat of a role in the decision process.

Some things in life however never go out of fashion, such a jeans. This simple example of an everyday garment that has been ‘in fashion’ for decades highlights the fact that when something is useful and durable, it stands the test of time. With some things, it’s not even that they’re fashionable, they’re just essential. Now, when it comes to ‘fashion’ in the home and home décor, stripes are the home furnishings equivalent to jeans. Stripes never go out of fashion, their shades might but dots and stripes can always be found in our home or in our wardrobes.

Over recent years, there has been a trend within the home towards monochrome and block colouring. As time has progressed, it has become easier and easier for us to re-decorate every few years, a factor that has played an important role in our views on

Stylish Patterned Blinds

Stylish Patterned Blinds

colours, shapes and patterns. Many of us have tended to opt for block colour curtains or blinds of late, opting for neutral colours or colours that are easy to blend so that when we do re-decorate, we will not have to replace the most expensive items within the room. Others however stick to the classic, floral approach. Tastes are personal and when it comes to our home nothing gets more personal than decorating and furnishing! No matter what your style, taste or preferences adding a bit of pattern to a room can make a huge difference, one that only by seeing will you believe.

If you love stripes, bold colours and patterns, finding the right scheme for you and your home can be a nightmare because nothing quite matches up to the wacky, eccentric and original style you are looking for. For the colourful types of the world, there can never be enough bold and this can be a challenge! For those who don’t love stripes or don’t really ‘do’ bold and beautiful, finding that subtle hint of pattern to brighten up a dull room can be challenging too. Sometimes all you need is a basic and subtle floral design that will simply add that touch of class to your dining room or bedroom. Lifestyleblinds can relate to these problems and that is why their range of patterned roller blinds stretches way beyond your simple

Blinds With Funky Patterns For Unique Style

Blinds With Funky Patterns For Unique Style

‘patterned’ collection. At Lifestyleblinds you can choose from hundreds of colours, designs, patterns, stripes and textures ranging from glittery blinds for those who love a bit of bling, to children’s patterns. Stripe and floral collections come in colours ranging from fuchsia, lime green and electric blue to neutral beige’s and duck-eggs. What is even more enticing about these varied and original roller blinds is that you decide whether you want them waterproof or blackout. Never before has looking for patterns been so fun, even if you hate bright colours simply searching through them will be fun enough and in amongst the wacky and wonderful designs you are sure to find a toned down pattern to suit your taste.

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Choosing The Perfect Blackout Blinds For A Child’s Room

Unique Children's blackout Blinds

Unique Children’s blackout Blinds

Decorating a child’s bedroom or playroom can be one of the most exciting home decorating adventures of all. Every single one of us hides a child inside and we all secretly love getting the chance to immerse ourselves into colourful patterns and designs.  Our age may change, but our inner child never grows up and that’s why decorating a kids room can be just as fun for both adults and children.

Nowadays it’s hardly difficult to find funky and colourful patterns for a child’s room, be it wallpaper or curtains, finding unique and amusing deco is going to be one of our easiest tasks. What can be difficult however is mixing functionality with animation. Our children often need to nap during the afternoon and during summer months when evenings get lighter it can be harder for us to put our children to bed when the sun is still shining under the gaps in the curtains. It’s logical really, even we find it difficult to go to sleep or nap when it’s still light outside so imagine just how off-putting it can be for children! That’s why blackout roller blinds in quirky, mesmerising designs, patterns and colours are becoming increasingly more and more popular.

Blackout Blinds For The Kids Room

Blackout Blinds For The Kids Room

Blackout roller blinds have proven time and time again to be an affordable and convenient solution for a number of different everyday troubles we may face in our home or when home decorating. Thus, it seems fitting that blackout roller blinds are going to once again save the day for parents by offering them the only viable solution for their children’s bedrooms and playrooms and here are some of the reasons why:

  • Functional  – Blackout blinds will keep light out no matter what time of the day or year. Even if it’s summer and your child wants to nap at midday, these blinds will allow them to do so in peace as if it were night.
  • Flexible  – If you’re planning on decorating and preparing a nursery or playroom before a child is born, or even when the child is young you may be worried that colours and designs may need to be changed far too soon. Here’s where the real beauty of blackout roller blinds comes to light. These blinds, be it patterned or block colours can be adjusted even after they have been fitted. Lifestyle Blinds UK offer a collection of motifs that can be added on at a later date and the colour and style of the braids can even be changed later on too!
  • Conventional – It goes without saying that roller blinds may seem to be any parent’s worst nightmare due to their ‘breakability’ however these patterned and coloured blinds are child-proof. They are constructed in such a way that make them practically unbreakable, meaning they suit the needs of every parent.  
Fun & Creative Blackout Blinds

Fun & Creative Blackout Blinds

We all know that children grow fast and as they grow, tastes also grow and change. Decorating a child’s bedroom can therefore be one of the most fun times of our lives, yet also one of the most challenging. Hence why blackout patterned roller blinds are the one and only solution for parents countrywide who are looking to spruce up a kiddy room without breaking the bank. These funky and affordable blinds will make a wonderful addition to any child’s room and will prove to stand not only the test of time, but of taste.

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3 Reasons To Choose Energy Saving Solar Reflective Roller Blinds

Blackout Blinds - Great For Your TV Room

Blackout Blinds – Great For Your TV Room

Nowadays when we think about window furnishings we have to think about much more than just the way they will complement our home, we have to think about functionality. With so many different ways for us to be more environmentally friendly or reduce monthly outgoings, we are all starting to change the way we live on a daily basis to keep up with the demands of an ever changing world. Now, this may all seem a little far fetched when referring to reasons why we should choose a particular type of blind over another, however when it comes to fitting the right blind, nothing is too far fetched.

Over recent years we have seen a surge in the amount of companies offering heat insulating double glazing and thermal blinds and curtains. It is no secret that we are all looking to reduce costs wherever we can and invest in cost-effective additions to the home that will protect both our families and our pockets. We know that blackout and thermal blinds are highly effective in that they can reduce heat loss in the winter yet still keep us cool in the summer. But what about the harmful effects of the sun? Have you ever really thought about the fact that even in your home the sun may cause you damage?



Solar Reflective Blind

Solar Reflective Blind

Solar reflective blinds are becoming increasingly more popular as we are becoming increasingly more aware of climate changes. Reflective roller blinds are the perfect solution for those who have rooms in the home that receive far too much light for a variety of different reasons. For those who do suffer from invasive and intrusive sunlight during the day it can be hard to find the right window furnishing that allows you to create the right balance between keeping excessive sun out yet not being left in complete and utter darkness. Solar reflective blinds are in my opinion, the only solution for such types of rooms for the following reasons:

  1. They work to reduce solar heat gain – Did you know that your windows are 90% transparent? No, I don’t mean transparent as in material or colour, however to the electromagnetic waves that the sun gives off. The majority of us wouldn’t even think about the fact that the suns rays can harm us within our own home, but the truth of the matter is that they can. These reflective roller blinds work to keep those harmful rays out of your home and reflect them right back out where they came from!
  2. They create a still air barrier – These roller blinds work like thermal blinds in that they create a still air space between the blind and the window which works as a highly effective insulation barrier. They quite amazingly prevent the warm air in your room from making contact with the cold glass thus maintaining a constant temperature and reducing heat loss through windows and doors. During the summer months, solar reflective roller blinds reflect the harsh light ensuring heat is not absorbed by the fabric, reducing temperatures by up to 12 degrees in any given room.
  3. Solar Reflective Blackout Blind

    Solar Reflective Blackout Blind

    Glare protection  – Reflective roller blinds reduce the glare of the sun more than the majority of sunglasses can! In total they can reduce the glare of the sun by up to 70 to 80%. The pearled backing on the blind also works to reduce the amount of damage that is done to the blind fabric by the suns rays meaning you can reduce fading caused by sunlight by up to 55%! In addition, by stopping more than 92% of the U.V rays that enter your room they can increase the life of your furniture by up to 20%.

It is not uncommon for conservatories or extensions to suffer from intrusive sunlight during the day and for those who suffer from this problem, these solar reflective roller blinds will come as a blessing in disguise. They work not only to reduce energy bills and protect your furniture they miraculously work to protect you and your family from the suns harmful U.V rays. The true beauty of this type of product is that it is all round functional due to the fact that they come in unique and contemporary designs and styles that ,will match any room in any home yet still manages to defend our home and its belongings in ways that wouldn’t even have crossed our minds.


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What is the purpose of thermal blackout blinds?

When we think of thermal we think of heat and when we think of blackout we think of darkness, the  last thing we think about is flexibility and style. Many people often believe that thermal blackout blinds are for those who need to block out light during the day or wish to lock in extra heat during the cold winter months, however there is much more than first meets the eye with this type of blind.

A popular misconception with these types of blinds is that they are only for those who may not have thermal window and glass fittings or those who live in older homes with bigger windows, but did you know that you can lose 20% of your heat through your doors and windows? Did you also know that thermal curtains and blinds can give you on average 20% more heat than a normal curtain or blind? Granted, there are many companies that offer efficient and energy saving double glazing that will work to truly reduce heat loss from your home but why would you depend upon double glazing alone when you could simply swap your normal roller blinds for thermal blackout roller blinds?

Why Thermal Blackout Blinds?

The thing with thermal blackout blinds is that they are truly functional and even if we only need them for their thermal purposes, their overall flexibility and efficiency mean that they suit every home and preference. Whether you need thermal blinds for their blackout and insulation qualities or not,  you can certainly take on board the benefits that these blinds offer.

Light Control

No-one wants to live in complete darkness, the majority of us actually want as much light and sun we can get. But what happens when we want to sleep during the day, have a media room or even have a nursery? Whether we work shifts or have been on a late night out and our head is a bit sore the next day and would like to sleep, or we would simply like to watch that great movie on a Sunday afternoon without the sun glaring against the T.V. there are times when the sun is shining and we simply want to block it out and our beautiful curtains just don’t do the job we want them to do. The funky and stylish blackout blinds we offer will let you sleep during the day like its night and let you watch that great movie you have saved for that lazy Sunday afternoon.

Sound Control

These thermally lined blinds are crafted from expert, textured material that also works to reduce some of the sound pollution we suffer from during the day or night. No matter what time of the day it is and no matter what we are doing there are times when we want to feel relaxed in the comfort and privacy of our own home without outside distractions bothering us or without the worry that our noise is distracting others. Thermal blackout blinds are thus even more efficient as they can add that extra touch of privacy to every room in our home.


The first thought of most when they are considering thermal blinds or even curtains is; what happens during the summer? Sure, UK summers aren’t that much to brag about but when the weather does get warmer, our insulated homes can become quite unbearable! The most effective feature of these blinds is that during warmer months they actually function to block extra heat out and cool our homes down.

Thermal blackout blinds are without a doubt the smartest solution for every home. It doesn’t even matter if you live in a toasty, warm home in the middle of nowhere, why would you want to pay more on your electricity and heating bill than you have to? Even if you don’t sleep during the day or never need any privacy during the day, how do you know that one day you won’t need that extra dark touch? These blinds make sense for everyone and meet every budget. Available in a variety of different styles, colours and textures including PVC for bathrooms, kitchens and of course Kid’s rooms why would you choose anything else?

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The complete guide to skylight blinds

Home improvement is becoming increasingly more popular nowadays. As they say our home is our sanctuary and with it becoming easier and easier for us to improve and update our homes, new fashions and trends are popping up all the time. Recently we have a seen a great shift towards loft conversions and single storey extensions.  Although loft conversions and extensions have always been a popular way to add an extra room or more space to our home, over recent years we have seen this form of home improvement becoming quite trendy.

Loft extensions are a great way to extend the home without going to too much trouble or causing too much disruption during the building process. These added rooms and spaces at the top of our house add that touch of luxury and what is even better about a loft conversion or single storey extension is the skylight windows. We all love sunlight and when living day in day out with the hustle and bustle of city life there’s nothing better than coming home to, or waking up to bright airy spaces and clear, calming views of the beautiful sky above us.


Anyone who has recently converted or installed another floor in their home will know just how amazing roof windows are. They cannot be compared to any other window in your home. The light they let in and the overall feel that is given to the room is out of this world. These ultra modern windows are easy to use and function to reduce heat loss, provide ventilation and open up in a variety of different ways. Never before has fitting a window been so exciting and never before has a window been so functional.

Skylights are the best thing about loft conversions and it is important that we choose our manufacturer carefully and of course the window décor to match. With many leading brands such as VeluxKeylite, Fakro, Rooflite Dakstra, Colt Roto and Okpol to name but a few it can be quite overwhelming trying to identify your window and the correct blind for it.

The great thing about skylite windows is that you do not need to measure blinds for them in the traditional sense. Each size of window has a reference code which correlates to a blind and glass size therefore all you need to do is find that code.  I often get asked “Where do I find the code on my Velux window?” Well, use our useful tables below to find your skylite brand and we will show you where to find the code and how to identify which blind you need to choose.

Ordering skylite blinds for your roof window has never been as easy.

Velux Windows

velux skylight codes locator

Keylite Windows


Fakro Windows


Rooflite Dakstra windows


Okpol windowsokpol-skylight-codes-loacto

Colt Roto windows


Our skylight blinds insulate and darken your room so whether its winter or summer, you will benefit from the appropriate climate and temperature in your room.

Browse through our styles and textures, ask for a free sample, decide which colour you wish to go for and within four days you will be able to easily install your blinds.