Choosing Blinds To Match Your Colour Scheme

Re-decorating is fun, it’s time-consuming and stressful but there’s nothing better than coming home to a house that has your own personal stamp on it. Creating rooms within the home that you want to spend time in and that will actually calm you after a long, hard day at the office is of pivotal importance, if not of paramount. That’s why most of the time when decorating our homes, we tend to go with safer colour schemes, ignoring our longing desire for our favourite colours to be plastered on the walls in fear of what the outcome might be.

Intaweave Brown Roller Blinds

Intaweave Brown Roller Blinds

It’s hard, it’s stressful and the last thing we want to do is start experimenting with all the colours of the rainbow only to have to re-paint, hang or furnish in soft, safe neutrals. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Bold and beautiful colours can be tamed and they can be mixed and matched, you just have to do your homework first. Producing a wide variety of flamboyant and stylish blinds, we decided that it’s time to share our colour ‘know-how’ with you in order to help with your colour scheme decisions. Check out some of our favourite colour coordinates below to see just how easy it is to brighten up your home with a fresh lick of paint or a vibrant new pair of purple blinds.

Gray and Brown

Blue is often referred to as a cold and depressing colour, but it isn’t. To some of us, blue is an uplifting and wonderful colour that we’d love to have in our living room or bedroom. If that’s the case then why not try a Parma Gray and brighten it up with a dark and saucy chocolate brown? The gray tones give a different feel to this sky blue colour adding a touch of elegance rather than a new-born baby boy’s bedroom.

Blue and Green

Who would have guessed that blue and green could sit and play nicely together in your bedroom or hall? We, in fact. If you like that ocean, laid back, relaxed sensation in your home then going for soft blues and greens is a must. Go for the vintage look and choose washed out, light tones of green and blue then blend them with a cream or even a dusty pink!


Estella Bergara Roller Blinds

Estella Bergara Roller Blinds

Aubergine and Grey Green

If dark colours are more your kind of thing but you just don’t know how to get them in without closing all the space within the room, then do not fear. Try matching dark colours such as a deep aubergine with a mild tone of grey green. Go all out and plaster those walls in your favourite dark colour and tone it down with a light grey green blind and room furnishings or play the safe card and paint the one wall dark, the rest light and bring that room to life with a black, aubergine or even dark grey blind!

Pink and Blue

For those of you who are still princesses at heart, or even the men who just don’t want to admit it, pink is a timeless and classic colour. Many of us would love to add that touch of pink into our home but we just don’t know how. Fuchsia has made it’s way back into fashion over recent years, a colour that can only really be toned down with neutral and mild colours. If however you’d like something a little less wild, why not go for a blunt pink and set it off with a grey blue and beige? It might sound crazy but it’s not, just try it.

The Classics

Classic beige, creams, whites and neutrals in general are always in fashion so if you like playing it safe, then do so. Laminate your walls with an open colour and let your furnishings do the hard work. Why not even go for a monochrome blind? Black and white can be matched with every colour under the sun, so if you want to go to town with the blinds, go for block colours and patterns that will suit every carpet, wall and sofa.

How To Choose The Perfect Waterproof Bathroom Blinds

Brushstrokes zing Roller Blind

Brushstrokes zing Roller Blind

The dreaded bathroom, that place in the home that we love yet hate at the same time. We love sitting in the bath for hours on a cold, winters day, we love decorating it too, but the one things we do hate is choosing the right decoration for our bathroom and of course, cleaning it. The bathroom is probably the most difficult room in the house to decorate. Tiling, shower and bath fittings and all the necessities are quite expensive and something we will only really ever do over a ten year cycle. At the end of the day, bathrooms get wet and damp so we must be careful, and of course this reason is the reason why we hate cleaning them too!

During summer we can all take a bath or shower with the window a little open, that’s no problem… as long as the window isn’t very close to the shower of course. During the winter months however, those windows are staying shut. Granted once we leave the bathroom the windows get opened, but still that damp has already built up and any material items we have in the bathroom start to feel it. Even though most, well maybe all actually, of our homes are fitted with frosted windows in the bathroom, we still feel exposed when showering in front of it. Not many of us want to shower in front of a window without a blind, it just doesn’t feel right. So with all that damp and wetness in the bathroom how do we go about choosing the right window décor?

Hoppler Sea Blue Roller Blind

Hoppler Sea Blue Roller Blind

It’s pretty simple really… waterproof blinds. They’re a god send, they fight against the damp, they keep peeping eyes out and they’re extremely easy to use. For our special place of relaxation in the home there really is not better choice and here is why:

  • They are 100% waterproof so for bathrooms with little ventilation you do not have to worry about drying them out or keeping your windows open during winter for longer than you need to.
  • They are perfect for winter and summer.
  • They are mould and mildew proof.
  • They’re made from a soft PVC material so they look amazing!
  • They come in a range of funky, neutral and fashionable styles to suit every home so you really don’t have to sacrifice style!

Even if you have a well ventilated bathroom, there is not harm in making sure that no mould or mildew builds up in the home. All it takes is for someone to forget to open the bathroom window or not clean up after themselves and you’ve got a mission on your hands and if that mildew mission is on fabric blinds, you might be there a while. Make your life easier, bathrooms are hard enough to clean as it is. Swap your fabric blinds for waterproof blinds today and see the difference it will make to the comfort in your bathroom and your chore list.

The Perfect Blinds For The Perfect Nursery

Unique Children's blackout Blinds

Balloons Green Children’s Roller Blind

If you’ve got a baby on the way then you’re surely up to your eyeballs in shopping, planning and decorating. It’s natural that even only a few months into pregnancy, women and men want to start preparing their home for their precious arrival. Some of us can’t wait to find out the sex in order to start out preparations, others like the surprise element and proceed anyway to prepare clothing bundles and nurseries in neutral styles and colours.

There is nothing more exciting than decorating your new baby bedroom. It’s your only chance in fact to be a child again. Deep down we all love it, picking out Disney décor and funky wallpaper, all the colours and happy shapes are just as exciting for us, if not more, than it will be for our newborn.   Decorating walls and adding small trinkets here and there is probably the easiest part though, it’s actually much more difficult finding the right furniture and room additions our baby needs that will last long enough, yet not break the bank.

Roar roller blind

Roar Green Children’s Roller Blind

Nowadays the easiest thing we can do is find baby cots, drawers, bedding and so on for next to nothing. But the thing is, our baby needs quality and our furniture and furnishings need to last. Wall colours can be changed, but as baby grows we simply cannot afford in this day and age to change everything in it’s room. Investing in a good quality and durable baby cot is imperative, we cannot have baby sleeping on a mattress that isn’t fit for a king, yet we also cannot afford to shell out every year for a new bed. We’ve seen a huge trend towards cots of high quality that turn into a child’s bed over recent years, making the perfect investment for mum and dad to be.

But what about curtains? Baby is going to sleep throughout the day. We are going to need a good, thick pair of curtains. But are curtains enough? Can we afford to keep replacing the curtains year upon year as baby grows and our needs and demands change? With curtains we are limited, but with blinds, we can make an investment just like our cot that will keep baby safe and happy for many years to come.

bambino pink blackout childrens roller blindAt there are so many different styles and patterns to choose from for your baby room that you’ll not know where to begin looking. The beauty of furnishing your Nursery with blinds though is that you can go for neutral colours that will always match any colours you may choose to re-decorate the room in. If you know that baby’s room will change over the years to come, go for white or beige or a baby blue or pink, something that can be blended in to every re-decoration you may make. Choose from thermal roller blinds to keep the heat in during winter and out during summer, or get them made with blackout material to ensure baby can sleep through those sunny days and wake up feeling fresh and replenished.

Whatever you might want for baby by way of style, the one thing for sure is that baby’s comfort and safety is above all. Invest in blinds for your baby room and make the best of both worlds. Choose affordable and lasting styles that can be adapted throughout the years and still keep baby safe from drafts and the glaring rays of the sun.

Renovate Your Conservatory This Summer

Conservatories and blindsIt’s that time of the year again. The sun is shining and you’re looking at your conservatory wondering what you can do to spruce it up a little. Many of us question our judgement when summer arrives, wondering why we ever decided to smother our lovely bay windows in thick, heavy curtains. They might be light and warming colours, but we all know what happens to our conservatory when the sun starts to shine, it literally becomes an oven.

Often, our main concern with our conservatories when we build them is keeping the heat in during the winter. Let’s face it, British winters are much more of a concern for us than a British summer. However, when summer arrives, we do want to make the best of it. So, if you’re in the process of renovating your conservatory and are looking to open it up a little and make it that tad bit more comfortable for the summer months, we’ve got just the solution for you…thermal roller blinds.

The Blind Makes The Difference

conservatoryrollerblindsRe-decorating is the easy part. We search through Pinterest, collect some interesting home decorating ideas, pick a colour scheme and start painting the walls and buying new cushion covers. But what about the curtains? You can buy a lighter pair, but what about the winter? You can’t keep changing your curtains every 5 months and it’s difficult to find the right style, type and texture that will do justice to your conservatory 12 months of the year.

This is where the thermal roller blind comes in. It’s luxurious, it’s modern and it’s extremely practical. In fact, it’s so practical, you’ll find that with each season, you’re blinds will just keep on getting better and better and here’s why:

  • They keep the heat in during the winter and block it out during the summer.
  • Some Thermal Roller Blinds come with a reflective film layer which allows you to sit comfortably during the summer months and even some bright wintry days without having to worry about the sun’s glare.
  • They are extremely easy to maintain
  • They are extremely durable so you don’t have to worry about heavy hands!
  • You can control how much light gets in by simply rolling them up or down.
  • You can choose from a wide range of styles to suit your home and tastes, whether you’re looking for glitter, neutrals, bright and bold colours or simple patterns…you name it, you’ve got it!


Thermal Roller Blinds are the best investment you can make for your conservatory. All the rest are details, cushion covers and throws can be changed every month if needs be, but our window décor is another story all together. All it takes is a few minutes to measure your windows, some time to check through large collection of superb Roller Blinds and make your order. What more could you ask for? Luxury, style, comfort and blinds that will do your home justice 365 days a year.

Cleaning Your Roller Blinds – Made Simple

Blossom Patterned Roller Blinds

Blossom Patterned Roller Blinds

Cleaning fabric roller blinds can be a nightmare. Especially if we have young ones running around the house. Fabric tends to stain much more than plastic, metallic or wood materials so cleaning can be much more challenging. Natural colour blinds in our home then pose an even bigger problem as no matter what we do, stains seem to pop up from nowhere, standing out like a sore thumb.

There are a few different things we can do with our roller blinds to make sure they remain clean and to avoid taking them down to be dry cleaned or have a professional come to the house. Try one of the following methods and see the difference it will make in the long run.

  1.         Vacuum Them Every Week

If you have patterned blinds or blinds in darker colours where stains are easier to hide, then you can get away with simply hoovering them every week. Try and keep the dust off your roller blinds as this will stop the build up of grime and dirt that is more difficult to remove after it is built up. Of course, when you find tougher stains you will need to actually clean the blind, but hoovering them just once a week will make a huge difference.

2.      Take Them Down

Another way for you to clean your roller blinds is to take them down completely and use baking powder to clean them. Of course if you would prefer this method you will also have to hoover them first to take off any excess dust. This method however is easy and simple, all you need to do is take them down, sprinkle some baking powder on them and rub them with a dry cloth. Then, shake off any excess baking powder and put them back up. This method is more effective for natural colour blinds or blinds that need that extra bit of cleaning.

Geometric Patterned Roller Blind

Geometric Patterned Roller Blind

3.      Clean Using A Damp Cloth

If you don’t want to take the blinds down completely or feel they might need a bit of an extra clean than mere rubbing down, try using a damp cloth to clean them. Again, it is imperative you hoover your blinds first to take off any excess dust. Once you have done this, simply roll down the blind and get to work. It is important to use a clean, cotton cloth, especially if you have light, neutral colour blinds. You do not want to leave any distinctive marks on the fabric. Then, mix a bowl with a little washing up liquid and baking powder if necessary and wipe down the blinds. You can then leave them to dry whilst they are still rolled down. Do not roll them up until they are dry as you may run the risk of ruining them with mould.

Keeping your blinds clean is extremely important. Blinds protect our windows from the sun therefore build up a lot more dust than we could ever image. Hoovering our blinds every week will make sure we keep our blinds and home dust free, making for a much more pleasant living environment for all.