5 Reasons To Dress Your Windows With Blinds

Forget Me Not Watermelon Roman Blinds

Forget Me Not Watermelon Roman Blinds

People often spend a lot of time deliberating over their décor, some more than others but more often than not we end up changing our minds again and again and this changing your décor can be a very expensive change of mind.

Apart from the cost of furniture our next biggest expense are the purchase of carpets and window dressings, and this is certainly something we don’t want to change time and time again if we can help it. Sometimes unfortunately we are in a position where it does happen, we buy what we think is the perfect carpet or pair of curtains only return home, get them in, installed and then after a week or two we simply cannot live with them. Therefore to help you through this process and to help you choose your perfect window dressing we have outlined the top 5 reasons on why you should choose window blinds to dress your home.

1)      Blinds Are Versitile – Of course one of the first things we think about when decorating our homes are our window dressings. We normally think long and hard about it and our windows can go bare for some considerable time until we choose the perfect dressing. When it comes to

Sugar Pink Blackout For Fakro Skylight Blind

Sugar Pink Blackout For Fakro Skylight Blind

blinds you can choose to have only blinds or blinds and drapes/curtains which makes the decision even harder. The good thing is there are literally hundreds of designs to choose from including, Venetian, Roller , Roman, Skylight and Vertical.

2)      Different Styles To Compliment Any Home – Nowadays there is a lot more choice when it comes to blinds, not only do you have the different types as stated above but you also have the choice of materials such as metallic, wood and fabric along with a multitude of designs making blinds the perfect choice for any room

3)      Waterproof BlindsWaterproof blinds are simply amazing! Gone are the days of having to avoid blinds in the kitchen or bathroom as they stained easily. Now you can have most designs in a waterproof material which allows you to wipe clean when needed.

4)      Blackout and Thermal Blinds – Blackout blinds are such a wondrous thing, especially if you are a light sleeper, shift worker or simply have a lovely little one in the house that needs to nap a little more frequently than the rest of us. They work both keeping the sun

Tea & Coffee Poppy Roller Blind

Tea & Coffee Poppy Roller Blind

out and keeping the heat in so are great all year round. They also come in a multitude of designs including funky children’s designs.

5)      Easy To Use – Blinds are so simple to install, open, close and clean, making life a lot simpler. Having blinds at your windows are so much easier than trying to get your tieback in the correct place on your curtains every morning.

Now that we have given you the perfect reasons to dress your windows with blinds all you need to do is the hard bit… Choosing the correct designs and colours to suit your home and personality perfectly. One thing to remember is that the more neutral the colour the more things they will match with and the longer they will last.

Also don’t forget to measure your windows correctly take a look at our previous blog for tips on measuring your windows

Happy Shopping.



How To Choose The Right Kind Of Window Blinds


Bold Stripe Red Roman Blind

Bold Stripe Red Roman Blind

If you’re in the process of replacing your window treatments and torn between the many different styles available, don’t be. It’s easier than you would think, you just need to know a little bit more about each type before you begin. The one thing about choosing blinds over curtains is the fact that they are extremely durable, a lot more easy to clean and extremely modern! Blinds match every home, from furniture to wall paper, you can rest assured that blinds will make the perfect addition to your home.

Blinds are wonderfully adjustable, you can adjust them to completely block out light and peeping eyes for added privacy and light control, or you can tilt them to allow just the amount of light you desire. To make sure you get the most out of your blinds, it’s important to know what function is more suited for your room and home, so take a look at these simple guidelines to ensure an easy and swift decision.

  1. The width of the slat – Blinds generally come in one of three standard sizes:½ inch, 1 inch and 2 inches. The ½-inch slat gives a more contemporary feel to a home making them the most popular choice. The 1-inch version is a compromise between the narrowest and the widest blinds. If you’re looking for an old-fashioned or old-world look then the 2-inch slats are more what you’re looking for, such as Venetian blinds or Vertical blinds. Vertical blinds are designed for wide window expanses and sliding glass doors, because they stack off to the side, rather than at the top of the window. Dependent on the style of your home, you then look at material. For example, a cottage would not be suited to aluminum slats, these work better in more modern environments. However, verticals are now available in a wide and wonderful array of materials, including sheer fabrics that will match any home design.
    Unilux Flamingo Vertical Blind

    Unilux Flamingo Vertical Blind

    Colour – If you plan to never change the colour scheme of your home, or if you want your blinds to be more visually prominent than the window, then by all means, pick a vibrant, funky colour or pattern. If however you want a long-term, classic blind that will never grow old, choose a neutral colour closest to the colour of the window trim.

  3. Blind raises and lowers – Will it be top-down? Bottom-up? Or a combination of both? Privacy and light issues will be the determining factors in this decision.
  4. The weight of each slat – Will it slam every time the wind blows? Will your blinds be placed in a room or on a window that experiences drafts? This is something you must also take into consideration when looking at roller blinds, as a tall or large window that experiences draft will disrupt your blind when rolled down.

Take your time when choosing your window treatments and weigh up all your options first. Don’t only think short-term, take long-term usage into consideration. Are you planning to have children in the near future or even get a dog or cat? There are many things to consider when buying the right blind, but if you do your research and gain expert advice, it will be an investment you’ll never look back on.


Choosing The Style Of Blind That Is Right For You

Clear Wand Tilt / Cord Raise - Snow White Perforated Venetian Blind

Clear Wand Tilt / Cord Raise – Snow White Perforated Venetian Blind

With so many styles and design of blinds on offer at Lifestyle Blinds we know that it can often be very hard to choose the right kind of style for you. What is even more difficult is finding the right type of lift or cord, most of the time we don’t even think about the lift type on our blinds, not even knowing what is best suited to our home or room. The thing is, it is actually quite important for us to give thought to the type of lift we want on our blinds, to make sure we make the right choice and a worthwhile lifetime investment! Check out these lift types below before embarking on your blind hunt to make sure you make an informed and educated decision.

Standard Cord Raise

The most common lift type you will find on a blind is the standard pull cord, easy to use and pull up and down, it makes sense really. This cord is great for everyone due to its ease of use and modern look, however, if you are fitting a wide window with blinds you should know that such a cord is not recommended for heavy blinds.


Cordless blinds are funky and modern and look amazing on any window! Your windows look sleek and a lot less busy, so if you’re going for that stylish look, you might want to consider a cordless option. Another great thing about cordless blinds is that they are safe for homes with pets and children. Lacking the standard pull cord, you can rest assured that no busy hands or feet will get caught somewhere they’re not supposed to! Extremely easy to use, literally the touch a finger, these cordless blinds make an ultra-modern and convenient addition to any home.

Bedtime lime roller blind Child Safe and continuous cord

Bedtime lime roller blind Child Safe and continuous cord

Continuous Cord Loop

The continuous cord loop (CCL) option is more suited for heavier blinds. Designed with a clutch mechanism, this type of lift is a must for heavy or wide blinds. Acting as a pulley system, the lift can be placed on the right or left of your blind and be made of either a cord or beaded chain, the choice is yours. The CCL is a great option once again for those with children or pets in the home, being easy to use and extremely safe, in case of any disasters, the pulley system is easy to put back into place.

Clear Wand Tilt

This is easy to install wand and is the perfect complement to most 1 in. vinyl and aluminum blinds. Just hook on and it’s ready to use. This wand makes it easy to tilt your  blind. Wand control also provides added child safety. The clear wand tilt is very durable and long lasting so perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.

So there you have it, it’s as easy as could be. As long as you know where you want your blind to go, how big or small it will be, you’re sure to choose the right type of lift if you know how. Making a worthwhile investment in window treatments has never been easier so check out our range of styles and options today or get in touch with us for further assistance.

Buying New Window Blinds – Roller Blinds or Venetian Blinds?

Blossom Spring Roller Blind

Blossom Spring Roller Blind

When buying new blinds, be it the first time or hundredth, there are many things we have to take into consideration. Blinds are an investment, to be honest, any changes we make to the home we live in will be an investment and we’ll expect a certain outcome from it. It doesn’t matter if you know about blinds or home decorating, making the right choice can often be difficult and extremely hard, you simply don’t know where to begin.

Nowadays we are spoilt for choice when it comes to window decoration and especially with the types of blinds available. Gone are the days when a simple white vertical or roller blind would have done the trick. Now we have to think about many different things before we make the right investment, including the following.

  • Natural wooden Venetian blinds

    Natural wooden Venetian blinds

    Light and Privacy – Where are the blinds going to be hung? Will you hang them in a room that sees far too much sunlight during the day? Do you want to let more sun in? Before you decide on style or colour, you have to decide on what type of blind you want. Sheer voile’s will let more light in and blackout blinds will simply keep it out. The choice is yours, but knowing before you start looking what function you want your blind to carry out is very important.

  • Budget – Of course we know how much we approximately want to spend before we start looking, but before we copy the neighbours or get our heart set on a certain type of fabric we should remember that custom styles, fabrics and larger windows will cost more. If you’re going to put new blinds in every room in the house it’s worth thinking about which rooms you’re willing to spend (or need to spend!) more on.
  • A stunning black and grey bold stripe blackout blind.

    A stunning black and grey bold stripe blackout blind.

    Cleaning – Most blinds can be cleaned at home but they will attract a lot of dust. If you haven’t the time to spend cleaning your blinds every 2 weeks or so it’s best thinking about colours and patterns. Textured fabrics will hide the dust better and of course darker colours and although they will need professional cleaning, they can be cleaned regularly simply by hoovering them. If you despise hoovering then why not think about wooden, plastic or metal blinds that only need a wipe down every now and again.

  • Colours and Styles – One of the last things you will have to think about is the colour scheme in your house. There are plenty of patterns, colours and styles to choose from so you’re sure to find something that will suit your taste and home. Just make sure you take your budget into consideration here. Do you want them to match other colours when you next re-decorate the home, or are you willing to change your blinds every time your re-decorate a room in your home?
  • Safety – If you have young children in the home it’s well worth thinking about streamlined cordless blinds or blinds that will sustain wear and tear.

So after taking all of the above into consideration, the only thing left to do is have a browse and choose the right blinds for you!