Suede Roman Blinds – The Perfect Addition To Your Home

blindsWhen buying blinds for your home there is a lot to take into consideration. From various colours to different materials, there are many options at your disposal. One option you should definitely think about is faux suede Roman blinds. Not only are these Roman blinds extremely beautiful, but also you have a great selection to choose from and you can reap the rewards of other advantages as well. Keep on reading to discover why this type of blind is the perfect addition to any home…

There is only one place to begin and this is with the stunning and stylish appearance of suede Roman blinds. You have the classic look of the Roman style combined with the exquisite faux suede material, doubling the appearance value. The Roman style is an extremely popular one, since it offers a look that is sophisticated and elegant. It is a very versatile style and will thus complement the furniture and accessories of virtually any room. Faux suede is much easier to take care of than the real thing, but  has a luxurious and contemporary feel.

Visual Advantages of Suede Roman Blinds

The full spectrum of colours will be available to you when purchasing suede Roman blinds. From red and aubergine, to mauve and coffee, the options are endless, and suede is a material that does all colours justice, bringing them to life.

Take for example, the neutral shades. Perfect in many different rooms, they go with any decor and if you choose to change the look of the room, the blinds will not necessarily need changing.

faux_suede_beige_rom_main_LSB-01 faux_suede_barley_rom_main_LSB-01 faux_suede_coffee_rom_main_LSB-01 faux_suede_charcoal_rom_main_LSB-01 faux_suede_dark_brown_rom_main_LSB-01faux_suede_straw_rom_main_LSB-01

You’d be forgiven for thinking that faux suede blinds only come in neutral colours, but this is not true at all. If you’re a fan of bright bold and striking designs, there are a range of colours to suit, for bedrooms, bathrooms and loft rooms, such as those pictured below:

faux_suede_navy_rom_main_LSB-01 faux_suede_sahara_rom_main_LSB-01 blinds faux_suede_cornflower_rom_main_LSB-01 faux_suede_mauve_rom_main_LSB-01

You also have various design options in regards to Roman style blinds. You could go for a looped or teardrop style or there are flat Roman blinds for those seeking something a bit more modern. Irrespective of what option you go for, one thing you can be sure of is that you will be investing in a type of blind that has achieved that elusive timeless status in terms of style. Therefore, it is unlikely you will ever see the day whereby your blinds are deemed unfashionable or out-dated, and consequently you will be able to get a lot of use out of them.

Additional Benefits

Nonetheless, whilst visual advantages are important, you want to benefit from a lot more when purchasing blinds for your home. Luckily, suede Roman blinds provide this. A lot of people opt for this style of blind since it offers them a significant degree of privacy. Firstly, suede is quite a thick, and thus it is not a material that is going to allow a significant degree of light to seep through, which sheer materials would for instance.  The Roman style enhances the privacy factor thanks to the use of full fabric panels. This design ensures that people passing by outside cannot see into your house. Not only do you benefit from a large amount of privacy, but significant light blockage as well, which is why suede Roman blinds are often popular for use in bedrooms.

A lot of people assume that these types of blinds are going to be difficult to clean. However, that’s not the case. All you need to do is remove the blind and use a cleaner that is suitable for faux suede. Most types of faux suede are sensitive to water and water-based cleaners, yet there are some kinds of faux suede that have been manufactured so you can clean them using only water. Nonetheless, with the vast scope of cleaning products available in supermarkets nowadays, you will certainly be able to find a suitable cleaning product at a cheap rate. Moreover, it is also worth taking into account the fact that faux suede is a material that does not stain easily. This is because the fabric is so tightly woven and therefore any substances will merely sit on the surface rather than soaking into the material.

The fact that faux suede repels stains easily is one example of how this is a material that is long lasting. Whilst suede may be soft and lightweight, it is actually one of the most durable materials on the market. When you are looking into purchasing these type of blinds, you know you are investing in a product that is going to last for many, many years. Value for money is assured. You can create a warm, cosy, stylish and classy feel in any room, with bedrooms and living rooms specifically being the best choice for this style of blind. When you consider all of the points that have been mentioned, it is really not hard to see why faux suede roman blinds are a must-have addition for any home!