How to Keep your Conservatory Warm this Winter

cosy conservatoryIn summer, conservatories are a heavenly space, warmed by the rays of the sun. During the winter, keeping your conservatory cosy can become a more problematic endeavour. Fortunately, your conservatory can enjoy a warm winter with a few simple additions that will make a world of difference.

Conservatories lose heat quickly so you want to take a two-pronged approach; generating heat and storing it. If the heat you generate continues to seep out of the room, it won’t stay warm for long.

Electric Heater

An electric heater is a great way to generate warmth and lots of it – fast! Of course, such an appliance will only work if you have plug sockets available in your conservatory. If you do, the electric heater is a toe-toasting option to keep you and your family snug against the winter freeze.


Candles generate a small, sustainable heat of their own whilst also adding ambiance and atmosphere. Opt for scented candles in lieu with festivities to keep your spirits up.


A lot of heat is lost through the floor of the conservatory. A warm, woolly rug is a great investment as it prevents such loss. You might want to double up, adorning your floor with a plethora of rugsand beanbags to add a cosy, comfortable, communal allure.

Throws and Pillows

If you have a couch or seating area, add throws, pillows and blankets. Anything you can incorporate that you can snuggle into or against will help make the room feel more hospitable.

Draught Excluders

Banish the draught from your conservatory by adding draught excluders to your doors and ensuring that all windows are sealed appropriately.

Fitted Window Blinds

Fitted window blinds are a highly recommended way to keep conservatories warm throughout winter. Replacing blinds with thermal replacement vertical blind slats is a useful way to not only add aesthetic appeal and privacy to your conservatory but also to generate much welcomed warmth.

Heated Floor Tiles

Although heated floor tiles are more of a financial investment, they work wonders. You can use heated floor tiles in tandem with rugs or on their own for summery steps during the chilly months.


If your conservatory is so built to allow a fireplace in a safe manner, then it’s a wonderful addition not only to keep you warm but also to ensure your conservatory remains sizzling and seasonal.

Remember to always exercise caution in your conservatory, particularly if it is a room you do not use often and are unlikely to frequently check. Never leave candles unattended and ensure that fireplaces, if fitted, meet health and safety requirements.

Above all, spend time in your conservatory! One of the best ways to engender warmth is to fill a space with those you love.

How to Re-Vamp Your Home in Time for Christmas

christmas interior design


The Christmas to-do list is notoriously long; buy Christmas presents, send out Christmas cards, polish off the chocolates in your advent calendar and yet there is one job that many of us partake in each and every year no matter how busy we are. Jazzing up our homes in time for the Christmas season can completely revitalise how we feel about the Yuletide period. Whether you’re as happy as an elf to welcome in the winter wonderland or somewhat of a Scrooge, transforming your home to fit festivities is a great way to embrace the seasonal spirit. Fortunately, it needn’t cost the earth and a few simple solutions can work their magic.

Christmas is a dark, chilly, atmospheric time. Polishing up your home with a quick paint job, particularly by embracing warming colours can make your home feel cosier. Opt for oranges, light reds, sunflower yellows, heated browns and magnificent gold to lend your home a little of the colour that the eerie autumnal months tend to leach.

The nitty-gritty details really make a world of difference. Rejuvenate your home with scented candles, art work and ornaments. Christmas is the time to put all of your accumulated treasures centre stage.

As the time of family and friendship, space your furniture in a way that makes it communal and cosy. Keep everybody close together and create a space that is comfortable and social. Add pillows, throws, blankets – anything that encapsulates that snug Christmas feel.

Looking out of the window at dead plants and trees can be a depressing sight. Bring a little of the outdoors inside by adorning your home with indoor plants. Decorate them with lights or tinsel to add a festive feel.

Nothing says winter quite like a rug. The equivalent of the red carpet over Christmas, a nice, warming rug is perfect to warm your toes on when you get in from the winter freeze.

Remove your old lampshades and add different colours to create a unique ambience. Red will create festivity whilst yellow will add an intriguing glow.

Embrace a theme; whether it is Christmassy, Victorian, ultra-modern, traditional – generate a theme and focus on bringing it to fruition.

Invest in thermal made to measure blinds to keep out the chill. With a range to choose from including vertical, Venetian, roller, replacement slats, festive wooden and heating thermal blinds, you can dress your home accordingly. Blackout blinds are perfect to ensure that everyone gets enough sleep on Christmas eve.


Finally, light the fire and enjoy time with your loved ones, it’s what the holiday is all about.

How Do Sheer & Voile Roller Blinds Work Infographic

We are always being asked here at Lifestyleblinds how voile and sheer roller blinds work? We thought we would give you this helpful infographic that explains it to you.

These wonderful blinds are magic blinds in a sense as they let in daytime light and views but fully maintain your privacy. They work the same as voiles and net curtains but are far more sophisticated.
At night the opposite it correct so people can see in (although not as much as if you didn’t have blinds at all).
We recommend a second window covering to help with this. Curtains and roman blinds are always popular.

Why don’t you take a look at our fantastic range of sheer and voile roller blinds.

How Do Sheer & Voile Roller Blinds Work?

How Do Sheer & Voile Roller Blinds Work?



Black Glittery Blinds – Bring in the Bling!

With Autumn settled in, and Bonfire Night out of the way, it’s time to usher in the party season and bring in the bling with these contemporary roller blinds, styled in sophisticated black – with a sparkly touch!

If you’re looking to update your interior design scheme for the festive season, or you’re considering a whole new look for the longer term, take it from us that using a strong ‘neutral’ black with a bold, funky twist will provide a glamorous, on trend addition to your interior design project, keeping you in the party mood long after the Christmas decorations have been put away.

Changing your window dressings is a simple way of transforming your interior design scheme and can mark the shift in the season with maximum impact at minimal cost. Roller blinds offer a low maintenance, economical choice for your windows at any time, with the added advantage that they can be styled up or down using a huge variety of fabrics. With Christmas coming, we’ve definitely gone for the ‘styling up’ option – and we think you should too – with these roller blinds in 2 fantastic glittery black fabrics.

Bring a touch of feminine sparkle to the festive season with a Glitter Stripe Black Roller Blind

Bring a touch of feminine sparkle to the festive season with a Glitter Stripe Black Roller Blind

The Glitter Stripe Black Roller Blind

For a chic, feminine approach, why not indulge in the Glitter Stripe Black Roller Blind? This lightweight, black fabric, ideal for diffusing light and shot through with thousands of silver pinstripes, provides a sophisticated yet funky alternative to the more traditional winter colour choices that you might be considering for your roller blinds. The glimmer and glint of light catching and reflecting from the fabric will brighten your room on the dullest days of winter, and really ‘up’ the ambiance if you have friends round for an evening of festive fun. When the decorations have been packed away, these blinds will also provide interest and a subtle sparkle to your interior design scheme year round.



Unleash your inner dancing queen all year round with the Glitterball Black Roller Blind

Unleash your inner dancing queen all year round with the Glitterball Black Roller Blind

The Glitterball Black Roller Blind

If you’re a bit more of a ‘dancing queen’ at heart, why not break out the disco ball and indulge your inner-sparkle with the Glitterball Black Roller Blind? Reminiscent of the best night out, this sumptuous fabric, encrusted with silver glitter, will catch everyone’s eye as well as the light, bringing the party into your home this Christmas and all year round. Forget the January Blues – the shimmer that these blinds will bring into your interior design scheme will keep a spring in your step well into Spring – and beyond.

Of course, many people use roller blinds in conjunction with a pair of statement curtains – bold patterns or strong colours (or both) framing a neutral blind and bringing the glamorous accent to the overall design scheme. The beauty of these blinds is that either the flamboyant Glitterball Black Roller Blind, or the more subtley chic Glitter Stripe Black Roller Blind would make a great stand-alone ‘feature’ window dressing – the festive season being a great opportunity to let them shine, and bring shimmer to your design scheme. However, framed with a great pair of beautiful curtains, these funky blinds would add depth and interest to the window dressing of any room all year round.

One thing you can be sure of, with either choice, the neutral black will work well if you normally pair your blinds with a strong patterned pair of curtains, but the added sparkle means that they can stand alone bringing the party season to every part of your room.

Both the Glitter Stripe Black and Glitterball Black roller blinds are made to measure for a precise fit to enhance your windows. High grade rust free 32mm aluminium ensures no sagging or drooping, and a precise smooth running side winder means easy operation. The blinds are easy to fit thanks to durable white powder coated aluminium brackets, and come supplied with child safety fittings

One thing you can be sure of, whether you choose Glitter Stripe Black or Glitterball Black roller blinds, you will bring the party into your home this Christmas – and all year round.

Silver Glitter Roller Blinds bring a touch of sparkle and elegance to your rooms

Whichever way you roll, whatever the feel you’re looking to achieve with your new room scheme, our sophisticated collection of silver roller blinds is sure to provide the perfect shimmery touch to your interior design scheme.

The sparkle of a crisp clear winter’s morning, sun glinting on frost or – perhaps – the magical sheen and glitter of a warm summer’s day: either look, or something in between, is easy to achieve by introducing elegant silver fabrics into your window dressings.

Whether you’re creating a whole new look or just after some ideas to refresh your existing room scheme, you can’t beat the timeless attraction of silver. The sophistication and, frankly, the glamour, that silver brings to any interior design scheme, is yours for the taking with one of these statement, made to measure, roller blinds either as part of a complete redesign or a clever, low budget makeover . Whether you’re after a cool, chic or warm opulence, these cost-effective window dressings pack an ‘on trend’ design punch that you’ll love.

Introduce some Snow Queen cool to your room scheme with the Glitter Stripe Silver Roller Blind.

Introduce some Snow Queen cool to your room scheme with the Glitter Stripe Silver Roller Blind.

Glitter Stripes

Take the Glitter Stripe Silver Roller Blind, for example. Lightweight, the thousands of horizontal pinstripes shot through shot with thousands of horizontal silver pinstripes, this fabric will ensure that the light will be reflected round your room as the pinstripes glimmer and glint. For chic, feminine schemes – and dare we suggest a touch of ‘Snow Queen cool’, made to measure Glitter Stripe Roller Blinds will introduce the glamour you’re looking for to take your room scheme to the next level.




Solitaire Glint roller blinds bring sophistication and the  wow factor to airy, light-filled rooms

Solitaire Glint roller blinds bring sophistication and the wow factor to airy, light-filled rooms

Sophisticated Silver

Looking for a touch of sophistication? It’s easy to achieve with the use of the beautiful, highly textured Solitaire Glint fabric – shimmery, warm glistening, woven on a lightweight cream base. Combined with our practical roller blinds for optimum window cover whatever the occasion or time of day, this is the perfect window dressing for airy, light-filled room. While the great base we use ensures a perfect fit and durable blind, this delightful, shimmery fabric will ensure that light dances round the room, bringing even more ‘wow’ factor to your design.



Made to measure Shimmer Silver Roller Blinds enhance the style in a glamorous, feminine room

Made to measure Shimmer Silver Roller Blinds enhance the style in a glamorous, feminine room


Shimmering Splendour

Silver becomes magical when it takes centre stage, and roller blinds made to your specifications in the sparkly delight that is Shimmer Silver will certainly live up to that. Another cream based fabric, this fleck weave is ingrained with sparkly thread and lends an undeniable sense of style to the windows it adorns, lending itself especially to elegant, feminine room schemes.




Warm understated richness can be yours with the Glitterball Sparkle Roller Blind

Warm understated richness can be yours with the Glitterball Sparkle Roller Blind

Glittering and gorgeous

Lastly, but by no means least, our sparkly shimmery Glitterball Sparkle Roller Blind will make an elegant, exciting statement at your window and cries out to be accessorised with chandeliers, crystals and mirrors. The opulence and shimmer of this warm silvery fabric will add an understated richness to your room scheme, delighting you every day as the silvery fabric glints and glimmers in the light.




All these roller blinds are made to our usual high standard – made to measure in high grade rust free 32mm aluminium (so no sagging or drooping!) for a precise fit to enhance your windows. A precise smooth running side winder means easy operation, the blinds are super easy to fit thanks to durable white powder coated aluminium brackets, and all come supplied with child safety fittings for your piece of mind.

Blinds made in these stunning fabrics will work on their own as ‘statement’ additions as part of a clean, elegant room scheme, or as part of a richer, more complex scheme paired with a luxurious pair of curtains in complimentary hues. Whether you choose Glitterball Sparkle, Solitaire Glint, Shimmer Silver or Glitter Stripe, you can be sure that you’ll be giving your windows a shimmery, sophisticated makeover that will delight you and your guests long after they have been fitted.