Bathroom Blinds: What are the best blinds for bathrooms?

When it comes to styling your bathroom, it’s common to fall into two groups. The ones who love a challenge and those looking for ease. Bathrooms are notoriously hard to style, especially bathroom blinds. They are moisture-rich environments. Here damp and mould presents a real issue. Liquid related damage drastically reduces the lifespan of your home accessories and presents problems in terms of maintenance. And, as a room where you clean and wash your body, you need this space to be exceptionally hygienic.

An image showing waterproof bathroom blinds with a blue and orange goldfish pattern

Under The Sea roller blind

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Wooden Blinds: The Biggest Window Trend this Decade!

Wooden window blinds have long been a popular choice for interior stylists the world over. Elegant yet practical, they have an impressive durability. This lends them perfectly to use with children or in high-traffic environments while also injecting a premium feel into any room. And, to top it all off, wooden blinds can regularly be found nestled in the yearly interior trends that swarm designer newsletters. Every single year, they pop back up in a variety of different colours or styled in a unique manner to further capture the eye of those who love their homes.

An image showing off-white wooden blinds fitted into a neutral kitchen space to match the walls

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Grey Blinds: Grey is the new black

As interior design trends continue to fluctuate year on year, there is one consistent that pops up regularly. The colour grey. Whereas other styles such as animal print and velvet accessories fade into a distant memory, grey manages to stick around. And grey blinds form a significant part of this.

An image showing a grey living room with grey blind, grey sofa and grey walls

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Children’s Blinds – How to get the most out of their bedroom or nursery

So, it’s time to style your kid’s bedrooms. But, with such a wide variety of different options, how do you know where to start. True to form here at Lifestyle Blinds Direct, we believe that the right children’s blinds can help to inspire their entire room design, ensure they get the best nights sleep and give them the privacy they need to grow up happily. Style and trends change constantly. Finding a timeless design that lasts from infancy through to late teens can be challenging. Blinds, in all their different designs and styles, are a low-cost and effective solution. They provide durability and all-day effective light control. This informative guide dives into some of the vital considerations you, as a parent, should take into account when it comes to choosing children’s blinds for the rooms in your home.

An image showing a white teddy bear in a white baby cot with blue walls

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