10 Ways To Get The Best Night’s Sleep

Sleep is one of the most essential human requirements. Along with healthy eating and exercise, it plays one of the most vital roles in the protection and preservation of your physical health. And, when it comes to getting the best nights sleep, it pays to invest in quality along with quantity.


An image showing a sleep woman on a white bed with a resting pug dog

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Kitchen blinds and Bathroom blinds: Our New Waterproof Collection

If you are looking for something a bit different and definitely practical take a look at our new waterproof kitchen blinds and bathroom blinds.  Our designers have got their creative heads on delivered some eye-popping designs which are sure to brighten up the hardest working rooms in your home.  Take a look at some of our new styles.


Kitchen roller blinds

 Tabasco chilli kitchen roller blind

Our fun and fruity Tabasco Chilli Kitchen Roller Blind gives you the inspiration to bring out the feisty side of your cooking.  With its clean white background and selection of crunchy and fresh vegetables this delightful blind is the ideal partner in your kitchen.

This waterproof roller blind minimises the risk of moisture damage whilst also providing a wipe clean surface.

Tabasco Chilli kitchen roller blind

Tabasco Chilli kitchen roller blind


Apples crush Kitchen roller blind

Taste the sweet charm of whimsical interior style with our Apple Crunch kitchen roller blind. Perfect for your kitchen, this jovial window blinds is printed with a neutral-toned pattern of half cut apples.

The mint greens, deep blues and muted greys allow it to be styled easily with your cooking accessories while maintaining a sleek design for many years to come. For protective measures, this quality material has been coated with a waterproof finish to minimise the risk of mould.

It also allows it to be wiped and dusted clean in seconds – perfect for the modern family and their fast-paced requirements.

Apples crush kitchen roller blind

Apples crush kitchen roller blind


 Crosshatch Frost waterproof roller blind

There is a true elegance to our Crosshatch Frost 100% Waterproof Roller Blind that is sure to complete your contemporary bathroom.

With their durable design, these wipe-clean roller blinds have a pearlescent shimmer to the light silver finish. Combine this with a waterproof coating and you’ve found a practical window dressing option for bathrooms, kitchens and other moisture-rich environments in the home.

Crosshatch frost bathroom roller blind

Crosshatch frost bathroom roller blind


Bathroom Roller blinds

Under the sea bathroom roller blind

If you are looking for a goldfish bathroom roller blind then do we have the blind for you!  Our Under The Sea 100% Waterproof Roller Blind is the perfect bathroom blind.   The oceanic fish print is patterned in blue and orange with a clean white background for versatility.

When fitted within a fun bathroom the waterproof coating prevents mould and mildew and it can be wiped clean in seconds.

Under the Sea Goldfish Bathroom Roller blind

Under the Sea Goldfish Bathroom Roller blind


Crosshatch Grey Bathroom roller blind

Perfect for any contemporary stylist, our Crosshatch Grey 100% Waterproof Roller Blinds slip effortlessly into your room.

Crafted to last the test of time, these durable window blinds are finished in a soft grey colour with lighter hatched detailing. A waterproof coating has been applied to the surface which, in turn, makes them ideally suited for installation in bathrooms and kitchens. For easy maintenance, they can be wiped clean and manage to maintain their pristine finish for many years to come.

Such a versatile and minimalist pattern you can choose to fit this blind in your living room, kitchen, wet room or conservatory.

Crosshatch Grey Waterproof Bathroom Roller Blind

Crosshatch Grey Waterproof Bathroom Roller Blind


Crosshatch black bathroom blind

Crosshatch black waterproof bathroom blind

Crosshatch black waterproof bathroom blind

Our Crosshatch Black 100% Waterproof Roller Blind can provide the finishing touches that your home needs. The rich black colouring is broken up with a contemporary etched pattern that crosses over the entire blind.

Suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens, this quality material has been given a waterproof coating to protect it from the effects of high-moisture environments. This level of protection also creates a wipe free service that needs minimal maintenance to stay looking pristine.

The perfect option for any room in your home and one that works with the buzz of modern day life.

If you love the look of our waterproof bathroom blinds and waterproof kitchen blinds come and see the whole collection now at lifestyleblinds.com.