What are the best window blinds for conservatories?

Best blinds for conservatories

With so many of us looking for ways to expand the space in our current homes, the number of conservatories going up has increased. Cheaper than single floor extensions, constructed to make the most of your surrounding views and providing an extra room, these practical spaces can add up to 7% to the value of your home. Much like orangeries, they are largely manufactured from glass – one of the reasons they are cheaper to build. This also makes them the perfect space to take advantage of natural light. And, a space that can become very hot and prone to glare just as easily. Having the best window blinds for conservatories is, therefore, a vital consideration. This blog post will look to answer that, providing you with a host of options to suit every household. 

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Outside Mount or Inside mount – Which is best?

Pink living room with outside mount and inside mount windows

Did you know that many blinds can be outside mount or inside mounting within your window recess? Many homeowners aren’t aware that this is even an option. In fact, the only time this tends to come into question is when there is a reason why a blind cannot fit within the recess. Choosing the right method of installation may come down to a practical need but it can also be a style choice. There are many reasons why you may choose to install a blind on an outside mount as well as reasons why an inside mount may be best. Read on to discover more. 

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Choosing window blinds that dogs can’t destroy

Lifestyle Blinds | Choosing window blinds that dog’s can’t destroy

We are a nation of animal lovers with 12.5 million dogs standing as members of the family. The recent lockdowns drove up sales of puppies. This found many of us adapting our homes to suit these four-legged friends. For those who had never had a pet before, the destruction that small animals can cause is sometimes a shock. They need to scratch, play and be boisterous – much like smaller children in many ways. Therefore, it pays to invest in homeware that can withstand their playful ways, instead of having to constantly replace and repair the pieces you have. Choosing window blinds that dogs can’t destroy is a tall ask. Most animals can find a way to damage an item if they want to. But, knowing the best blinds for this purpose is the first step to taking back control of your home. And, enjoying time with the newest member of the family. 

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What Window Blinds Are Easiest To Clean?

Lifestyle Blinds | What window blinds are easiest to clean?

Window blinds need to fit into your busy lifestyle. Of course, they should look their best and help to bring the aesthetics of your room together. And, they should solve the problems that you have in each room, including light management, privacy and heat control. Alongside these, the best window blinds in your home will be ones that can be easily maintained. The only way to get many years of service from your window coverings is by caring for them. With everyday life getting busier by the day, no one wants window blinds that you either have to open with gloved hands or ones that take hours to clean. So, in this blog post, we’ll be looking at what window blinds are the easiest to clean. 

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