Bathroom Blinds: What are the best blinds for bathrooms?

When it comes to styling your bathroom, it’s common to fall into two groups. The ones who love a challenge and those looking for ease. Bathrooms are notoriously hard to style, especially bathroom blinds. They are moisture-rich environments. Here damp and mould presents a real issue. Liquid related damage drastically reduces the lifespan of your home accessories and presents problems in terms of maintenance. And, as a room where you clean and wash your body, you need this space to be exceptionally hygienic.

An image showing waterproof bathroom blinds with a blue and orange goldfish pattern
Under The Sea roller blind

Many bathroom accessories now come with a waterproof coating. Window blinds are no exception to this rule. The industry now takes note of the need for durable blinds to suit every room. In today’s blog, we take a look into what is the best type of blind for your bathroom.

How to style a bathroom

Interior design should also be constructed for practicality. A room needs to be suited for its purpose and able to serve a specific need within a family. Accessories within should be practical, functional and well-suited to their environment. When you come to styling your bathroom, consider how the room will be used in the future. Do you plan to spend long evenings lounging in a luxurious bubble bath? Will your children be using this room to prepare for a busy day of school ahead?

The main requirements of bathroom accessories are to be moisture-resistant, provide privacy and fit in with your chosen style. The window blinds you choose step in to provide a key component to this. Many bathrooms are fitted with frosted glass offering some privacy. However, the right bathroom blinds can further improve this. Particularly in homes where late night showers are commonplace. In this situation, it is also important to consider the degree of light control you need. Many water resistant blinds will block out all sunlight. During the evening, this may not present a problem. However, if you’re prone to showering midday, you could become heavily dependant on electrical lighting.

The best type of blind for your bathroom is a waterproof one. Here, you combine high-quality fabrics with a waterproof coating to effectively minimise the risk of mould and mildew build up.

Waterproof Blinds Benefits

Alongside timeless style, these popular window blinds have a host of benefits for you as a homeowner.


Waterproof blind options are designed to prevent moisture and liquid penetrating the surface. This impermeable property extends their lifespan and reduces the risk of damage over time.


Bathrooms are high-traffic environments. They require durable and long-lasting accessories that can withstand continual use throughout the day. Waterproof blinds offer this required strength and durability. This makes them ideal for use with children and busy families.

Low Maintenance

The waterproof layer not only repels water but also offers a wipe-clean surface. In a similar manner to how you maintain a shower enclosure, simply wiping the blind’s surface will remove residual grime or dirt.

Combat Condensation

Offering a barrier against internal moisture, waterproof blinds are an effective way to fight condensation. They prevent the reaction between humid air and cold window glass when rolled down. In short, this further links into the low maintenance benefit and protects your home from additional damage.

Waterproof Blinds Options

The host of waterproof window blinds options on the market is vast. There really is no need to scrimp on the look you’re going for to embrace practicality. These moisture-resistant window dressings come in a variety of different styles, colours and designs to suit even the most specific of interior stylist.

Waterproof Roller Blinds

A classic option, waterproof roller blinds are a staple choice for bathrooms. Sturdy, durable and reliable, they have an easy-to-use design. When made-to-measure, these PVC blinds offer a seamless and clutter-free look. They are a particularly suitable choice for downstairs bathrooms or areas overlooked by outsiders. Roller blinds give you control of privacy and light with an impermeable layer that provides the benefits we have mentioned above. In environments with small children or animals, our waterproof cordless roller blinds eliminate the risk of accidents. And, they offer a sleek, contemporary style.


Style, colour and pattern aren’t hindered in any way for those choosing waterproof roller blinds. Really, the world is your oyster. Our host of stylish fabrics allow you to put your stamp on any room. The Under the Sea has the perfect oceanic theme for any traditional bathroom. A calming blend of blue and burnt orange captures the togetherness of fish pools. It also adds a pop of colour into the smallest space. The drip clean PVC construction keeps sprays and moisture on the surface to minimise damage. In addition, they block out harsh sun rays to give the ultimate privacy.

Those with more flamboyant taste need look no further than our Brushstrokes Zing 100% waterproof roller blind. With rich flashes of cerise and olive green, this floral pattern captures both femininity and beauty. Again, a durable PVC material is constructed to your exact measurements. This creates a blackout feature for heightened privacy, an explosion of your rich personality and a low-maintenance surface for the entire family.

Waterproof Cordless Roller Blinds

Waterproof cordless roller blinds are a highly popular option for younger families. The number of children injured through window blinds cords is a hazard understood by this industry. Cordless blinds were introduced to tackle this. They remove the cords and replace them with a spring-loaded internal mechanism. Users need only pull down on the blind to release the hold and allow for complete adjustment. In bathrooms, this works to create a safer environment for your children and one less cluttered than previous options.

The selection of waterproof cordless roller blinds stretches far into the imagination. From florals to textures, your bathroom needn’t be the most neglected room in the house. Our Hannah Scarlet waterproof cordless blind captures the charm of cut flowers. Warm colours, charming prints and a homely style merge to create effective window blinds for your bathroom.

Options such as our Divine Gossip cordless waterproof roller blinds have a light embossed pattern. If you’re looking to create a seamless and fluid style throughout your bathroom, these blinds are ideal. Everything is there – drip proof material, impermeable protection and a contemporary style. And, when it comes to pairing them with other household accessories, the single colour pallet is versatile and contemporary.

Waterproof Vertical Blinds

Perhaps a lesser known option, vertical blinds are also available in waterproof fabrics. If you’re lucky enough to have larger windows in your bathroom, they are an effective alternative to roller blinds. Here at Lifestyle Blinds, our waterproof options are constructed from soft PVC and come in 89mm (3 ½) lengths. The durable, wipe clean and drip-dry material acts in a similar manner to roller blinds – allowing liquid to drip off the fabric’s surface and preventing the build-up of condensation. Similar to other waterproof window blinds in our collection, they come in a host of different styles.

Create a feeling of light and space with our Shower Safe White waterproof vertical blinds. When paired with fluffy white towels and simplistic bathroom accessories, they’ll create a hotel-like experience that feels luxurious. In bathrooms where the ocean plays a key inspiration for interior design, our Shower Safe Blue blinds provide a pop of rich colour that promises to stay strong for many years to come. Or, if it’s a pattern you seek, the Divine Gossip waterproof vertical blinds have a subtle wave design embossed into the material. Invisible until you come close, they have a premium feel with an affordable price tag.



Waterproof Rigid PVC Vertical Blinds

If your bathroom sees more traffic than the main high street, our rigid PVC vertical blinds could be a more suitable option. Instead of being flexible, like their classic alternatives, they have a sturdy design. Each one is crafted to withstand repeated use while offering privacy and light control. And, they are available in a range of styles and colours to create a workable, stylish bathroom. Ranging from stark whites through to industrial greys, these blinds come with 89mm slat widths – ideal for covering up larger windows effectively.

Waterproof Faux Wood Blinds

In homes where elegance is the key inspiration, faux wood blinds offer a beautiful waterproof option. Taking on the style of real wood, they are non-absorbent and boast a wipe clean surface for convenience. Unlike their natural alternatives, this gives waterproof faux wood blinds a practicality that lends itself beautifully to moisture-rich environments. Here at Lifestyle Blinds, our faux wood blinds come in two different slat sizes; 35mm and 50mm. The scope of colours available in our online store allows you to add a personal touch to any bathroom with the benefit of a timeless and stylish look.

The True White Wood Grain Faux Blinds perfectly emulates real wood with a soft grain embossed into each slat. For those who favour organic beauty, this allows you to combine functionality and style into one effective window dressing. Alternatively, our Mission Faux Wood waterproof blinds have a smooth surface which instantly wipes clean and returns to its original beauty. Both options hold true to the signature silhouette of these beautiful window dressings and offer both light and privacy control.

Now over to you

Once you begin to understand how your bathroom will be used, finding the right blind is really quite easy. You’ll find a host of different styles, colours and designs to suit your space – whether you’re working with an en-suite or downstairs shower. Take a browse through the Lifestyle Blinds online store here today and discover a set of 100% waterproof window blinds to suit your exact requirements.

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