Are Roller Blinds Suitable For Bathrooms?

Lifestyle Blinds | Are Roller Blinds Suitable For Bathrooms?

For many of us, our bathrooms are the room in our homes where we go to switch off. The place that blurs the line between functionality and style. The right accessories, including window blinds, are essential to ensure that it continues ticking every box. You’ll likely spend time researching bathtubs and towel rails. While the blinds you choose for your windows will likely be an afterthought. And, despite this, they are incredibly important in ensuring you have the privacy and light control you need. Roller blinds are one of the most popular blind options for a host of reasons. But, are roller blinds suitable for bathrooms? Let’s find out here. 

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Outside Mount or Inside mount – Which is best?

Pink living room with outside mount and inside mount windows

Did you know that many blinds can be outside mount or inside mounting within your window recess? Many homeowners aren’t aware that this is even an option. In fact, the only time this tends to come into question is when there is a reason why a blind cannot fit within the recess. Choosing the right method of installation may come down to a practical need but it can also be a style choice. There are many reasons why you may choose to install a blind on an outside mount as well as reasons why an inside mount may be best. Read on to discover more. 

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Are PVC blinds waterproof?

In our modern families, window blinds need to tick a number of boxes. It doesn’t pay to just cover a window. They also need to help manage temperature, control glare and even help prevent our soft furnishings from fading. Each room in the home presents unique demands and ones that our blinds need to be able to meet. Bathrooms and kitchens, for example, need window blinds that can withstand high levels of moisture and temperature fluctuations. This is why we often get asked, ‘Are PVC blinds waterproof?”. Let’s look into this here today? 

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The Lifestyle Blinds Pink Blinds Edit

Pink blinds – have you ever considered them? In recent years, we seem to have become more and more obsessed with colour in our homes. Farrow & Ball‘s iconic Hague Blue has gained a cult following of avid fans, keen to optimise on it’s opulent and glamorous feel. Pops of mustard yellow in soft furnishings seem to be the go-to accent for living rooms and bedrooms alike. And, it seems that there has been a resurgence for one of our favourite tones too – pink. Millennial pink, also known as blush, was one of the most resilient household trends of the decade. It was found everywhere – from Instagram backdrops through to sofas and across a multitude of advertising platforms. And while many people claim that pink is out and green is in, we’re still very much adamant that there’s a place for this alluring hue in your home. 

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How To Maintain Your Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds. The ideal solution for busy homes seeking out a timeless, elegant look. This is one of the reasons that these blinds have long been a popular option with many of our customers. They manage to merge together the charm of real wood with the practicality of a 100% waterproof fabric. In doing so, they are lighter, more durable and versatile than the traditional alternative. 

Lifestyle Blinds | Faux Wood Blinds
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How Can You Use Window Blinds To Bring Brave Ground Into Your Home

Interior design is driven by emotions, the economy and constantly cycling trends. We become obsessed with colours, patterns and styles that our ancestors also loved and use our homes to create spaces that bring about the warmest feels. At the beginning of September, paint giant Dulux announced The Colour of The Year 2021 as Brave Ground. This warm, earthy brown town is said to evoke feelings of stability, growth and potential. The idea is to give us back a feeling of control and grounding during a year where our normal has been thrown up in the air. 

Lifestyle Blinds – Bedtime Taupe Roller Blinds
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The 5 Warmest Colours To Create A Cosy Home This Winter

Does anyone else find themselves spending more time at home during the colder months? Winter is definitely a time for hibernating. A time for curling up on the sofa with a fluffy throw and the fire roaring. And a time to spend evenings in rather than braving the chill outside. And for many of us, a time to look at redecorating and creating a cosy haven for these brisk months. Creating a cosy this Winter may be on your To-Do list more than ever this year and, for that reason, we thought we’d give you some help along the way. 

Create a cosy Winter home today with the perfect colours and window blinds
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Turn lockdown around and redecorate your home with the perfect window blind

Under The Sea Bathroom Roller blind
A gorgeous goldfish roller blind. Ideal for the bathroom. 100% waterproof!

The whole of the UK has now been in lockdown for approximately 4 months. And during this period, many of us have taken the time to renovate and redesign our homes. Being placed in a situation where our homes have become a sanctuary has forced us to take a closer look at the accessories, appliances and features we’ve chosen to surround ourselves in. After all, if we’re looking at spending more time at home than ever before, interior design is sure to become more of a necessity than a luxury. 

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10 Ways To Get The Best Night’s Sleep

Sleep is one of the most essential human requirements. Along with healthy eating and exercise, it plays one of the most vital roles in the protection and preservation of your physical health. And, when it comes to getting the best nights sleep, it pays to invest in quality along with quantity.


An image showing a sleep woman on a white bed with a resting pug dog

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Kitchen blinds and Bathroom blinds: Our New Waterproof Collection

If you are looking for something a bit different and definitely practical take a look at our new waterproof kitchen blinds and bathroom blinds.  Our designers have got their creative heads on delivered some eye-popping designs which are sure to brighten up the hardest working rooms in your home.  Take a look at some of our new styles.


Kitchen roller blinds

 Tabasco chilli kitchen roller blind

Our fun and fruity Tabasco Chilli Kitchen Roller Blind gives you the inspiration to bring out the feisty side of your cooking.  With its clean white background and selection of crunchy and fresh vegetables this delightful blind is the ideal partner in your kitchen.

This waterproof roller blind minimises the risk of moisture damage whilst also providing a wipe clean surface.

Tabasco Chilli kitchen roller blind

Tabasco Chilli kitchen roller blind


Apples crush Kitchen roller blind

Taste the sweet charm of whimsical interior style with our Apple Crunch kitchen roller blind. Perfect for your kitchen, this jovial window blinds is printed with a neutral-toned pattern of half cut apples.

The mint greens, deep blues and muted greys allow it to be styled easily with your cooking accessories while maintaining a sleek design for many years to come. For protective measures, this quality material has been coated with a waterproof finish to minimise the risk of mould.

It also allows it to be wiped and dusted clean in seconds – perfect for the modern family and their fast-paced requirements.

Apples crush kitchen roller blind

Apples crush kitchen roller blind


 Crosshatch Frost waterproof roller blind

There is a true elegance to our Crosshatch Frost 100% Waterproof Roller Blind that is sure to complete your contemporary bathroom.

With their durable design, these wipe-clean roller blinds have a pearlescent shimmer to the light silver finish. Combine this with a waterproof coating and you’ve found a practical window dressing option for bathrooms, kitchens and other moisture-rich environments in the home.

Crosshatch frost bathroom roller blind

Crosshatch frost bathroom roller blind


Bathroom Roller blinds

Under the sea bathroom roller blind

If you are looking for a goldfish bathroom roller blind then do we have the blind for you!  Our Under The Sea 100% Waterproof Roller Blind is the perfect bathroom blind.   The oceanic fish print is patterned in blue and orange with a clean white background for versatility.

When fitted within a fun bathroom the waterproof coating prevents mould and mildew and it can be wiped clean in seconds.

Under the Sea Goldfish Bathroom Roller blind

Under the Sea Goldfish Bathroom Roller blind


Crosshatch Grey Bathroom roller blind

Perfect for any contemporary stylist, our Crosshatch Grey 100% Waterproof Roller Blinds slip effortlessly into your room.

Crafted to last the test of time, these durable window blinds are finished in a soft grey colour with lighter hatched detailing. A waterproof coating has been applied to the surface which, in turn, makes them ideally suited for installation in bathrooms and kitchens. For easy maintenance, they can be wiped clean and manage to maintain their pristine finish for many years to come.

Such a versatile and minimalist pattern you can choose to fit this blind in your living room, kitchen, wet room or conservatory.

Crosshatch Grey Waterproof Bathroom Roller Blind

Crosshatch Grey Waterproof Bathroom Roller Blind


Crosshatch black bathroom blind

Crosshatch black waterproof bathroom blind

Crosshatch black waterproof bathroom blind

Our Crosshatch Black 100% Waterproof Roller Blind can provide the finishing touches that your home needs. The rich black colouring is broken up with a contemporary etched pattern that crosses over the entire blind.

Suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens, this quality material has been given a waterproof coating to protect it from the effects of high-moisture environments. This level of protection also creates a wipe free service that needs minimal maintenance to stay looking pristine.

The perfect option for any room in your home and one that works with the buzz of modern day life.

If you love the look of our waterproof bathroom blinds and waterproof kitchen blinds come and see the whole collection now at