What Are Solar Reflective Blinds And Do You Need Them?

While many of us welcome the warmer weather brought in by Summer, it certainly has its drawbacks. Excessive sun exposure, specifically on uncovered windows, increase the internal temperature of our homes to uncomfortable levels. No matter how many windows you open or fans you switch on, this heat is difficult to shift. Thankfully, there is a solution – Solar Reflective Blinds. But what are solar reflective blinds and do you need them? Let’s look into this in more detail. 

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How To Install Cordless Roller Blinds

One of the things we’re most proud of here at Lifestyle Blinds is our made-to-measure window blinds offering. Giving you the opportunity to save on time and money, all of our blinds can be easily fitted by you! We’ve taken great care to ensure that the installation instructions provided are clear. They can be followed by anyone – regardless of whether you’ve fitted window blinds before or not. Knowing how to install your blinds is easier than ever. However, we understand how this concept can be daunting to many homeowners, specifically if you’re installing a new type of blind. 

In this blog, we’ll go through how to install one of our most popular (and most modern) types of window blind. So, if you’re wondering how to install cordless roller blinds, read on. 

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What are the best window blinds for conservatories?

Best blinds for conservatories

With so many of us looking for ways to expand the space in our current homes, the number of conservatories going up has increased. Cheaper than single floor extensions, constructed to make the most of your surrounding views and providing an extra room, these practical spaces can add up to 7% to the value of your home. Much like orangeries, they are largely manufactured from glass – one of the reasons they are cheaper to build. This also makes them the perfect space to take advantage of natural light. And, a space that can become very hot and prone to glare just as easily. Having the best window blinds for conservatories is, therefore, a vital consideration. This blog post will look to answer that, providing you with a host of options to suit every household. 

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Outside Mount or Inside mount – Which is best?

Pink living room with outside mount and inside mount windows

Did you know that many blinds can be outside mount or inside mounting within your window recess? Many homeowners aren’t aware that this is even an option. In fact, the only time this tends to come into question is when there is a reason why a blind cannot fit within the recess. Choosing the right method of installation may come down to a practical need but it can also be a style choice. There are many reasons why you may choose to install a blind on an outside mount as well as reasons why an inside mount may be best. Read on to discover more. 

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Mains VS Battery Powered Motorised Blinds – Which Is Best?

A Louvolite remote control for motorised roller blinds
Lifestyle Blinds – Mains VS Battery Powered Motorised Blinds – Which Is Best?

The rise of the smart home is also driving the rise of intelligent and integrated technologies that make our every day easier. It’s estimated that there are 2.22 million smart homes in the UK – homes that have at least 3 devices linked to a central hub to control them independently. Even the window covering that you chose can now play a role in this. Motorised blinds are the modern solution – bringing together the style of roller blinds with the convenience of remote control. Many styles on the market today can be linked to your smart system, allowing you to talk to your blind and adjust window coverage easily. The style and brand you choose is just one consideration with motorised roller blinds. You also need to decide whether you opt for battery or mains-powered blinds. Let’s delve into the differences to help you decide. 

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The Lifestyle Blinds Pink Blinds Edit

Pink blinds – have you ever considered them? In recent years, we seem to have become more and more obsessed with colour in our homes. Farrow & Ball‘s iconic Hague Blue has gained a cult following of avid fans, keen to optimise on it’s opulent and glamorous feel. Pops of mustard yellow in soft furnishings seem to be the go-to accent for living rooms and bedrooms alike. And, it seems that there has been a resurgence for one of our favourite tones too – pink. Millennial pink, also known as blush, was one of the most resilient household trends of the decade. It was found everywhere – from Instagram backdrops through to sofas and across a multitude of advertising platforms. And while many people claim that pink is out and green is in, we’re still very much adamant that there’s a place for this alluring hue in your home. 

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How Motorised Roller Blinds Will Help You Stay Cosy This Winter

Winter time is full of fluffy blankets, roaring fires and steaming drinks. It’s the time of year where we all begin to hibernate, swapping days outside for evenings in. And, when it comes to designing our home, taking this seasonal preference into account is a brilliant way of ensuring you fall in love with your space over and over again. Within the interior design market, there are a host of products available to help you do this. And, here at Lifestyle Blinds, we believe that motorised roller blinds are one prime example. This blog will explain why we think that this style of window dressing deserves pride of place in every single home. 

Orange motorised roller blinds fitted to large sliding doors overlooking a garden.
Lifestyle Blinds – Motorised Roller Blinds
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How Can You Use Window Blinds To Bring Brave Ground Into Your Home

Interior design is driven by emotions, the economy and constantly cycling trends. We become obsessed with colours, patterns and styles that our ancestors also loved and use our homes to create spaces that bring about the warmest feels. At the beginning of September, paint giant Dulux announced The Colour of The Year 2021 as Brave Ground. This warm, earthy brown town is said to evoke feelings of stability, growth and potential. The idea is to give us back a feeling of control and grounding during a year where our normal has been thrown up in the air. 

Lifestyle Blinds – Bedtime Taupe Roller Blinds
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The 5 Warmest Colours To Create A Cosy Home This Winter

Does anyone else find themselves spending more time at home during the colder months? Winter is definitely a time for hibernating. A time for curling up on the sofa with a fluffy throw and the fire roaring. And a time to spend evenings in rather than braving the chill outside. And for many of us, a time to look at redecorating and creating a cosy haven for these brisk months. Creating a cosy this Winter may be on your To-Do list more than ever this year and, for that reason, we thought we’d give you some help along the way. 

Create a cosy Winter home today with the perfect colours and window blinds
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Protect Our Nursing Homes With Specialist Germ-Control Window Blinds

Nursing homes are supposed to be havens of safety for our ageing population. They are in place to offer the right medical support to individuals that cannot be readily available in their own homes. And with their large populations, they also provide opportunities for friendships and companionships to occur. However, the risk of germ spread and infection in these settings is high at the best of times. When presented with situations such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, these risks become more significant. 

Nursing home
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