Conservatory Roof Blinds Or Film – Which Is Best?

Conservatory blinds
Lifestyle Blinds | Conservatory Roof Blinds or Film – Which Is Best?

Conservatories have continued to rise in popularity over the past few years. Whether it’s a desire to feel more connected with nature or a need for additional space, many homeowners are opting for these effective glass structures. Modern technology has moved the design of conservatories forward, making them more energy efficient and inkeeping with our homes. However, due to the abundance of glass, several hurdles still exist with them, primarily, the management of light and heat. You have two main options to choose from here – conservatory roof blinds of film. So, which one is best?

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How Can You Use Window Blinds To Bring Brave Ground Into Your Home

Interior design is driven by emotions, the economy and constantly cycling trends. We become obsessed with colours, patterns and styles that our ancestors also loved and use our homes to create spaces that bring about the warmest feels. At the beginning of September, paint giant Dulux announced The Colour of The Year 2021 as Brave Ground. This warm, earthy brown town is said to evoke feelings of stability, growth and potential. The idea is to give us back a feeling of control and grounding during a year where our normal has been thrown up in the air. 

Lifestyle Blinds – Bedtime Taupe Roller Blinds
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A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Window Blinds

Window blinds have the potential to transform the look of your home. Whether chosen for practical or aesthetical purposes, the options out there are vast. And, sometimes it helps to have a bit of help when it comes to choosing the perfect style. Our comprehensive guide is designed just for this – to walk you through everything you need to consider before buying your perfect window blinds. 

An image showing aluminium grey venetian blinds fitted in a contemporary kitchen space.
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Turn lockdown around and redecorate your home with the perfect window blind

Under The Sea Bathroom Roller blind
A gorgeous goldfish roller blind. Ideal for the bathroom. 100% waterproof!

The whole of the UK has now been in lockdown for approximately 4 months. And during this period, many of us have taken the time to renovate and redesign our homes. Being placed in a situation where our homes have become a sanctuary has forced us to take a closer look at the accessories, appliances and features we’ve chosen to surround ourselves in. After all, if we’re looking at spending more time at home than ever before, interior design is sure to become more of a necessity than a luxury. 

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What are the best blinds for bedrooms?

Literally a daily question we get asked by our customers is, ‘What are the best blinds for bedrooms?’. We hope that this blog posts answers your questions and gives you the information you need to make the best choice for your bedroom.

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The complete guide to skylight blinds

Home improvement is becoming increasingly more popular nowadays. As they say our home is our sanctuary and with it becoming easier and easier for us to improve and update our homes, new fashions and trends are popping up all the time. Recently we have a seen a great shift towards loft conversions and single storey extensions.  Although loft conversions and extensions have always been a popular way to add an extra room or more space to our home, over recent years we have seen this form of home improvement becoming quite trendy.

Loft extensions are a great way to extend the home without going to too much trouble or causing too much disruption during the building process. These added rooms and spaces at the top of our house add that touch of luxury and what is even better about a loft conversion or single storey extension is the skylight windows. We all love sunlight and when living day in day out with the hustle and bustle of city life there’s nothing better than coming home to, or waking up to bright airy spaces and clear, calming views of the beautiful sky above us.


Anyone who has recently converted or installed another floor in their home will know just how amazing roof windows are. They cannot be compared to any other window in your home. The light they let in and the overall feel that is given to the room is out of this world. These ultra modern windows are easy to use and function to reduce heat loss, provide ventilation and open up in a variety of different ways. Never before has fitting a window been so exciting and never before has a window been so functional.

Skylights are the best thing about loft conversions and it is important that we choose our manufacturer carefully and of course the window décor to match. With many leading brands such as VeluxKeylite, Fakro, Rooflite Dakstra, Colt Roto and Okpol to name but a few it can be quite overwhelming trying to identify your window and the correct blind for it.

The great thing about skylite windows is that you do not need to measure blinds for them in the traditional sense. Each size of window has a reference code which correlates to a blind and glass size therefore all you need to do is find that code.  I often get asked “Where do I find the code on my Velux window?” Well, use our useful tables below to find your skylite brand and we will show you where to find the code and how to identify which blind you need to choose.

Ordering skylite blinds for your roof window has never been as easy.

Velux Windows

velux skylight codes locator

Keylite Windows


Fakro Windows


Rooflite Dakstra windows


Okpol windowsokpol-skylight-codes-loacto

Colt Roto windows


Our skylight blinds insulate and darken your room so whether its winter or summer, you will benefit from the appropriate climate and temperature in your room.

Browse through our styles and textures, ask for a free sample, decide which colour you wish to go for and within four days you will be able to easily install your blinds.