Are Day And Night Blinds Thermal?

Finding the right window blind for any room can be a minefield. There are so many options on the market – all with their own benefits and uses. Identifying the issues you’re having in a specific room, in terms of light, temperature and/or privacy, is one effective way of choosing the best option. But, what do you do when the ‘main issue’ isn’t clear? You turn to blinds that can combat a multitude of problems in one go. And, one example would be Day and Night Blinds. These versatile and stylish window coverings take on the form of roller blinds with two layers of fabric. Together, they can help you deal with several issues all at once. But, are Day and Night blinds thermal? And, will they help to reduce energy bills? Read on to learn more.

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Are Wooden Blinds Warm?

Are wooden blinds warm?

With Christmas may be swiftly approaching, we are undoubtedly in the midst of winter. Keeping our homes warm becomes our seasonal focus – especially as energy prices continue to rise. Finding ways to lock heat into each and every room to create a haven of comfort is key. And, the right window blinds will help you to do just this. If you’ve found yourself drawn to wooden blinds – one of the more traditional options on the market – you may be wondering whether they are warm enough to keep up with the demands of your family this winter? Read on and let our experts here at Lifestyle Blinds help you find the right answer. 

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Are wooden blinds suitable for bathrooms?

There is a unique charm to styling a bathroom. These havens are where we spend time doing very specific activities – whether that’s relaxing in the bath after a long day or washing the kids up before school the next day. We pop in to brush our teeth, freshen up our makeup or grab some tissue. And, it’s a space that we rarely show off to guests who are in and out. However, there’s no denying that many homeowners still want their bathrooms to be an extension of the rest of their homes. One commonly asked question we receive here is, ‘are wooden blinds suitable for bathrooms?’. So, let’s delve into that here today. 

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How much are vertical blinds?

No matter whether you’re changing up a single room or renovating the entire house, it always pays to take into account the budget. There is such a vast array of options when it comes to home accessories that it’s easy to get swept away, forgetting that you have to find the money to pay for your dream style. Window blinds are one of the most cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing ways to refresh a space. And, vertical blinds continue to be an increasingly popular option within our range. One of the key questions we get asked regularly is, ‘How much do vertical blinds cost?’ and while the answer will vary depending on your needs, there are ways to estimate these costs before purchasing. Read on to discover more. 

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What To Clean Venetian Blinds With

Venetian blinds hanging on a window
Lifestyle Blinds | Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a practical, stylish and functional option for many homes around the house. Not only are they waterproof, but they also come in a wide host of colours. Their many benefits make them ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and other moisture-rich environments. Plus, because they can operate in two different ways, you have more light control. Adjust the slats or roll them all the way up – it’s entirely up to you. As with any household accessory, the best way to make sure your vertical blinds last is by maintaining them properly. And, when looking for what to clean vertical blinds with, we turned to our team of experts here at Lifestyle Blinds. 

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Can Roller Blinds Be Cleaned?

Roller blinds are some of the most popular window covering options available on the market to date. They are highly versatile, suited to a multitude of rooms and come in a range of material options to suit the demands in different locations. With any addition to your home, it’s important to know how to keep them looking their best for as long as possible. And, knowing how to clean your roller blinds is one way to make sure they continue helping you to manage light and privacy effectively. 

Spacious bedroom and orange and yellow cushions and white roller blinds on two windows at the back wall.
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Are Vertical Blinds Still In Style

More than ever, homeowners are looking for ways to bring their homes up to date with the latest trends. Accessories and DIY essentials are becoming cheaper, making them more accessible to a wider audience. And, therefore, changing the look of a room is no longer a significant investment but more so a chance to make your stamp – even if it’s only for a short period of time. Window blinds are one way to refresh the look of a home, giving a new lease of life to any space regardless of the size. For those seeking practicality and style, vertical blinds are a cost-effective and practical choice. But one key question we’re often asked is, seeing as they’ve been around for so long – ‘Are vertical blinds still in style?’. Read on to discover what our experts here at Lifestyle Blinds have to say. 

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How to use your window blinds for family privacy

Your home is a haven of privacy and a space where every member of your family should be able to fully relax. A poll published by The Independent shows that 41% of UK adults admitted to keeping a closer eye on their neighbour’s movements during the pandemic. Our nation has become one of nosy neighbours and it wouldn’t be an unreasonable worry for you to take into consideration the privacy in your home. The right window blinds afford you more control over how much you allow the outside world to see. Each style supports this differently, adjusting differently to suit different areas around the home. This blog will look at how our top tips for using window dressings to maximise family privacy.

An image showering a mustard yellow roller blind in stylish living room
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10 Ways To Get The Best Night’s Sleep

Sleep is one of the most essential human requirements. Along with healthy eating and exercise, it plays one of the most vital roles in the protection and preservation of your physical health. And, when it comes to getting the best nights sleep, it pays to invest in quality along with quantity.


An image showing a sleep woman on a white bed with a resting pug dog

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Introducing our NEW measure and fit awnings

Summer. A time to cherish all those warm, lazy days. Days where eating al fresco is commonplace. From the garden to cobbled high streets, time spent outdoors does wonders for our bodies and minds. As we steep through the brisk chill of January, what could be better than planning in advance for the sun’s imminent arrival? In light of this, Lifestyle Blinds are proud to announce the launch of our brand new measure and fit awnings. They are deal for both residential and commercial properties. Our shade providing devices ensure you’re able to make the most of any outdoor space.

An image showing bright yellow awnings installed on a modern office block

What exactly are awnings?

Awnings are a canvas or material sheet that is stretched across a frame. They are used to keep the sun off of a window, doorway or, amusingly, a ship’s deck. These secondary coverings are attached directly to the exterior wall of a building. Awnings cover a large area and are made to suit your requirements. For commercial buildings, awnings can provide an additional marketing opportunity. Companies can display their business name and contact details on the stretched material.

Hand operated awnings were once the norm. To retract the cover, the owner would have to roll up the material by hand. Today awnings can either be fully automatic or constructed for manual control depending on your needs. They are made-to-measure according to your specifications. Our expert team will also measure and fit your awning for convenience. One of the most popular aspects of these covers is their ability to be adjusted as need be. Not every sunny day requires full coverage. Indeed, in the cooler months of Spring, shade can make an outdoor dining experience uncomfortable. Patio awnings can be extended out and rolled in as the sun moves across the sky. This offers the owner greater control over their outdoor space.

Awnings for commercial properties

An image showing orange awnings on a grey restaurant building

You will regularly spot retractable awnings on restaurants and cafes. They have long been a popular choice; favoured for their cost-effective manufacture. Their ability to be personalised and adjustability are also key benefits. Some of the main benefits for commercial awnings includes:

  • Marketing opportunity – Awnings offer the perfect way to boost your brand’s visibility. Display your logo directly on to the fabric for an additional marketing avenue. Especially for restaurants, this is an good way of catching the eye of potential customers while also indicating that you cater for outdoor dining.
  • Energy efficient – Awnings provide shade for the space inside your windows when fully extended. This reduces the amount of heat absorbed through the glass. In many ways, this is similar to the job of windows blinds. They help to improve your usage of cooling equipment, reducing your heating bills and helping to minimise your carbon footprint.
  • Customer comfort – Creating a space where customers can dine outside adds appeal. This is universal across restaurants, bars and cafes. It gives another option to potential visitors and offers a unique experience.

Awnings for residential properties

An image showing lime and white awnings fitted on a residential building

Awnings are also a functional option for your home. They offer a wealth of stylish and beneficial functions to your outdoor space.

  • Shade – Increased shade is the biggest benefit. Summer sun, specifically that from the North West can be particularly intense. If your family consists of the young and the old, shade is the best way to ensure everyone can enjoy outdoor activities. Garden awnings offer control over the shade and which areas are covered. They shade your garden windows, reducing heat absorption in your home significantly. This ensures it feels just as comfortable when you move back in.
  • Rain barrier – Awnings give coverage from Summer showers. Even when the heavens open, your family can enjoy the outdoors for longer when nestled underneath.
  • Personal style – If you’re someone who loves style and design, awnings are perfect. They come in a range of styles, shades, patterns and fabrics. And, if the garden is your pride and joy, house awnings only help to accentuate its beauty. By providing outdoor seating, your guests can enjoy the fruits of your labour.
  • UV Ray protection – Not only do they offer shade. Awnings also give you protection against UV rays. Over time, this minimises the harmful exposure and its effects on the skin while encouraging guests to breathe in fresh air.
  • Integrated design – Awnings retract in on themselves. The frame sits close to your building walls, integrating into the look of the property without causing unnecessary bulk. So, if you’ve spent months perfecting the rendering and external look of your home, awnings will help to accentuate rather than damage it.

The Awning Collection

Our brand new range meets the needs of both commercial and residential property owners. These UK manufactured awnings are designed to combine bespoke design with durable construction. We currently have over 200 different awning fabrics to choose from, ensuring your chosen design fits effortlessly into your home. And, each of our options meets all UK health and safety standards for added peace of mind. In total, we currently hold 6 different awning styles to suit your needs.

The A101 Bobcat

An image showing the Bobcat awning in mustard yellow and fitted over a large swimming pool

The perfect blend between efficiency, strength and lightweight design. The Bobcat is an elegant awning which sits beautifully in residential environments. It has an aerodynamic silhouette and a design which conceals the mechanical features effortlessly. A corrosion resistant powder coating offers external protection with the added benefit of stainless steel components. The most versatile feature of the Bobcat is its ability to be adjusted in pitch from 15-degrees through to 66-degrees. So no matter the length of your outdoor space or the area you’re looking to cover, it provides an ample solution.

The A101 Puma

An image showing mustard yellow and white striped awnings on a commercial restaurant

Ideal for both residential and commercial buildings, the Puma is a compact option. When retracted in, it sits comfortably within a concealed cassette; protecting the fabric and the mechanism from external damage. This awning has a simple design and is made using the highest quality brackets to promote longevity. As with the Bobcat, it can be made using over 200 different awning fabrics so your business branding or personal interior style needn’t be hindered. The Puma is also available with either a mechanical gearbox or an RTS Somfy Motor option, depending on your nee.

The A101 Tiger

An image showing gun metal grey awnings on a residential building

The Tiger is designed to withstand a whole host of different weather conditions and elements. Effectively reduce wear and tear with the sleek and compact design. It offers exceptional weather protection and has the strength to withstand strong rains and winds. The inclusion of SPLENDOR invisible arm tensioning provides additional strength and durability along with corrosion resistant, powder coated hardware. Again, the Tiger is operated using the RTS Somfy Motor operation, a feature we will touch on later in this post.

The A101 Jaguar

An image showing short awnings fitted to a restaurant

Noted as the strongest non-cassette patio awning manufactured here in the UK, this awning is able to withstand the strongest winds. Again, corrosion resistant and powder coated aluminium hardware merges with stainless steel components for strength. It can be adjusted between 15-degrees and 45-degrees in pitch and has the option of either face-fix or top-fix installation. This awning is ideal for both commercial and residential properties with the ability to extend up to 4000m if required.

The A101 Panther

An image showing an orange awning

The Panther is the strongest patio awning made here in the UK. Like the Jaguar, it can extend up to 4000m in projection while withstanding the strongest winds. For added stability, the awning features multiple installation points and cross-over arm options to suit your individual requirements. Perfect for larger patios and commercial buildings, it can be operated either mechanically or via the RTS Somfy Motor operation. Choose the Panther for commercial properties and your beloved garden where relaxing with family is vital.

The A101 Ocelot

An image showing dark grey awnings on a commercial building

If you’re seeking a neat and elegant look, the Ocelot is the ideal choice. It offers cost-effective design along with both shading and screening. A fixed pivot point allows the pitch adjusts 0 – 60-degrees. When retracted, the Ocelot sits compactly within a slim and flush cassette, offering weather protection and integrated design. A mechanical gearbox or the RTS Somfy Motor operation are your two options for power.

Operation – The RTS Somfy Motor

If you choose an automated motor for your electric awning, you benefit from a whole host of features. A remote controls these mechanisms. This allows you to sit comfortably while adjusting the shade coverage and means you can suit everyone’s individual needs. Automatic motors also help to maintain taut canvas across the frame and provide a gentle operation that minimises wear and tear.

Somfy Smart Home

Another way to improve the ease and usability of your awning is through the Somfy Smart Home system. The system connects from anywhere in the world through your smartphone or tablet. Your voice controls the settings and adjustments. By downloading the TaHoma app, you can adjust the coverage of your awnings according to the sun exposure or create the perfect haven to return to after a long trip. Just another reason why our commercial and retractable patio awnings are perfect for every type of family home.