Replacement Blind Slats

    It happens all of the time in homes all over the UK. A child playing too rough, a pet excited by something in the window, or simply old age, and your vertical blinds are ruined. Broken slats defeat the purpose of the blinds as they cannot fully block out the sunlight, not to mention that worn or broken blind slats look bad and can detract from the value of the home. What is the homeowner to do if they want their home looking nice again besides purchase new vertical blinds, which are very expensive, or try to repair the broken slats only to make matters worse?

replacment blinds

     Lifestyle Blinds has the solution in the form of replacement vertical blind slats that you can install yourself making your vertical blinds look like new again. Even if you have custom-tailored blinds manufactured to fit your windows, there is a vertical blind slat replacement available. You don’t even have to wait until your slats are worn or broken, you can change your blind slats to create a new look and save money over the cost of purchasing new blinds for your home.

A Wide Range of Features, Sizes and Choices

Replacement slats from Lifestyle Blinds come in a wide range of sizes (5 inch) for 127mm and (3.5 inch) for 89mm) and are designed to look and install just like the originals. You can choose the colour you want from our extensive selection including black, blue, brown, cream & beige, gold & bronze, green & turquoise and many more. Plus, there are many different fabrics choices as well that offer features such as Blackout, Flame Retardant, 100% Waterproof and Thermal / Solar.

In fact, there are so many styles and colours to choose from, you are sure to find slat replacements to match your vertical blinds at Lifestyle Blinds. If you want to make your vertical blinds look new again or change their appearance to match your updated décor, contact Lifestyle Blinds today and let one of our vertical blind experts help you choose a product that meets your needs and your home’s style.

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