Screen roller blinds

What is the big deal about Screen roller blinds?  Well I will tell you what the big deal is, they are absolutely amazing!!!  Ideal for big expanses of glass and so modern and durable that these are the number 1 selling type of roller blind on our website by a mile.

Available in an array of neutral colours and offering a minimalist look which exudes glamour but starting at just £40 each you would be silly not to consider these blinds for your bifolding or french doors.

The thing about screen roller blinds is they are made of a woven pvc so they are 100% waterproof which makes them ideal for kitchens and conservatories as you can wipe them down!    Our screen roller blinds have a 3% openness.  This means that you can benefit from reducing the heat and glare from outside but you can still see the view.  Ideal for gorgeous modern kitchens where you need to reduce the heat gain but don’t want to be in darkness – you can see out!  Genius!

Our customers are so happy they love to send us their photos (see below)

White screen roller blind for apartment living


Our customer was thrilled with her screen white roller blind that allowed her to benefit from the light during day whilst also preserving her privacy.

Black screen roller blinds for a fantastic effect on Bi-fold doors


You can enjoy your garden whilst also being cool and being able to see the tv – screen roller blinds are the way forward for bi-folding doors!

Ideal for sliding patio doors


Our light grey screen fabric looks stunning up at our customers sliding doors.  She can really appreciate all day long her pretty country garden without having to deal with the glare of the sun.

Are you interested in screen roller blinds?  If so please drop me a line at or give us a ring on 0161 451 0290 xxxx

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