Treat Yourself To A Window Treatment Trend

Treat Yourself To A Window Treatment Trend

Window treatments are a known challenge for interior designers, but they can also become a major investment. Neglecting your windows in favour of a different design focus can sometimes leave rooms looking bare and neglected. Read on for some of the latest window treatment trends you’re sure to love.

One popular treatment in this 2017 trend list is natural woven bamboo and matchstick blinds. They achieve letting in diffused light into your home, so you’re able to see outside, but it’s not alike to just an open window and people cannot see back into your home, which achieves privacy. These type of blinds work in so many different environments; the bathroom, the kitchen and even the bedroom. They also add a rustic kind of look to your room, which adheres to many modern trends and would look great with neutral tones.

Blue seems to be becoming the new popular colour of 2017 when it comes to window treatments, just as red was last year. A range of variations on blues are included in this, such as a variety of ocean blues in teal, aquamarine and soft green. Soft lavender and grey dusty hues round out the soothing part of this palette. Persimmon, orange and gold will be popular jewel tones to couple with a blue-tone window treatment. Couple this window treatment look with royal blue couches and audacious patterns.

Silks, velvets, damasks, fur, leather and suede are key luxury fabrics to look out for this year. While 2017 trends lean towards the more simplistic look, it is still beneficial to look out for a little luxury and embellishment. To add something a little extra to a simple layout, you can add sparkling crystal, beaded tassels and lavish embellishments on your window treatments. This is a great way of achieving variation in your home design, by adding an individual, quirky style to your rooms.

Technology plays a huge role in our lives and this is now reflected in window blinds. Window blinds can now be controlled by remote control, a light switch and even in some cases the internet! However, just because blinds are taking a modern turn, it doesn’t mean your rooms have to look intimidating. Layer rooms that include high-tech blinds with cosy cotton furniture.

Remember that 2017 trends offer a lot of variety, especially when it comes to window treatments; so do your research, find your favourite, and treat yourself to something trendy.

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