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blue blinds

Blue blinds have long retained their popularity, slipping easily into any room. They inject a pop of colour into a space, pairing well with a lot of other tones and bringing an airy feel. Blue evokes memories of bright skies and crashing waves - memories that bring a smile to your face. Whether you’re looking to create a luxurious and glamorous space with dark navy roller blinds or want a bright, coastal haven with light blue blinds, there is an option here to suit every single home. Deep colours offer a unique alternative to black, helping to create that decadently glamorous look in bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. These tones have an elegance that befits the most well-used corners of your home and can be used to bring out metallic tones and other textures. Lighter blues are airy, helping to create a space that feels larger and more accommodating. They are perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms - spaces where you want to relax in comfort but also express your unique personality.

There are different types of blue that can also be considered when it comes to blue blinds.  These blue include navy blue blinds, duck egg blue blinds and blue and white striped blinds (for a nautical feeling).

With a host of hand-selected fabrics, we have a wide range of blue blinds available here at Lifestyle Blinds. We know that the window blind you choose isn’t just a style choice. It works to improve comfort in every room, offering excellent light management and privacy control. Choose a blue blackout thermal roller blind and you’ll even be able to reduce household bills. Or, opt for a blue sheer blind that will eliminate glare, helping you to focus on work tasks or relax fully with your favourite programme. We have a multitude of different styles available in our online store. From plain blue roller blinds that blend seamlessly into any room to vibrant blue Venetian blinds that can withstand high humidity, all of our blinds offer the same high quality. We make each one bespoke to fit your windows and supply full fitting instructions to suit your budget. And with the support of our passionate team, you’ll have the support on hand to help pair you with the perfect window blind.

If you’re considering a blue blind for your home, read on to delve into our top tips and tricks to make sure you choose the right one for your home.


Blue Vertical Blinds

With light and dark blue styles available, our blue vertical blinds are ideal for patio doors and French doors. They are made-to-measure, with full-length louvres that rotate in unison for excellent light and privacy control. When you need to access the doors, they draw over to one side to eliminate any tripping hazard. If you choose a blue blackout vertical blind, you’ll also be able to manage temperature making them an ideal choice for conservatories too. And when your blinds start to look aged or stained, our blue replacement vertical blind slats step in to instantly refresh these window dressings while suiting your budget perfectly.


Blue Roller Blinds

One of the most traditional window dressings on the market, we have a wide range of blue roller blinds. With a single panel of fabric, they are highly effective at controlling light, privacy and temperature. A simple pull cord makes them easy to use too - an ideal solution for bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms too.


Blue Cordless Roller Blinds

Made without traditional pull cords, our blue cordless roller blinds are a child-safe solution for the busiest family homes. They feature a spring-loaded internal mechanism. Simply pull on the bottom bar to release the hold and adjust to your desired length. If you’re styling a bedroom or nursery, opt for a blue blackout cordless roller blind which will help create the perfect environment for sleep.


Blue Motorised Roller Blinds

Also known as electric blinds, our blue motorised blinds are perfect for modern homes. They have a discreetly fitted, rechargeable lithium battery that sits within the top roll. Using the remote control provided, they can be adjusted from a distance. This makes them an ideal solution for out-of-reach windows or homeowners with poor mobility.


Blue Venetian Blinds

If you want to go bold with your window blinds, blue Venetian blinds are perfect. Made from lightweight aluminium, these 100% waterproof blinds meet the demands of bathrooms and kitchens. They are wipe clean, durable and available in a host of different blue hues to compliment your chosen interior design.


Wood Blinds With Blue Tape

If you want to inject blue into your home in a subtle way, opt for wooden blinds with blue tape. Made with horizontal slats, they feature full-length blue tapes that sit on top of unsightly construction cords. This gives you two-tone blue and white blinds that are easy to style and timeless with their subtle beauty. Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and office spaces alike.


Blue Skylight Blinds

Designed specifically for roof windows, blue skylight blinds defy gravity and allow you to manage light in loft conversions and conservatories. They have a similar style to roller blinds but feature brushed aluminium channels that hold the fabric taut. This gives you the very best light control, sinking a room into complete darkness and allowing you to ensure the comfort of every room.


Blue Textured Blinds

The texture is one of the best ways to break up single or dual-colour rooms. With blue textured blinds, you have a simple and effective way to do this. Choose from a range of different blue hues with varying textures, including linen-inspired and metallic details. From blue-textured roller blinds to blue-textured vertical blinds, there is an option to suit every single space.


Blue Blackout Blinds

Ideal for bedrooms and nurseries alike, our blue blackout blinds will effectively darken a room. They use a multi-layer material with an opaque central panel that physically blocks light from entering through your windows. With this, you can easily create the perfect sleeping environment for adults and children alike.


Blue Waterproof Blinds

High humidity is a key challenge in bathrooms and kitchens, and it plays havoc with traditional blinds too. Blue 100% waterproof blinds are your best option here, with a PVC coating that prevents water from being absorbed. They can be wiped clean with ease and come in so many different styles, it’s easy to find the best one for your space.


Blue Patterned Blinds

Our blue patterned blinds allow you to inject personality into any room. From traditional stripes to florals or sparkling stars, there is a pattern that works well in every space. You have the option of blue-patterned roller blinds, blue-patterned vertical blinds and even blue-patterned Venetian blinds.

Blue is one of the most versatile colours in the spectrum. It is beautifully versatile and able to be both luxurious and airy. This is one of the reasons that blue blinds are so popular. With such a wide range of different hues and tones, there is a blue out there to compliment your home. The right window blind should work practically as well as injecting style. And, if you pair together the right blind type with the right shade of blue, you have a thing of true beauty. When you choose dark blue blinds, you introduce luxury with decadence to compliment other darker colours too. When you choose light blue blinds, you create a bright and airy space that visually expands a room and invites people in. Use the right blind and you’ll be able to create a focal point and complete your space to perfection.


The range of options when it comes to blue blinds is remarkably wide. If you’re trying to create the perfect sleeping environment, blue blackout roller blinds use a multi-layer fabric that blocks out unwanted light. If you’re looking to inject blue hues into a minimalist kitchen, opt for a blue Venetian blind with a wipe-clean surface and 100% waterproof benefits. And, if you’ve crafted a family bathroom that is both practical and beautiful, blue 100% waterproof blinds provide privacy with a wipe-clean surface that is easy to maintain. There are so many different options out there which is just one of the reasons why they have remained such a popular choice for all of these years.


Here at Lifestyle Blinds, we aim to bring you the most extensive range of blue blinds at prices to suit your budget. All of our window blinds are made bespoke to fit your windows, designed to offer the perfect fit. This also extends their lifespan and gives you the very best light control too. We only work with the very best suppliers to ensure that every component in your blind is of the highest quality. Each blind is made in our UK warehouse, under the watchful eye of our specialist team and undergoes extensive testing before it leaves. This is our way of ensuring you get the finest window blind in your home - with the backing of our 3-year guarantee and free installation instructions too.

3 things to love about blue blinds

Whether you’re drawn to navy or sea blue hues, there is so much to love about using blue blinds in your home. It doesn’t matter if you’re styling a bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. With such a wide array of different patterns and styles available, there are so many options to help elevate your style. We could talk about the reasons we think you should choose blue blinds for hours but, for now, let’s focus on the three main things to love about these stylish window blinds.

1.Blue comes in a wide array of hues and tones

Blue isn’t just one colour - it is a wide array of different shades and hues. Softer tones such as sky blue and arctic blue exist alongside bolt cobalt, azure and lapis blues. And, at the other end of the spectrum, you have darker tones including navy, indigo and peacock blue. With blue blinds, you have access to a wide range of different styles and designs. Everything from luxurious jewel tones to softer pastels are available to help inject unique style into your home.

2.Blue is a calm and relaxing colour

When you look at colour psychology, blue is said to evoke feelings of calm and relaxation. It is a tranquil colour - one that is peaceful and stable. This makes blue blinds the perfect option for bedrooms and nurseries. Choose blue blackout blinds and you manage to blend together functional light-reducing and calming colours to create a space that is beautifully relaxing.

3.Blue is the easiest colour to see

This one is a bit more scientific. Sunlight is made up of many different colours, including blue. When light hits an object in your home, it absorbs all of the colours except for the one you see. Blue has a short wavelength which doesn’t absorb as quickly and is, therefore, the colour you see the easiest. This makes blue items look bluer - perfect for creating strong contrasts and drawing light into darker rooms too.

The perfect colour pairings for blue blinds

Blue is a perennial favourite when it comes to interior design. Its universal appeal works beautifully in many different rooms. And, when you have the right colour pairing to tie an entire room together, it’s easy to discover why blue blinds are beloved so much. Here are a few of our favourite colour pairings for blue blinds.

Blue and sand

Light blue hues bring back memories of crashing sea waves and coastal views. Pair soft blue blinds with sand tones to bring the charm of the seaside into your home. This is the perfect pairing for relaxing bedrooms and bathrooms. Partner blue blinds with sand-coloured walls and textured accessories, including wicker baskets and fur rugs.

Blue and orange

Orange sits on the opposite side of the colour wheel to blue. Its warm base is the perfect contrast for blue and together, they bring energy to a space. This makes it the perfect duo for communal rooms, such as dining rooms or kitchens. Consider bold blue roller blinds with orange accessories, such as cushions or seating upholstery.

Blue and green

Green is another colour that sits as a neighbour for blue on the colour wheel. This allows them to work beautifully together, creating a serene and peaceful aesthetic. We recommend opting for brighter hues with both to give each colour a chance to stand out. Opt for a maximalist style, introducing bold pops of blue and green into space and complimenting these with equally vibrant accessories and geometric artwork.

Blue and coral

Coral has a soft, pinky tone that provides a dash of femininity when paired with blue. The partnership has an alluring beauty to it - one that works beautifully in bedrooms and living rooms alike. Use white as a background colour to allow blue blinds and coral accessories to really pop. It creates a beach-like feel that promises to bring joy, especially during the colder months.

Blue and monochrome

Black and white continue to be the most classic pairing of them all. Introduce pops of blue and you have a beautifully elegant aesthetic that brings luxury to spaces such as dining rooms and bedrooms. Go for dark, navy tones for the ultimate opulence or softer blues if you’re looking to create an airy, alluring environment.

Blue and wooden hues

Warm and comforting, blue and wood manage to balance each other out perfectly. They are a contemporary pairing - one that works beautifully in kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms alike. And, this pairing is easy to create. Choose blue blinds with blue accessories and simply hold on to your real wood floors.


No matter what colour pairing you choose, blue blinds have a charming versatility which means you’re sure to fall in love with them instantly.

What is the best blue blind for my room?

You’ve chosen your colour pairing and you know you want a blue blind. But let’s not forget - a window blind isn’t just an aesthetic choice. The right window dressing will help to improve comfort, prioritising light and privacy collectively. So to find the right blind, you need to understand your options and choose the one best suited to each room.

If you’re styling a bathroom, choose a blue waterproof blind

With high levels of water and heat, bathrooms are some of the most challenging rooms to pair with blinds. Normal window dressings are made from porous fabrics. These absorb moisture in the air, locking it within their fibres and creating a breeding ground for mould. Over time, this unwanted organism breaks down internal fibres to cause damage or leaves behind dark, unsightly marks.


To counteract this, blue waterproof blinds come into play. Whether you choose waterproof roller blinds or waterproof vertical blinds, a PVC coating blocks unwanted moisture absorption. It creates a wipe clean surface that is easy to maintain and highly durable. And, with such a wide range of styles and patterns to choose from, it’s easy to style the perfect bathroom in no time.

If you’re styling a bedroom, choose a blue blackout roller blind

Your bedroom plays an important role. It is the space you switch off in and the room that lulls you into deep, restorative sleep. To do this, the room needs to be dark and cool - the environment needed for our bodies to produce the necessary sleep hormones. And achieving this is easier than you might think.


A blue blackout roller blind provides exceptional light control. Made using multi-layer fabric, they offer a physical barrier against unwanted light. Choose a blue blackout thermal roller blind and you’ll also benefit from a means to manage excessive temperature fluctuations too. Roll the blinds down and you’ll instantly darken the space, reduce unwanted heat and allow yourself to sink into a haven of calm. If you’re working on a children’s bedroom and are concerned about safety, our cordless roller blinds and motorised roller blinds with blackout fabrics work perfectly.

If you’re styling a kitchen, choose a blue Venetian blind

Kitchens share many of the same challenges as bathrooms. They also struggle against high humidity and fluctuating temperatures. Plus, they have the added problem of cooking smells which can linger on certain fabrics. The right type of window blind here needs to be able to cope with these environments while providing an easy-clean surface that can be wiped down regularly without shortening the blind’s lifespan.


Blue Venetian blinds are the best solution here. They are made from aluminium - a lightweight, durable and 100% waterproof material. With horizontal slats that rotate to your desired angle, they allow you to accurately control light and privacy. And, there’s no need to compromise on style either. We have a wide range of different blue hues to choose from, allowing you to go bold or stick with soft pastel hues to suit your decor.

If you’re styling out-of-reach windows, choose a blue electric roller blind

Tall ceilings are an incredibly covetable feature in modern homes. With them comes the ability to raise your windows too, allowing more light into a room and visually expanding the space too. While this does brilliant things for light, it also makes adjusting window blinds a challenge. The best solution here is to choose a blue motorised roller blind.


Instead of pull cords, these roller blinds have a discreetly hidden, rechargeable lithium battery in the top roll. Simply pop them on charge overnight before installing and you’ll get 6 months of service from them. Fit in the same way as you would a normal roller blind except, when it comes to adjusting for light, you’ll use the supplied remote control. With a few taps, you’ll be able to manage the comfort of your home (and it will look pretty cool to guests too!). Oh, and these blinds are also perfect if you or another household member has poor mobility.

If you’re styling patio doors or French doors, choose a blue vertical blind

Glass doors are a brilliant way of inviting light in and opening up your home to the garden. They can make a room feel larger and allow you to make the most of every inch of your property. However, so much glass means you need a specialist window blind to help you manage light, temperature and privacy. Standard roller blinds made to fit a full-length door would be too heavy to raise. Plus, you need a solution that can cover the door while still providing clear access when needed.


Blue vertical blinds tick every box. They are perfect for doors, with full-length louvres that cover the entire window. Use the twist wand to rotate the louvres in unison and control how much light filters in. When you need to step outdoors, pull the cord and these blinds will glide over to one side. You eliminate all tripping hazards and get to keep the aesthetic beauty of your patio doors or French doors. Plus, there’s no need to compromise on style here. Choose sumptuous dark navy vertical blinds to contrast with lighter walls or soft pastel blue vertical blinds to blend in with other hues around your space.

Find your dream blue blind

There’s a reason why so many people fall for blue blinds. This calm and tranquil colour has the power to relax you after the most stressful days. It can be used to craft beach-inspired havens that take you back to the fondest memories instantly. Dark blues bring undeniable elegance that befits formal rooms perfectly and easily stand in for black when you don’t want the intensity. As a cool-based colour, blue pairs well with bolder hues including orange and green. This makes blue blinds ideal for all manner of spaces, from minimalist bedrooms to maximalist living rooms. The range of tones and shades is vast, giving you freedom when choosing a style that best suits your home. And, with the added benefits of managing excessive light, and temperature and prioritising privacy, blue blinds will tick every practicality box too.

Here at Lifestyle Blinds, pairing you up with the right blind is what we do. All of our blue blinds are carefully crafted here in the UK, using your window measurements for a bespoke fit. We hand-select each fabric. This helps us to create a wide array of choices, from cobalt blue Venetian blinds to sea blue blackout roller blinds. With options that are easy to clean, waterproof and blackout, we’re confident you’ll find a window dressing in our store that meets every requirement. Our stringent testing process paired with only the best suppliers helps us to produce hardwearing blinds that offer many years of service - even in the busiest households. All orders are supplied with a 3-year guarantee, as standard, and installation instructions to suit your budget. So, no matter whether you’ve fallen for a blue vertical blind to accentuate your dining room or a blue motorised roller blind for the master bedroom, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here.


Shop for a stylish blue window blind today at Lifestyle Blinds

From living rooms to bedrooms, we have beautiful blue window blinds to suit every space. Regardless of the challenges each room presents, our online range has a solution that ticks every box. Our passionate and professional team is here to support you at all times. We only work with the very best suppliers and hand-select all of our fabrics. All of our window blinds undergo a stringent testing process and come with a FREE 3-year guarantee for added peace of mind. So you can shop confidently knowing that your brand-new blue window blind will be durable, stylish and practical for many years to come. From blue blackout roller blinds to wood blinds with blue tape, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for right here.


Browse through our website and order a bunch of samples to check against other household accessories. And, once you’re ready, pop in your measurements and we’ll create a black window blind that ticks every single box.


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