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Fakro® Skylight Window Blind Sizes and Codes

Identifying the Fakro® Skylight Window Code is generally straight forward as the manufacturer will have placed a product plate on the frame giving you the window code.

Use the image below to give you an idea of what information will be on the plate. Alternatively if there is no plate on the frame then measure the visible glass size, and use the table below to find the code, or give us a call on 0161 451 0290 and we will help confirm the code.

When you have your window code go to the Fakro® Skylight Blinds category here


This is an example plate. Note down the codes highlighted.

Fakro Skylight Window Sizing Plate


Visible Visible
Window Code Frame Width Frame Drop Glass Width Glass Drop
1(55 X 78) 55cm 78cm 36.9cm 59cm
2(55 X 98) 55cm 98cm 36.9cm 79cm
3(66 X 98) 66cm 98cm 47.9cm 79cm
4(66 X 118) 66cm 118cm 47.9cm 99cm
5(78 X 98) 78cm 98cm 59.9cm 79cm
6(78 X 118) 78cm 118cm 59.9cm 99cm
7(78 X 140) 78cm 140cm 59.9cm 121cm
8(94 X 118) 94cm 118cm 75.9cm 99cm
9(94 X 140) 94cm 140cm 75.9cm 121cm
10(114 X 118) 114cm 118cm 95.9cm 99cm
11(114 X 140) 114cm 140cm 95.9cm 121cm
12(134 X 98) 134cm 98cm 115.9cm 79cm
13(78 X 160) 78cm 160cm 59.9cm 141cm
14(66 X 140) 66cm 140cm 47.9cm 121cm
15(94 X 98) 94cm 98cm 75.9cm 79cm
16(55 X 118) 55cm 118cm 36.9cm 99cm
17(134 X 140) 134cm 140cm 115.9cm 121cm
18(134 X 118) 134cm 118cm 115.9cm 99cm
22(66 X 78) 66cm 78cm 47.9cm 59cm
23(78 X 78) 78cm 78cm 59.9cm 59cm
24(94 X 78) 94cm 78cm 59.9cm 59cm
25(114 X 78) 114cm 78cm 95.9cm 59cm
26(134 X 78) 134cm 78cm 115.9cm 59cm
33(78 X 60) 78cm 60cm 59.9cm 41cm
34(94 X 60) 94cm 60cm 75.9cm 41cm
35(114 X 60) 114cm 60cm 95.9cm 41cm
36(134 X 60) 134cm 60cm 115.9cm 41cm
40(78 X 180) 78cm 180cm 59.9cm 161cm
41(94 X 180) 94cm 180cm 75.9cm 161cm
42(78 X 206) 78cm 206cm 59.9cm 187cm
43(94 X 206) 94cm 206cm 75.9cm 187cm
50(114 X 160) 114cm 160cm 95.9cm 141cm
80(94 X 160) 94cm 160cm 75.9cm 141cm
81(78 X 60) 78cm 60cm 59.9cm 41cm
82(78 X 95) 78cm 95cm 59.9cm 76cm
85(94 X 75) 94cm 75cm 75.9cm 56cm
86(94 X 95) 94cm 95cm 75.9cm 76cm
89(114 X 75) 114cm 75cm 95.9cm 56cm
90(114 X 95) 114cm 95cm 95.9cm 76cm
93(134 X 75) 134cm 75cm 115.9cm 56cm
94(134 X 95) 134cm 95cm 115.9cm 76cm

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