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Everyone’s favourite neutral has a space in every house and grey blinds are a perfect way to inject it. Versatile enough for bedrooms, offices and living rooms alike, there is little not to love about these beautiful window dressings. Grey is recognised as a modern and highly flexible colour - one that can partner with warmer creams just as easily as it can deep navy and vibrant orange. It works seamlessly in every space, helping to brighten up a room while bringing a maturity to it that ensures your home will evolve with every member of the family.


At Lifestyle Blinds, we have a wide selection of grey blinds for each and every corner of your home. From plain grey roller blinds that optimise light control and create a visually seamless look in large spaces to grey faux wood blinds with an undeniable opulence, you’ll find it here. Each one is made-to-measure to fit your windows seamlessly and comes with full installation instructions too. With options to suit the fluctuating temperatures of bathrooms as much as the out-of-reach nature of roof windows, there is the perfect window blind solution to suit your space.


If you’re considering grey blinds for your home, read on to discover our tips, tricks and advice before jumping on our website to find the perfect one today.

Grey Vertical Blinds

Prioritising both access and light control, grey vertical blinds are a beautifully versatile solution for your home. They come in a wide range of different tones, with light grey vertical blinds that make your windows look larger through to deep graphic grey vertical blinds that make a bold statement. These blinds have two modes of operation and are an ideal choice for patio doors, French doors and sliding doors alike.

Grey Roller Blinds

Discover the beauty of classic design with a grey roller blind. Boasting a single pane of fabric that rolls over the window, these window dressings are some of the best for displaying patterns. They have a simple pull cord operation and are one of the most effective at managing light too. Whether you choose a grey 100% waterproof roller blind for your bathroom or a grey faux suede roller blind to bring elegance into your bedroom, we have your dream blind here.

Grey Cordless Roller Blinds

With child safety as their main consideration, grey cordless roller blinds have a seamless beauty. They do away with traditional pull cords, using a spring-loaded internal mechanism instead. Simply pull on the bottom rail to adjust window coverage. This not only eliminates potential choking hazards with small children and animals. It also removes the bulk of cords, creating a more modern look which pairs beautifully with every hue of grey available.

Grey Motorised Roller Blinds

The most modern homes will find the perfect solution with a grey motorised roller blind. Similar in style to cordless blinds, they replace the spring with a rechargeable lithium battery. This is mounted discreetly within the top rail and allows you to adjust window coverage with the supplied remote control. Hang them on any window - they work particularly well on out-of-reach windows and bi-folding doors.

Grey Venetian Blinds

Gone are the days where Venetian blinds were reserved for commercial kitchens alone. Modern technology has made this versatile window blind a perfect choice for homes too. Choose a grey Venetian blind and you have a wipe-clean, lightweight and durable solution that works perfectly in moisture-rich environments. Plus, designs such as grey perforated Venetian blinds make light control even more customisable to suit your needs.

Grey Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds will forever be one of the most timeless and elegant window dressing options. Choose a grey wood blind and you pair together the neutral we can’t get enough of with naturally thermal material. Grey wooden Venetian blinds have a wood grain to compliment your chosen furniture to perfection. Grey horizontal blinds are a durable solution for kitchens or bathrooms, consider grey faux wood blinds are made from PVC which makes them lightweight. 100% waterproof and wipe clean.

Grey Skylight Blinds

Roof windows for loft conversions and extensions are designed to draw in as much light as possible. Grey skylight blinds step in to help manage this, allowing you to reduce glare and prioritise thermal comfort throughout the year. They pair with brushed aluminium seals for a seamless fit and are one of the best window blind solutions for light management.


Grey Day and Night Blinds

A grey day and night blinds offer the best of both worlds, with a unique design that allows for excellent light control and privacy, making them perfect for any room in your home.

The day-night feature means that you can choose between a sheer or opaque fabric, depending on your needs. During the day, the sheer fabric allows natural light to filter through, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home. But when privacy is needed, the opaque fabric can be easily adjusted to provide full coverage and privacy.

Grey Textured Blinds

If you’ve fallen hard for grey, break up a single-toned room by choosing a grey textured blind. From roller blinds to vertical blinds, these demurely stylish window dressings compliment every space while making it easy to dress other accessories in too. And, we offer a wide range of textures, from the more subtle through to the bold alike.

Grey Blackout Blinds

Light management is key with the perfect window blind and grey blackout blinds work to prioritise this. Regardless of the tone, these multi-layer window dressings offer a physical barrier against unwanted light. In bedrooms, they work to evoke the deepest night's sleep. And in other spaces around the house, grey blackout blinds help to create relaxing and calming havens to switch off in.


Grey Waterproof Blinds

Opt for a grey 100% waterproof blind in rooms including bathrooms and kitchens. Where traditional blinds run the risk of long-term damage when exposed to high levels of moisture, these PVC-covered alternatives offer an ideal solution. They are non-porous and have a wipe-clean surface - simply clean away excess moisture from the surface and you have a blind that promises to last for many years to come.

Grey Patterned Blinds

Choosing a neutral tone for your home doesn’t mean giving up on personality. Choose a grey patterned blind and you can embrace the more eclectic side of your interior design. We have options from traditional stripes and florals through to animal prints and intricate patterns. So you’re sure to find that statement patterned blind that completes every single room.


Grey blinds have always been one of the most versatile and stylish options on the market. As a colour that is neither stark black nor crisp white, it has a universal appeal that works with all interior trends seamlessly. As we continue to strive for homes that feel like internal retreats from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, grey continues to find its dominance. It isn’t clinical, bringing an edge of warmth that sits in between black and cream. Lighter greys feel airy, bringing added visual space to smaller rooms and allowing you to accessories freely. Darker greys have a luxurious appeal but one that doesn’t go as deep as the darkest blacks.

As a truly all-encompassing neutral, grey blinds make bolder colours pop while complimenting other neutrals. It has so many different shades that the options are endless. Silvery greys have a crisp beauty that works well in contemporary rooms while warmer, yellow-hued greys are country-chic perfection. Plus, it’s easy to style different shades of grey together, creating a single-tone room that feels well-crafted and carefully considered. At Lifestyle Blinds, we bring you a wide selection of grey window blinds to help you do just that - create homes you want to show off. The window dressings you choose are one of the most cost-effective ways to make an impact in any room. Plus, they have a longevity that allows them to stay put as interior trends change.


Choose a made-to-measure grey blind and you have the perfect base for any room - whether you’re a firm minimalist or have a thing for industrial style. Perhaps you’re drawn to mustard yellows now but feel a shift towards stark jewel tones in the future. Or maybe you want to introduce a dash of warmth into an all-white room. The right grey blind will help you to do just this with absolute ease. And the Lifestyle Blinds website is where you’ll find that perfect blind today.

4 reasons why grey blinds will never go out of fashion

Interior design trends come and go but some stay true for longer. Grey interiors have become so commonplace, many of us pass by them every day without thought. This doesn’t mean they are uninspiring or outdated - rather that they have become such a staple in modern decor, grey has created a firm fixture in our lives. For this reason, grey blinds will never go out of style. There will always be a place for them in your home and this we are sure of. Here are four reasons why we think investing in a grey blind for your home is one of the finest options out there.

1. Grey is the most versatile neutral

In modern interior design, the word ‘neutral’ no longer just applies to creams and beige. Nowadays, grey is perhaps the most widely used neutral. It pairs beautifully with all different colour pallets. Be visually dramatic in the very best way by pairing grey and reds together - a passionate combination that adds warmth alongside crisp hues for a beautifully modern space. Go soft with blush pink and grey which create a playful but mature aesthetic that suits bedrooms and living rooms with ease. Or opt for an autumnal-inspired tone with a grey and mustard yellow pallet that perfectly celebrates copper hues.


There are a few colours that don’t go with grey - in fact, we can’t think of a single one. Which is why it continues to be such a popular choice. You can leave grey blinds fitted for many years as your interior style evolves around them.

2. There are so many different shades to choose from

When we talk about grey, we rarely speak about a single colour. This is because it has been hailed as the ultimate ‘non-colour’. It sits midway between black and white - two colours that, themselves, sit at the further ends of the colour spectrum respectfully. Greys come with warmer yellow tones or cooler blue tones. They can be deep and luxurious, pairing beautifully with jewel tones and adding decadence to the most understated space. Equally, cooler greys can bring blue and green tones to life and enhance a nature-inspired interior. And, the softest greys (those just slightly darker than white) offer the perfect accompaniment to pastel tones.


You’re not restricted in any way when it comes to finding the perfect grey blind for your home. And herein lies their appeal.

3. Grey works with every interior design trend

Because of the wide range of grey shades available on the market, there are a few interior design trends that a grey blind won’t complement. Soft and warm greys are ideal for country-inspired kitchens and living rooms, bringing a softness to the room that encourages relaxation. Deeper tones enhance industrial details and emphasise monochromatic details in minimalistic homes. Grey blinds work beautifully in maximalist homes - especially if you choose a grey blind with an intricate pattern that brings its own level of detail and intrigue.

4. They have a timeless appeal

In a similar way to how black and white have fixed their positions in interior design forever, grey has a timeless appeal. If you’re looking to invest once in a decor that will stand the test of time, a grey blind is a perfect solution. It won’t become untrendy. It won’t become an eyesore. It won’t offend your eyes in the way bolder colour might. A grey blind is a truly timeless option in bedrooms, living rooms and offices alike.

Should blinds be lighter or darker than walls?

As grey comes in so many different shades, choosing the right one can be daunting. And one question we’re asked regularly relates to the colour of walls vs your blinds. Should you choose a dark window blind with light walls? Or would a light blind work best? All interior design choices come down to personal preference. In a world where maximalism has become a key focus for many households, we always recommend creating a home you love as a priority - regardless of what is seen as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

However, there are some things to consider when choosing your grey blind:

  • Darker blinds against lighter walls create a bolder statement. The deeper colours will visually expand the look of your window, making it appear larger. So, if you’re working with smaller windows, this could be a productive way to increase the feeling of space in a room.
  • Lighter blinds against darker walls will blend in more seamlessly. The eye will be automatically drawn towards the darker colours and away from the windows. Your blinds essentially become a second thought when it comes to interior design.
  • Lighter window blinds with darker walls will also help a room to feel brighter and airy, even when the blind is closed. For this reason, many people with compact rooms will choose this combination.
  • Choosing to have the same colour walls as your blinds will create a seamless look where no specific feature takes the focus. This works well for minimalist homes and even more so if you can exactly match the shades of grey.

Grey blinds - What are your options?

As with many other colours, grey blinds come in a whole host of different styles and designs. Understanding the right option for your home comes down to a number of factors, including:

  • The light challenges and requirements for each room
  • The need for privacy
  • Temperature fluctuations throughout the year
  • Challenges, including high humidity and temperature fluctuations
  • Access requirements through patio doors or French doors


We highly recommend considering all of these factors before choosing your blind. A beautiful window dressing is one thing. But one that doesn’t help to improve comfort or functionality in your home is just a waste of money. Thankfully, here are Lifestyle Blinds, we’ve aimed to bring together the most varied range of grey blind options so there promises to be the right solution in our online store. So what are your options and what rooms are they best suited to:


Option 1: Grey Roller Blinds

Ideal for: Bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms… basically any room

The classic roller blind is the nation’s favourite for a reason. It is easy to install, easy to use and versatile enough to suit every home. Introduce our favourite neutral too and you have a match made in heaven. Grey roller blinds find their place perfectly in every room of the house. Styling a bedroom? Grey blackout thermal roller blinds have a multi-layer material that physically blocks unwanted light while helping to manage internal temperatures. When used appropriately, they create an ideal sleeping environment that supports your health needs too.


Want a modern office space you can work in without interruption? Grey thermal translucent roller blinds have a white or silver backing. This reflects unwanted thermal energy away from your windows, keeping the room cooler throughout hotter months. Equally, these blinds feature a light-diffusing fabric that eliminates harsh sunlight and glare, helping you to focus entirely on the job at hand.


Styling a modern kitchen or bathroom? Grey 100% waterproof roller blinds use a non-porous PVC coating. The high humidity and fluctuating temperatures in these rooms play havoc with normal window blinds. The liquid absorbs into the fabric, creating the perfect breeding ground for mould and causing irreversible damage. Waterproof blinds can be wiped clean and have the durability to withstand these environments. Plus, there is a host of grey kitchen patterns and styles to choose from to help support your interior style. A beautifully versatile option that promises to tick every box with ease.

Option 2: Grey Cordless Roller Blinds

Ideal for: Children’s bedrooms, nurseries and playrooms

Traditional roller blinds are great but they have one main downfall - the pull cords. It is estimated that up to 2 children under the age of 6 are injured every single day from pull cords, with some of these incidents being fatal. Due to their size and lack of muscle development, small children are unable to untangle themselves if cords become wrapped around their necks. And these silent hazards can go undetected - especially in the rooms that children occupy on their own.

Grey cordless roller blinds have been designed to solve this exact issue. Instead of a pull cord, they use a spring-loaded internal mechanism that sits with the top bar. Pulling down on the bottom bar will release this spring, allowing the fabric to be adjusted to your required position. It is an easy form of adjustment that can be safely used by all members of the household. This is what makes grey cordless blinds perfect for children’s bedrooms, nurseries and playrooms.

And if you’re looking for this same seamless window blind design in other spaces, there’s no stopping you either. You can find all of the same fabrics from our roller blinds made into cordless blinds. Grey 100% waterproof cordless blinds, grey blackout thermal cordless roller blinds or grey sheer cordless roller blinds - there is a practical and stylish option available out there too.

Option 3: Grey Motorised Roller Blinds

Ideal for: Out-of-reach windows and modern homes

Grey motorised roller blinds are a modern option that offers more benefits than simply being a novelty. They are perfect for windows that sit out of normal reach. This could be due to the positioning of new furniture or simply because of the design of your home. Equally, being unable to reach windows could be down to personal mobility issues rather than the building layout itself. Either way, these electric roller blinds are designed to solve an issue. Instead of pulling cords or a spring-loaded system, they have a discreetly positioned and rechargeable lithium battery.

Each blind is supplied with a multi-channel remote control. After being charged to full capacity overnight and then installed, you’ll be able to adjust window coverage with the tap of a button. If you have multiple windows, such as those on bi-folding doors or on a statement wall, you can programme all of them to adjust at the same time and to the same position. Equally, due to the technology used here, our motorised roller blinds can be programmed into your smart home hub system. This allows them to be scheduled to adjust at certain times of the day or when the external light drops to a specific level.

Again, you have the same style options with grey motorised roller blinds as you do with traditional blinds. There are 100% waterproof options for bathrooms and grey blackout motorised roller blinds for bedrooms too.

Option 4: Grey Venetian Blinds

Ideal for: Kitchens and bathrooms

Grey Venetian blinds are unique in that they are manufactured from lightweight and wipe-clean aluminium. With horizontal slats sitting within a knotted frame, they offer two modes of operation. You can either rotate the slats in unison to adjust light and privacy or draw them up entirely, exposing the window and prioritising visibility. The aluminium design is what makes these blinds perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

Traditional window blinds are manufactured from porous fabrics. With high air humidity, they absorb surrounding moisture, drawing it into their fibres and causing structural damage. These environments are also perfect for mould and mildew to grow. In contrast, aluminium is a non-porous material - it does not absorb surrounding moisture. Water beads on the surface, dripping off or being easily wiped away with a soft cloth. This metal also won’t absorb unwanted food smells from cooking, keeping a kitchen smelling fresh at all times too.


Grey Venetian blinds come in a host of different styles too. On our website, you’ll find demure plain grey Venetian blinds that slip effortlessly into any kitchen space. Our grey perforated Venetian blinds have a punctured detail that diffuses available light when the slats are closed, offering heightened light management. You’ll also find wood effect grey Venetian blinds alongside hammered grey Venetian blinds and striped Venetian blinds - every style needed to create a home to be proud of.


Option 4: Grey Wooden Blinds

Ideal for: Living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms

If you’re looking for a timeless and long-lasting window blind to compliment your home, there is no finer option than a grey wooden blind. There are two main options - grey real wood blinds and grey faux wood. The first - grey real wood blinds - are one of the most decadent options available. They are the ultimate window blind when you’re looking to invest once and benefit for many years. A premium price tag means you get a window dressing that can withstand the test of time, pairs beautifully with investment furniture and brings an undeniable elegance to your home. However, real wood is a porous material and must be treated with care. It expands and contracts with fluctuating temperatures and needs to be properly maintained to hold onto the high levels of light control.

Grey faux wood blinds are a practical solution if you’ve fallen in love with wood grain but want more flexibility with location. They are made of rigid PVC which brings wipe-clean, durable and waterproof properties to your fingertips. Each horizontal slat has been textured to replicate real wood, allowing them to pair just as seamlessly with investment furniture as their authentic alternatives. Plus, with such a versatile colour, there are grey faux wooden blinds in all different hues to compliment your chosen interior style.

Craft a home to love with grey blinds with Lifestyle Blinds

Your home deserves to be a celebration of your family. A place where everyone feels safe and adores the style around them. Grey blinds are a versatile, timeless and practical style choice that slips elegantly into any space. From finding the dream grey blackout roller blind to complete your little one’s first bedroom to choosing a grey vertical blind that works functionally with your French doors, the options are endless. And with everyone, you’ve assured a window blind that blurs the lines between beauty and practicality too.


Grey window blinds are one of the most versatile options that bring endless beauty and style into your home. And, we want to make the process of finding and ordering yours as easy as possible. On the Lifestyle Blinds website, we’ve provided all of the tools needed to measure, order and install your brand-new grey window blind today. From bedrooms to living rooms, offices to loft conversions, there is an option there for every space. Plus, you have the support of our team at all times to answer any questions or queries you may have.











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