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Always Low Prices! No Gimmicks! :: How to identify your skylight window blind sizes

How to identify your skylight window blind sizes


Skylight blinds are easy to buy as all you need to order them is pick a colour and find your skylight window size. Most manufacturers place a data plate on the frame of their window detailed the window code.


Our blinds are compatible blinds with all the leading skylight window brands including VELUX®, Keylite®, Roto, Fakro® and Dakea® to name but a few but at a fraction of the branded blind price.


Sometimes a skylight will not have a visible data plate and this can cause you the customer problems in identifying your windows. But don’t despair, this is where we come in. With our helpful guides to identifying your skylight window you can find your window and buy the correct blind without even having the code.


Just choose your window brand from the choices below and click through to our helpful guides. If you are still having trouble we are always there to help on or 0161 451 0290



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