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Cordless_Roller_Blinds Linen Effect

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Textured, Woven, Linen Effect Cordless Roller Blinds

A rustic addition to any home, our Textured, Woven and Linen Effect Cordless Roller Blinds are both unique and contemporary. Using the finest materials, our spring loaded roller blinds work using an unseen spring which is hidden in the aluminium roller tube. These pull down blinds are operated by a tug which gently raises or lowers the blind. These blinds are ideal for any room where you don't want to see the roller blind cords. ... Read More
Weave Charcoal
From £ 40.05
Weave Espresso
From £ 40.05
Weave Moonstone
From £ 40.05
Weave Sand
From £ 40.05
Weave Flax
From £ 40.05
Weave Hessian
From £ 40.05
Weave Tweed
From £ 40.05
Weave Graphite
From £ 40.05
Weave Iron
From £ 40.05

Linen Effect Cordless Spring Action Roller Blinds

The versatility of our Linen Effect Cordless Roller Blinds will find it's way into the home all across the country. Whether you're a lover of all things rustic or are simply seeking a subtle option for your new bedroom, these affordable roller blinds are made for you. There's everything from dark hues through to lighter options and all of which work to block out light while maintaining a level of privacy. The high-quality materials used, alongside the aluminium frame, helps to offer a longer lifespan in the busiest of environments.

For a bespoke fit, these adorable window blinds are made-to-measure using the specifications you provide. No matter the size or shape of your windows, they are guaranteed to provide a streamlined fit that blocks out unwanted light rays while fitting in perfectly with your chosen decor. Find the perfect gold cordless roller blinds for your family here today with our wide range.