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orange blinds

There is something undeniably alluring about orange blinds. A colour that many shy away from for fear of being too bold. And one that, for those who choose to embrace it, has the potential to create a home that dazzles. You could go bold with orange walls or invest in a trend-driven orange sofa. Or, you could work with your available budget and experiment with different types of decor by choosing an orange window blind. The benefits of these stylish window dressings far outweigh the negatives and, when it comes to creating a home that works on many levels, you want to have the right product at your fingertips.

Here at Lifestyle Blinds, we focus entirely on bringing the very best window blinds to our customers. And, it has to be said, we do have a penchant for orange window blinds. While most homeowners go neutral, there is a special kind of beauty in rebuffing the norm and choosing a bolder hue in your home. Plus, with the advancements in interior design and the availability of tips/tricks online, it’s never been easier to dress a bold orange window blind in any room. From ultra-stylish living rooms to maximalist offices and playful nurseries, this vibrant zesty tone promises to bring an injection of unique charm into your home.

Orange Vertical Blinds

A bold colour that is perfect for larger windows, orange vertical blinds are that statement accessory your home has been missing. Vertical louvres clip to a top rail, rotating in unison and allowing you to acutely manage light and privacy with ease. They are perfect for large glass doors, with a dual-operational design that prioritises access too. And, even if you choose to go simple with the rest of your decor, orange vertical blinds will bring the pop of personality any room needs.


Orange Roller Blind

If you’re hesitant about this bold colour, opt for an orange roller blind. With their classic design and one that prioritises light control at all times, they are perfect for any room. Choose a plain roller blind or one with a bolder pattern - these window blinds suit every window with ease. They are also crafted with a simple pull cord that makes it easy to adjust coverage, managing light, temperature and privacy collectively.


Orange Cordless Roller Blinds

If you want to create a fun playroom, imaginative bedroom or vibrant office, orange cordless roller blinds are perfect. They share the same structure as roller blinds but without potentially hazardous pull cords. In their place, you’ll find an internal spring-loaded mechanism that allows you to pull gently on the bottom rail to control light, privacy and temperature.


Orange Motorised Roller Blinds

Whether it’s out-of-reach windows or poor mobility that hinders your light control needs, consider orange motorised roller blinds. A rechargeable lithium battery sits discreetly within the top rail, charging to full capacity overnight. Once installed, you’ll be able to control window coverage using the supplied multi-channel remote. So with a few clicks, light, privacy and temperature management become incredibly easy.


Orange Venetian Blinds

A unique option perfectly suited to humid environments, orange Venetian blinds can effectively work to manage both light and privacy in moisture-rich environments. They are made from aluminium - a lightweight and 100% waterproof material that can be wiped clean easily. This makes them an ideal solution for style-conscious kitchens and bathrooms alike.


Orange Blackout Blinds

Just because orange has lighter hues, that doesn’t make it a less effective solution for light control. Orange blackout blinds have the same multi-layer design as darker counterparts, with an opaque central panel that blocks unwanted light from your home. This helps you create a home tailored towards restorative sleep and one that puts privacy at the height of importance too.


Orange Patterned Blinds

If solid orange hues won’t work in your home, opt for an orange patterned blind. These intricate window blinds help to break up the aesthetics of the room, adding detail and personality to more understated rooms. From autumnal florals through to geometric prints and vibrant patterns, there are window blind options here to tick every box.


Orange blinds may seem like an incredibly bold statement - and, in some rooms, they are. But, with such a wide range of tones and designs to choose from, there’s no reason why an orange blind won’t be the perfect choice for your home. Darker orange blinds bring a sense of warmth and comfort to them, fitting in perfectly with living rooms and bedrooms alike. If you’re looking to create an airy space, opt for lighter oranges such as apricot or peach. These can be styled with other soft tones to create a calm, spacious and mentally relaxing home too. And, if you want a window blind that will make a statement and stand out beautifully against plain walls, orange patterned blinds bring geometric shapes, flowers and berries into every corner of your home.

At Lifestyle Blinds, we truly believe that everyone should have a window blind that they love and one that brings their interior design dreams to life. We hand-select all of the fabrics available, choosing the orange blinds that have something unique to them compared to those on the high street. Our blinds are individually made-to-measure to offer the perfect fit - designed with your window measurements in mind. This, paired with full installation instructions, ensure they fit your budget as well as your home style. And, with the support of our team, you’ll have the support needed to make the right decision in every single room.

Our online range of orange blinds has everything you need to create a comfortable and stylish home. You’ll find orange blackout blinds with a multi-layer design that physically blocks unwanted light from a room. Orange vertical blinds are ideal for larger windows and prioritise access through glass doors while orange cordless roller blinds inject colour into nurseries and playrooms. And if you’re looking for something subtle, choose a subtle patterned orange blind that helps to break up colder colours and make interior styling easy.

The varying shades of orange

When you hear the term ‘orange blinds’, you can be forgiven for thinking the only option is a bright, tangerine. There are so many shades of orange that allow you to style it into your home with ease - whether you’re creating a modern haven or a vibrant playroom. Understanding how to style different shades of orange into your home is one of the best ways to create spaces you’re proud of and ones that don’t feel excessive (unless you want them to).

Burnt orange blind

One of the most popular shades of orange in modern homes is the burnt kind. This medium, dark orange is reminiscent of flames. It is warm and mature, bringing a sense of comfort and luxury into your home. A burnt orange window blind can be styled in many different ways. Consider gold metallics and copper accents from accessories to bring harmony to a primarily orange space. Or build contrast, using orange blinds with navy blue or teal accents too.

Zesty orange blinds

If you have interior design confidence, bright and zesty orange blinds inject a flash of colour that works beautifully in kitchens and playrooms alike. Create an eye-catching and bold statement by using these vibrant blinds against white walls. Or consider a deeper and more sophisticated grey to create an elegant contrast. If you want to create a truly intriguing home, choose an orange floral blind and pick out the different colours through your wallpapers or soft furnishings.

Dark orange blinds

Dark oranges and browns pair beautifully together to create a sophisticated home. Consider dark orange blinds with leather sofas and neutral-coloured artwork. Or create a decadent contrast with black and dark orange - the perfect stylish partnership for living rooms and dining spaces where you’ll expect guests.


Regardless of the shade, there is a unique beauty to orange that makes it one of the most eye-catching shades in interior design. Our website has a wealth of different options to suit, regardless of whether you’re drawn to soft orange and floral prints or want a plain dark orange roller blind too.

How to style orange blinds in your home

You may be surprised to know that orange blinds for windows are incredibly versatile - especially if you have the right support. And that’s exactly what we’re here for at Lifestyle Blinds. Our experienced team is here to help you find the best option for every single room - whether that’s a patterned orange roller blind or a textured orange vertical blind.

Orange blinds for living rooms

A living room should be a comfortable and relaxing place where you can switch off at the end of the day. The right window blind will help you achieve this on both a practical and stylish front. For normal windows, orange thermal translucent roller blinds are ideal. They use a specialist fabric with a white or silver backing that reflects unwanted sunlight away from the windows. When drawn down, these woven blinds diffuse the available light, allowing the room to be used throughout the day while avoiding excessive glare. Choose a burnt orange roller blind and combine this with burnt orange and white walls. Or introduce dark wooden accents and black details - all colours that bring a warmth to them effortlessly.

Orange blinds for kitchens

Kitchens tend to be busy, family rooms where everyone comes together to share stories and build memories. They are normally laid out to optimise available light, featuring large windows and wide expansive spaces - especially if you’re lucky enough to have an open plan-style space. You also want to take note of the specific challenges in kitchens. High humidity and fluctuating temperatures make traditional window blinds obsolete here. Traditional fabrics are porous, absorbing moisture and unwanted smells and shortening the lifespan of the blind.


What you need is a 100% waterproof orange blind, such as a waterproof roller blind or an orange Venetian blind. The first has a PVC coating that wipes clean and is durable - ideal for quick maintenance and durability in kitchens. Alternatively, orange Venetian blinds are made from 100% aluminium which is lightweight, waterproof and not affected by variations in temperature either. Choose an orange 100% waterproof roller blind paired with crisp white walls, black furniture and gold accents. Or, for country-chic kitchens, choose a mid-orange textured blind which breaks up different textures too. And in vibrant and playful kitchens, orange Venetian blinds are perfect - especially in family-centric rooms.

Orange blinds for offices

In colour psychology, orange is one of the most stimulating colours. It promotes good focus, concentration and organisation which is why it is regularly used in offices. It is also ideal for high-energy activities, such as brainstorming sessions, as it is said to inspire the best ideas. So choosing the perfect orange blind comes down to more than just style - it comes down to practicality. While you want as much natural light as possible, you also need a way to manage this light throughout the day.


Orange vertical blinds are an ideal choice here. The vertical louvres can be rotated to your exact requirements, directing light where needed and blocking it where not. Plus, if you want to let all the light in, draw them over to one side and you’ll get as much light as possible. You may also want to consider orange sheer cordless roller blinds. The woven design mutes light without blocking it out entirely. Even when rolled down, you’ll be able to work with ease - the perfect compromise.


Orange blinds for playrooms

Playrooms are an opportunity to be bold and playful - the perfect opportunity for orange blinds to thrive. In these unique spaces, the main consideration comes down to safety. There may be times when middle-aged children are left to play here on their own, without adult interaction. Or, perhaps you’re simply popping out quickly to grab something from another room. Either way, the right window blind needs to be safe for use by or around small children.


Orange cordless roller blinds have been designed for this purpose. Instead of potentially hazardous pull cords, there is an internal spring-loaded mechanism. Pulling gently on the bottom bar releases this hold, allowing you to adjust window coverage quickly. If you’re looking for something more hands-free, opt for an orange motorised roller blind. A rechargeable lithium battery fitted within the top roll replaces the pull cord here and allows these blinds to be adjusted with the tap of a button. Choose a bold patterned orange blind fabric here and you’ll have the perfect base to work with when it comes to adding a theme to your playroom or injecting a dash of personality.

Orange blinds for bedrooms

At first glance, orange seems less suited to bedrooms than any other colour on the spectrum - largely due to its bright and bold tone. How will you switch off in the evenings if you’re surrounded by the most vibrant of zesty colours? By choosing a burnt orange or dark orange blind, of course. Practically, a bedroom blind needs to manage light effectively and help to regulate internal temperatures. Dark orange blackout roller blinds use a multi-layer fabric that physically blocks unwanted light and thermal energy from your home. Combine these and you create a bedroom that is cool, dark and perfect for switching off at the end of the day.


Choose to pair orange roller blinds with soft neutral hues to give a calming and relaxing style. Or bring added warmth with dark brown accessories and golden accents. You can also inject strong contrast with darker blues and whites - the perfect way to embrace a contemporary style too.


No matter which room you’re working in, orange blinds have a way of seamlessly blending into your chosen decor if you give them a chance.

Statement orange blinds to inject colour into your home with Lifestyle Blinds

Our homes deserve to be cosy, comforting and homely places that we look forward to coming back to at the end of the day. While the colour orange initially evokes visions of zesty hues and vibrant tones, this shouldn’t put you off from considering orange blinds in your home. There are so many variations of shade and tone when it comes to orange - and it has been proven to be an incredibly versatile colour in its own right - that this could easily be that finishing touch you’ve been looking for. Orange blackout roller blinds that darken a room to promote deep sleep. Orange Venetian blinds with wipe-clean surfaces and a lightweight design for easy installation. Even orange vertical blinds that elongate the look of your windows and prioritise access - there is an option available out there for you.


Here at Lifestyle Blinds, we hand-select all of our window blind fabrics to create the most varied and eclectic range online. We promise - there is an orange blind option here that ticks every single box in your life. We have decadent burnt orange designs that compliment deep navy or soft peach tones that bring out the pink hues in other accessories. From creating a stylish bedroom to injecting fun into a playroom, few projects won’t benefit from these stylish window coverings. All blinds are made-to-measure to suit your windows and come with easy-to-follow installation instructions too. So within 30 minutes, you can get back to properly managing light, privacy and temperature - all while creating a stylish statement that will garner many compliments from visiting guests.


Find an orange blind that ticks every box here

You deserve to find an orange window blind that fits your every need, whether you’re drawn to traditional style, are a hard-cord minimalist or simply want something a bit different. Our premium quality blinds have an edge over those you’ll find on the high street. They are made-to-measure to fit your windows perfectly and use only the highest quality components to ensure longevity and durability. Each orange blind is made to measure, creating a premium finish that promises to suit your budget just as seamlessly too.






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