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Red is recognised as being one of the most powerful and dramatic colours in the rainbow. When you choose red blinds for your home, you choose to bring this power into your space. Whether that’s created with a pop of colour from red roller blinds or an all-red colour scheme that includes walls and accessories alike, there is a strength to choosing such a bold hue. And we truly believe that your home should be a celebration of you and your family. If you have the confidence to experiment with red blinds, the results can be truly exquisite. They’ll have you questioning why it took so long to take the leap!

At Lifestyle Blinds, our goal is always to bring you a wide and eclectic range of window blinds to choose from - including red blinds that make your heart sing and bring you joy every single day. We only use the highest quality suppliers in our bid to bring you premium-grade window blinds that suit your budget and promise to stand the test of time. And all of our blinds are made to measure to fit your windows like a dream. So, whether you’re looking for a plain red roller blind to compliment your living room decor or need a red Venetian blind that accentuates style in your kitchen, we have the right option here. Each window blind is made here in the UK, in accordance with current child-safety regulations and is supplied with full installation instructions too. So all you have to do is find and fall in love with a red window blind that suits your home perfectly and we’ll help with the rest.

If you’re considering red blinds for your home, read on to discover our tips and tricks for finding the right ones the first time.


Red Vertical Blinds

With such a bold colour, red vertical blinds will draw the eye in and make your windows look larger. They are made bespoke, with vertical louvres that cover your window from top-to-bottom - regardless of their length. This makes them perfect for patio doors and French doors, with a dual-operation design that prioritises access alongside light and privacy management too.


Red Roller Blinds

A simple way to bring colour into any room, red roller blinds make it easy to find the blend between light management and style. Whether you choose a plain red roller blind or a patterned red roller blind, these easy-to-use coverings have a pull-cord operation. Adjust window coverage to suit your needs and showcase your chosen red hue to perfection in any space.


Red Cordless Roller Blinds

Our cordless roller blinds are the best option for use around children. By eliminating traditional pull cords, you eliminate the risk of injury through strangulation. Pair this with a spring-loaded internal mechanism that is easy to use and a wide range of red colours and patterns to discover blinds that promise to elevate the style in any space.


Red Motorised Roller Blinds

Embracing technology has never been easier and our red motorised roller blinds help you to do this with your home decor too. Instead of a pull cord, they feature a rechargeable lithium battery that is discreetly hidden within the top rail. Using the remote control provided, you have full control over window coverage with the tap of a button - an ideal solution for out-of-reach windows too.


Red Venetian Blinds

There is a way to combine convenient design and style into one and it’s through red Venetian blinds. Made from lightweight aluminium, these durable window blinds have a 100% waterproof finish that withstands high humidity in bathrooms and kitchens. They are also wipe-clean and come in a range of styles, from red perforated Venetian blinds to red patterned Venetian blinds too.


Red Skylight Blinds

If you’re styling a new loft conversion or extension, you’re likely looking for a light management option for roof window blinds. Red skylight blinds step in to solve this issue. They have a similar style to roller blinds, with the main difference being the inclusion of brushed aluminium channels. These lock the fabric tightly across the window, working in contrast to gravity and offering the best light control of all the options.


Red Textured Blinds

Sometimes, the best way to break up a room is to introduce different textures as well as colours. Our red textured blinds are the perfect way to do this. They can be easily dressed alongside other soft furnishings, regardless of whether you fall in love with a textured red vertical blind or a hammered Venetian blind. A subtle but powerful way to elevate the look of a room.

Red Waterproof Blinds

Kitchens and bathrooms are two rooms in the house that can be challenging to dress with window blinds. This is why red 100% waterproof blinds were developed. With a PVC coating, these non-porous blinds prevent water absorption, minimising the risk of mould growth and creating a wipe-clean surface too.

Red Patterned Blinds

Choosing red blinds doesn’t box you in with a simple plain design. Our red patterned blinds are some of the most striking in our range, making it easy to play with florals, stripes and geometric prints alike. They are actually some of the most versatile options, with varying hues of red that work well with different interior trends too.

Red blinds are nothing to be feared. In fact, we believe that having the right red blind in your home can do wonders for your interior style. According to colour psychology, red is an incredibly passionate colour. It is both strong and powerful, helping to energize and mind and motivate. The colour's inherent warmth works well with other comforting tones, helping to create positive feelings and raise the energy in a room. Red household accessories are rarely overlooked. They are bold enough to stand out against any base colour and draw attention from guests. This makes a red blind so powerful in a room where you need that single statement piece to truly pull the room together. In offices and playrooms, red helps to incite creativity and prevents procrastination. Darker red hues bring a cosy nature to bedrooms - one that can help you sink into the deepest night's sleep. And when you do choose to go bold, red blinds are perfect for playrooms and kitchens too.

Here at Lifestyle Blinds, we’re here to help you find the right window blinds - regardless of colour. But there’s little denying that we have a personal love for those times when homeowners decide to go bold with their interior design. Which is why we’ve brought together a wide and varied range of red blinds to tick every single box. Discover 100% waterproof blinds for kitchens alongside red vertical blinds for use with patio doors. All of our full sets are made-to-measure to fit your windows and we only work with the very best suppliers. We make each blind here in the UK and subject it to a rigorous testing process to eliminate any issues. And, with full installation instructions that can be followed to completion within 30 minutes, it won’t take long for you to fully enjoy your brand-new blinds in any room.

3 reasons we think you should consider red blinds in your home

There’s little denying that we’re a nation of neutral lovers. But for those who want to step outside of the box, there is true beauty in choosing red window blinds for your home. This fiery colour makes an impression, whether it is only used on your blind or used across the walls too. Red is normally a supporting colour that pairs with softer tones to add personality and it goes well with so many different hues and in many different interior design trends. Here are three reasons why we think it’s time to consider red blinds in your home:

1. Red blinds will evoke conversation in communal rooms

Red is the colour of action and energy. When used in living rooms, dining rooms and even communal offices, it helps to evoke conversation. Because the energy in a red room feels alive, people are more likely to collaborate and interact - the perfect way to get all members of the family chatting around the dinner table once more. If you don’t feel confident enough to flood your walls with red, a red blind can help to push these chats more subtly.

2. Red blinds create a strong impression - especially when used in hallways

The first room that guests see in your home is the most important. This is the space that makes an impact and tells the visitor what to expect from the rest of your space. Choosing red in the hallway makes a statement that says you’re not afraid to go bold and turn against the curve. It sets the scene for the rest of your house, whether you choose to continue with rich colours or surprise everyone by slipping back into neutrals.

3. Red blinds boost creativity

Everyone knows that feeling of procrastination. But not everyone knows that choosing the right colours in a working space can work to counteract this. We’ve mentioned that red is an energetic colour but it can also help to support creativity. Dressing red blinds in an office can mean the difference between hours wiled away on your phone or completing that big presentation a day early. You may also consider red in children’s playrooms as a way of encouraging them to use their brands in more imaginative ways too.

Choosing red blinds doesn’t just have to come down to style preference. It can be a practical choice. One that aims to make each room in your home work better for the occupants and help to create the home of your dreams.

What shade of red is right for you?

If the first thing that pops into your head when you see the words ‘red blind’ is a bright and overly vibrant design, you’ll be pleased to know this isn’t your only option. Red encompasses a multitude of tones and shades - everything from coral through to burgundy. There isn’t one single colour you’ll be forced to work with if you do choose to take the plunge. And knowing the right type of shade for your home is vital as it makes the biggest difference to how pulled together each room looks. So which shade is right for you?

Choose darker hues for an autumnal and luxurious palette

There is something velvety and elegant about darker red hues. Choose the right type of red and you’ll create a modern, timeless room that feels comforting throughout the years. Opting for a deep red roller blind for your bedroom will help to craft a space that helps you to fully relax. Pair them with warm brown leather accessories, crisp grey tones and a splash of stark grey too.

Create strong contrasts with rich reds and green

Green and red sit at opposite ends of the colour wheel. This makes them complimentary - while the strong tones may seem polar opposites, they actually work beautifully next to one another. If you want to go bold with your red blinds, accessories with rustic greens. Or, consider going heavy on foliage and plants to counteract the tones and create a simple maximalist haven.

Style soft pastel reds with warmer neutrals

If you want to introduce red blinds into your home but are cautious about going too bold, opt for pastel red blinds. Pair them with warm greys and browns - colours that enhance that warm aesthetic and create the perfect base for a demure pop of colour. This works beautifully in living rooms - consider the charm of red roller blinds with wooden furniture and off-white walls combined.

The perfect red blind colour combinations

Let’s talk about colour combinations. What other colours can you pair with red to create a home to be proud of? And what colour walls or soft furnishings should you be looking for to compliment your red blinds? Here are some of our favourites:

  • Reds with monochromatic black and white
  • Rich primary reds with yellow or soft oranges
  • Tomato-esque reds with mint green or creams
  • Berry reds with grey, beige and light oranges
  • Deep reds with navy, black and metallic coppers
  • Red and canary yellow for a bold contrast

Choosing the right red blind for your home

So, you’ve fallen in love with the idea of a red window blind for your home. Now it’s time to understand your options and identify the best blind available in every single room.

If you’re styling a kitchen, you should choose a red Venetian blind

Kitchens are one of the most humid and hottest spaces in your home. Normal window blinds simply can’t stand up to these fluctuating environments. High moisture levels cause liquids to absorb into the fabrics, posing a threat to the fabric’s strength and creating a breeding ground for mould. Instead, you need a 100% waterproof window blind that won’t absorb either moisture or unwanted food odours.

Red Venetian blinds are the ideal solution here. They are made from 100% aluminium, making them both lightweight and wipe clean. The wipe-clean surface allows them to be fitted over sinks or near moist environments. And with a range of different red hues available, it's easy to create a space you’ll love that also works on a practical level.

If you’re styling a bedroom, you should choose a red roller blind

Having a well-designed bedroom does more than just accentuate style. These important rooms play a vital role in helping your body to switch off at the end of the day and promoting restorative sleep. In order to rest fully, you need a cool and dark environment. And a red blackout thermal roller blind will help you to achieve this. Opt for a darker shade to keep it comforting and benefit from a multi-layer design. With an internal opaque panel, these made-to-measure blinds effectively cover your windows and prevent heat from entering or escaping. During the day, they also darken bedrooms significantly, so it’s easier to relax while allowing your body to recharge.

If you’re styling bi-folding doors, you should choose a red vertical blind OR red cordless roller blind

Glass doors can be challenging to dress when it comes to finding the right window blind. Bi-folding doors are very popular because of the way they operate. Individual panels fold back on themselves, storing compactly to one side and creating a seamless transition from the inside out. Choose a red cordless roller blind and have individual ones fitted to each panel and you have the perfect solution here. You’ll still maintain clear access to the outside and have heightened control over light and privacy too.

If you have patio doors or French doors instead, you may want to consider a red vertical blind. With full-length, vertical slats, these made-to-measure blinds can be adjusted minutely to control light and privacy. Equally, the louvres can all be drawn to one side when you need full access. And choosing a red vertical blind automatically creates a focal point in your room that can be effortlessly styled around.

If you’re styling a bathroom, you should choose a red 100% waterproof roller blind

Bathrooms share many of the same challenges as kitchens, minus the unwanted food odours. You could choose a red Venetian blind here and you’d have all of the benefits we mentioned above. Or, you could opt for a red 100% waterproof roller blind. Finished with a soft PVC coating, they are a non-porous solution that can withstand very high moisture levels in these rooms.


There’s also no need to settle for plain red designs when you choose 100% waterproof roller blinds. If you want to inject personality, opt for a patterned roller blind featuring a floral, striped or geometric pattern.

Inject style with red window blinds in your home with Lifestyle Blinds

No matter whether you’re ready to go bold or want to experiment with this warming hue, red blinds are the perfect way to add personality to any space. With a wide range of different styles and designs to choose from, there’s no need to be pigeonholed into one specific interior decor. Instead, you can discover a range of red shades and hues, along with different window blinds that prioritise both comfort and style in your home. Red remains one of the most vibrant colours on the spectrum. A colour that, when styled right, will inject luxury and opulence while bringing a warming nature that helps you feel comfortable in the most important rooms.

From red blackout roller blinds that prioritise light management to red skylight blinds that work best on roof windows, we have the right solution for your home here at Lifestyle Blinds. All of our blinds are made-to-measure to fit your windows and come with full installation instructions too. We use only the highest-quality components and source from the finest suppliers so you can shop with confidence through our online range. No matter your chosen decor or the type of window you need to cover, our experienced team is here to help.



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