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Silver blinds are one of the most versatile ways to bring glamour into your home. They pair well with a multitude of other colours, with a shimmer that captures the light and a timeless style that will last for many years to come. Silver is an incredibly popular colour for homeware accessories in general, with silver lamps and picture frames being found in many spaces. And, choosing to use your silver blind to inject this detail further is a brilliant way to bring light and luxury into your space. From bedrooms to living rooms, dining rooms to offices, the right silver blind will help to prioritise light management and inject charm.

Here at Lifestyle Blinds, our online range is full of beautiful, unique and functional silver blinds. We want you to be able to style a home you love. To create bedrooms that evoke relaxation and dining rooms that spur conversation. The right silver window blind will help you play with metallics in a versatile and playful manner. It will pair just as seamlessly with grey details as it will with soft pinks and darker hues. The light-reflecting nature of silver also makes it an ideal option for smaller rooms. When used on your windows, these blinds become the first point of contact for natural light. So, during the warmest days, you’ll catch the odd sparkle shimmering from their surface. A magical display that adds charm to children’s bedrooms or something special to your home office, we promise there is little you won’t love about these stylish window dressings. And, with all of our blinds being made-to-measure in the UK to fit your windows, you’ll be able to shop confidently through our range, no matter your budget or requirements.

For those considering a silver blind for their home, read on to discover our top tips and tricks for picking the right ones for your home.


Silver Vertical Blinds

Our range of silver vertical blinds is perfectly styled for longer windows or patio doors. They offer excellent light control, with vertical louvres that can be rotated in unison or drawn over to one side. Plus, with the abundance of natural light flowing through larger windows, they promise to become a luxurious feature point in any room. And, when your vertical blind starts to look aged, you can even buy silver replacement vertical blind slats to inject a new lease of life into your home.


Silver Glitter Blinds

Add some sparkle to your home with our stunning silver glitter blinds! These blinds are not only beautiful, but also practical and functional, making them the perfect addition to any room in your house.  Our silver glitter blinds are made with real glitter, providing a luxurious and sophisticated touch to any room in your home. But what sets our blinds apart from others on the market is that they are made with a unique process that ensures the glitter stays put, with absolutely no "dropping" of glitter.  This means that you can enjoy the beauty of our silver glitter blinds without having to worry about the glitter falling off and creating a mess. You can be confident that your blinds will maintain their sparkle and glamour for years to come, adding a touch of elegance and luxury to your home that will impress all who see them.


Silver Roller Blinds

Whether you fall for plain silver roller blinds or patterned silver roller blinds, these traditional window dressings suit every room. The single panel of fabric can be adjusted using a pull cord while providing excellent light, privacy and temperature control. Blackout roller blinds are particularly popular in bedrooms, helping to darken a space and encourage more restful sleep.


Silver Cordless Roller Blinds

Eliminating the hazards caused by pull cords, silver cordless roller blinds are ideal for nurseries and playrooms. The whimsical colour pairs well with many themes, from space travel to unicorns, while a spring-loaded internal mechanism makes them safe for use at all times. And, with such good window coverage, they are ideal for helping your little ones get the best night’s sleep.


Silver Motorised Roller Blinds

From out-of-reach windows to homeowners with poor mobility, silver motorised roller blinds are a modern solution. They feature a rechargeable lithium battery, discreetly placed in the head rail and controlled by a remote. With just a few clicks, you can adjust window coverage to the perfect position without getting out of your seat.


Silver Venetian Blinds 

Silver is, perhaps, the most commonly associated colour when it comes to Venetian blinds. Made from aluminium to create a 100% waterproof solution, these lightweight blinds are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms alike. The horizontal slats rotate in unison, allowing you to manage light and privacy accurately with a wipe-clean surface that slots easily into your everyday maintenance routine.


Silver Glitter Blinds

Take advantage of the glamorous nature of silver with our glitter blinds. These roller blind window dressings are encrusted with real silver glitter in different-sized grains. When light flows in, they sparkle effortlessly, injecting a dash of beauty into your space. And, we have used a specialist fabric that promises not to drop glitter anywhere too. Thick, glamorous and textured, they are perfect for bedrooms, office spaces and even living rooms alike.


Silver Blackout Blinds

Style and practicality go hand-in-hand with our silver blackout blinds. Available in a whole host of beautiful shades and tones, these multi-layer blinds offer a physical barrier against unwanted light. Whether you choose silver blackout roller blinds or silver blackout Vertical blinds, all styles will effectively darken a room. This creates the perfect relaxing haven - whether you’re settling down for the night or having a movie session with the family.


Silver Waterproof Blinds

Your bathroom deserves an injection of glamour too and that’s exactly what you get when you choose a silver waterproof blind. Finished with a protective PVC coating, these 100% waterproof blinds inhibit the growth of mould and offer a wipe-clean surface. They easily stand up to the temperature fluctuations and high humidity in bathrooms, allowing you to flex your creativity when it comes to interior design.


Silver Patterned Blinds  

Silver blinds needn’t be plain and demure. Our range of silver patterned blinds allows you to play with this lustrous metallic in many different ways. From subtle florals that fill your living room with joy to contemporary stripes that visually elongate your windows, our hand-selected range promises to have a style that suits your space.

Metallics have become a hot trend for many households in recent years. Silver hails supreme as the most versatile and easily styled of them all. The cool tone is beautifully contemporary, taking on more of a luxurious edge than traditional greys. It is a cooler metallic that instantly refreshes a room and brings light to the space. In fact, many silver blinds feature a reflective surface that plays with available light. Seeing as the majority of natural light flows in through your windows, they are the perfect accessory to make compact rooms feel larger. When paired with classic neutrals, they introduce a dash of elegance that has timeless appeal. With crisp whites, silver uplifts a space, bringing an airy feel that is perfect for family kitchens and bathrooms. And, with richer tones, silver offers the perfect contrast that allows deeper hues to stand out without falling too far out of focus.

Choosing a silver blind for your home is a practical way to experiment with this forever metallic. Perhaps the ideal of painting walls silver or investing in all silver accessories feels way too daunting right now. And, in fact, silver is one of those colours that work best in tailored quantities. A window blind offers a cost-effective solution that not only improves style in your home but is also incredibly practical. Natural light is a brilliant thing to have in abundance in any room. However, too much and you can find yourself battling against issues like glare, premature fading of soft furnishings and excessive heat. The right window blind can reflect and shimmer with the light while improving usability and helping you get the most out of your home.

At Lifestyle Blinds, we recognise that a new window blind isn’t just a style choice. It needs to blend the needs of your family with an injection of beauty. Our range of silver blinds does just this. We hand-select each fabric, choosing the ones that capture our eye and offer something different to our customers. From plain silver roller blinds for understated glamour to silver patterned vertical blinds that inject personality, you’ll find them all here. We manufacture each blind here in the UK, bespoke to fit your windows and only using the highest quality components. All orders come with full installation instructions and a 3-year guarantee for added peace of mind. Plus, you’ll have the support of the Lifestyle Blinds team at your side throughout the entire process.

5 reasons to love silver blinds for your home

We’ve all seen the current craze for gold and copper throughout the home. But, if you’re looking for something effortlessly more timeless, choose silver. This ever-loved metallic is so much more than just a second thought. It has a long history, dating back to royalty and has long exuded luxury on its own front. When you choose a silver blind, you choose to bring some of this pedigree into your home - in a way that suits you and your family. We could give you a thousand reasons to choose a silver window blind, but here are our top 5.

1. Silver blinds go with every colour combination

Silver is somewhat of a forgotten neutral. While everyone went through the beige, cream and grey modes, we seemed to forget that the perfect neutral has been here all along. The cool backdrop allows it to pair with other cooler tones and warmer ones alike. It looks just as beautiful with a crisp white backdrop as it does against deep blues and greens. This is what makes a silver blind such a brilliant choice in your home. It can be hung into your existing space and will instantly look at home.

2. Silver blinds will help to make a room look bigger

Like other metallics, silver has a reflective nature. Many of the silver blinds we have in our online range have metallic stitching or even real glitter details. When hung on your windows, they play with the available light and reflect it back into the room. If you’re styling a compact this, this can give the illusion of more space - especially if you add mirrors and other airy tones in too. This is one of the reasons that silver is so widely used in bathrooms. With the UK having some of the smallest bathrooms in the world, silver helps visually expand these while creating a luxurious space that can be enjoyed by all members of the household.

3. Silver blinds are timeless - they never go out of style

As such a staple neutral and metallic, silver is one of those colours that can never go out style. Sure, others may step forward to claim top place every once in a while. But a silver household accessory will never look dated in your home. The neutral base ensures that, making a silver blind just as timeless as wooden floors or chrome showerheads.

4. Silver has a long and historic association with luxury

Add silver to your home and it instantly feels more luxurious. When originally sourced, the raw metal was seen as beautiful and rare, which boosted demand and meant that only the very rich could own it. While the metal is less valuable these days, that association with affluence and wealth hasn’t gone anywhere. Introducing silver blinds into your home still gives it an instant air of luxury - especially when you choose a highly shimmering design that demands attention.

5. Silver is both elegant and playful

A silver blind will look just as at home in an elegant master bedroom as it will in a child’s playroom. It can be both elegant and playful, a truly all-around colour that promises to grow with your family. This is why investing in a silver blind is always a good choice!

Silver vs grey - how to choose the right blinds

Silver and grey - are two colours that are incredibly similar and sometimes cross over. This makes it difficult to decide conclusively whether to use one or the other. Grey offers a wider spectrum of hues from soft fog tones to deep slate grey. This gives you a tonne of options when it comes to choosing other colours or styling with accessories. There’s no denying that grey is an incredibly popular neutral due to its versatility and one that many homeowners have adopted.

Silver, on the other hand, has a more lustrous shimmer to it. It occasionally sits within the grey spectrum, leaving more towards the lighter end of the scale. There is more depth to silver - it captures and plays with the light in a way that most matt silvers don’t. And it maintains the same degree of versatility as many greys too. Few colour combinations won’t work when choosing a silver blind which is one of the reasons they are such a brilliant option.

Choosing between the two comes down to personal preference. For us, we would combine the two together. Silver and dark grey sit so close to each other on the colour spectrum that they work beautifully in any space. Opt for deep greys to make the silver blinds pop out - such as a dark anthracite wall with silver blinds and other silver accessories. You can even add another accent colour, such as pink or mustard into the mix too.

Tips for styling silver blinds in your home

Being such a versatile neutral, there is all manner of ways to style silver blinds into your home. First and foremost, we truly believe that every home should be unique. It should be an expression of your own personal style, rather than a snippet from a magazine. So you should pick a silver blind that brings you joy above all else. However, we know that styling any accessory into a home can be challenging - especially if you’re someone who needs to see things to fully understand that. So here are our top tips for styling silver blinds in your home.


Pair silver blinds with neutrals to inject a contemporary style

Silver has a cooler base, making it the perfect neutral. And, it is this feature that also allows it to complement all neutral rooms too. This is especially true if you stayed true to a minimalist household. Crisp whites are undeniably elegant but an all-white room can feel clinical over time. Equally, you may be looking for quick-fix solutions to bring more personality into your home. A silver roller blind, for example, in a living room will instantly create a point of focus. This can then be styled alongside other silver accessories, such as throw cushions, picture frames and light fixtures.

Choose a bold accent colour to create a strong contrast with your silver blinds

Consider introducing a deep jewel hue or vibrant pop of colour to create a strong contrast with your silver blinds. This will make them stand out more, drawing the eye in and breaking up larger spaces with ease. For example, a deep blue wall in your bedroom paired with silver blackout cordless roller blinds will produce a luxurious and relaxing space you’ll look forward to going back to. Equally, silver vertical blinds in a deep green kitchen will draw in more light and help you put on lavish dinner parties with confidence.

Bring together silver blinds and white details in smaller spaces

Perhaps the most classic colour combination of them all, use silver to add subtle contrast with white. This works beautifully in small spaces. Both airy colours help to create the illusion of more space while the reflective nature of silver boosts this even further. Choose this colour scheme for bathrooms, picking a silver 100% waterproof roller blind with a unique pattern to add depth. Or pair a silver Venetian blind with a white kitchen to craft the perfect, communal space.

Go full-glamour with other polished surfaces to accentuate your silver blinds

Silver is an unashamedly luxurious colour. So, if you’re truly ready to embrace the glamour, go for it! Pair our glitter roller blinds with highly polished silver wallpaper and lavish chandeliers. This look works best in very large spaces - the type that can accommodate this amount of reflective surfaces with poise. So consider it for large living rooms, open-plan dining rooms or spacious master bedrooms where your personality deserves to shine.

Inject a modern dash of luxury into rustic homes

Surprisingly, silver also works beautifully in rustic homes. If you find the right window blind, you can create this charming hybrid between a country-chic and modern contemporary style that will be uniquely your own. Choose a silver motorised roller blind to truly embrace this blended space, opting for a charming floral print or linen-inspired texture to compliment other accessories around the home.

Find the right silver blind for your home

Yes - your home should be an expression of your personality and style. But, if you were to choose window blinds just for this purpose, your investment wouldn’t last. Window blinds have a role to play in your home. They are a practical way of managing light. They can effectively help to reduce energy bills by minimising your dependency on central heating and fans. And, they give you the privacy that everyone in your home deserves. Considering practicality when choosing your dream silver blinds is vital. Here are our tips for choosing the right silver window blind for every room.

Styling a bedroom? Choose a silver blackout blind

In order to get the best night’s sleep, you need to create the perfect environment. Our bodies release sleep hormones when they are exposed to certain temperatures and lights. This is one of the reasons why so many people cite sleep problems as their number one ailment. If a bedroom is too bright, your body can’t sink into deep and restorative sleep, meaning you’ll wake up feeling groggy.

The best way to use your window blinds to promote good sleep is to invest in a silver blackout blind. With multi-layer fabric, they physically block unwanted light out of a room. Choose a silver blackout roller blind and you get the best light control. This is because the single panel of fabric covers your windows near-perfectly. (Note: The only way to get a 100% blackout effect is to choose a blind with channels that hold the fabric tight at all times - like a silver skylight blind). If you’re styling a children’s bedroom or nursery, choose a silver blackout cordless roller blind which eliminates the potentially hazardous pull cords from the mix.

Styling a kitchen? Choose a silver Venetian blind

Kitchens are challenging rooms to dress in when it comes to window blinds. Most traditional fabrics are porous - they absorb surrounding moisture. Kitchens are spaces with very high humidity and temperature fluctuations. This means that, if you were to choose a normal window blind, you’ll be creating a breeding ground for mould and can expect the blind to have a much shorter lifespan. It gets worse if you choose wooden blinds. Excessive moisture here can cause the individual slats to warp, preventing them from closing flush on each other and significantly impacting light and privacy management.


The solution is to choose a silver Venetian blind for your kitchen. Made from aluminium, these wipe-clean window blinds are perfect. They won’t absorb moisture or unwanted food smells from the air. They can withstand high-temperature fluctuations without changing their structure. And, they can be wiped clean with a soft cloth in no time. With horizontal slats that rotate to give excellent light and privacy control, they’re a perfect solution in every way.

Styling patio doors or French doors? Choose a silver vertical blind

If you’re lucky enough to have patio doors or French doors in your home, you need a specialist solution for managing light and privacy. You need an option that allows some light in during the day to keep the space usable. You also need to consider access - there’s no point in having these large glass doors if you can’t walk through them safely. And, you need to consider practicality. A roller blind that was large enough to cover an entire glass door will be much too heavy for the average person to draw up.

In this situation, you’ll want to choose a silver vertical blind. With made-to-measure, full-length louvres, they offer full-length coverage. The louvres can be rotated to your desired position which will eliminate glare on television screens or unwanted thermal energy. And, when you want to step outside, a pull cord allows you to effortlessly draw all of the slats over to one side. They stack neatly and out-of-the-way, presenting no trip hazards and giving you full access to your door - perfect!


Styling bi-folding doors? Choose a silver cordless roller blind or a silver electric roller blind

Bi-folding doors are the epitome of home design right now, with multiple panels that fold in on themselves. They open up your home to the outdoors, creating more space for your family and entertaining room during the summer too. In a similar way to patio doors, the right window blind for a bi-folding door needs to prioritise access as well as light management. However, the big difference here is that you have multiple panels to work with. You can use vertical blinds if that style works in your room. However, we have a better solution.


Silver cordless roller blinds and silver motorised roller blinds are both ideal. They can be made-to-measure for each panel, offering individual light management to suit your needs. Both styles do away with traditional pull cords which would make them challenging to adjust. Silver cordless roller blinds have a spring-loaded internal mechanism while their motorised alternatives use a rechargeable, lithium battery. With the supplied remote control, you can adjust window coverage from a distance and with ease - a jazzy party trick when you’re entertaining.

Styling a bathroom? Choose a silver 100% waterproof roller blind

Bathrooms share many of the same challenges as kitchens. They are subjected to high humidity and excessive temperature fluctuations which make normal window blinds entirely unsuitable. You could choose a silver Venetian blind here - many homeowners do. They will offer good light management and privacy which are the two priorities in these spaces. However, there is another solution which allows you to be more unique with your style.


Silver 100% waterproof roller blinds have a protective PVC coating. This created a waterproof finish that inhibits the growth of mould and easily withstands fluctuating temperatures. Simply wipe clean after each shower or bath with a soft cloth and they’ll offer many years of service. Plus, if you choose a patterned 100% waterproof roller blind, you can bring personality into your bathroom - no matter how small.

Styling a living room? Choose a silver day & night roller blind

Living rooms are some of the most regularly frequented spaces in your entire home. They need to serve a multitude of purposes. They are playrooms, offices, television rooms and areas for romantic evenings. During the day, the right window blind will keep natural light in abundance while helping to reduce unwanted glare on television screens and devices. It will help you switch off at the end of the day, providing the privacy you need to cut off from all of the stresses.


A silver day and night blind is the perfect solution. These specialist window blinds share a similar design to roller blinds. However, instead of having one panel of fabric, they have two striped panels that move in opposite directions. One panel is opaque and one is sheer. When you adjust these blinds using a pull cord, you choose to either close the opaque lines together or open up the sheer ones. And it is this that gives you excellent management over light. Choose to keep the sheer gaps wide open, allowing muted light to flood in that won’t distract you from your favourite shows. Close the stripes entirely to sink the room into darkness at the end of the day as part of your relaxation routine. Or, pull the blind up entirely, opening up your home to the outdoors and embracing natural light. They work in every scenario.

Fall for your dream silver blinds here at Lifestyle Blinds

There’s no need to feel intimidated by silver blinds. This wide-reaching neutral is one of the most versatile metallics on the market. It may not be getting the respect it deserves right now but, in many ways, that’s what makes it so alluring. Silver blinds promise to never go out of style, with a timeless design that has long remained popular. Plus, it doesn’t matter what room you’re dressing, there is a silver window blind that ticks every single box. Discover silver blackout roller blinds that craft sleeping havens where you want to relax. Find a silver motorised roller blind that adjusts with the click of a button and allows you to embrace tall ceilings with pride. Opt for silver vertical blinds in living rooms or conservatories to prioritise access while injecting a dash of luxury. Or, go full glamour and fall in love with our silver glitter blinds that bring a whole new meaning to the term ‘luxury’.


Shop for your dream silver window blinds at Lifestyle Blinds

Whether you’re dressing a bedroom or living room, silver window blinds are the perfect injection of luxury into your home. With their reflective surface, they make smaller rooms look larger and help to create a more luxurious space. We’re dedicated to bringing you the largest range of silver window blinds to suit every space. Our professional and passionate individuals are on hand at all times to help. All of our blinds are made-to-measure to fit your windows, using hand-selected fabrics and premium components. With free installation instructions and our FREE 3-year guarantee, they are a budget-friendly and long-lasting solution in the busiest homes.


Browse through our website and order a bunch of samples to get the best understanding of colour and style. And, once you’re ready, pop in your measurements and we’ll create a silver window blind that ticks every single box.







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