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teal blinds

Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Home Décor With Teal Blinds

When it comes to designing a room, windows are an important element that should not be overlooked.   Window treatments, such as blinds, not only provide privacy but also add to the overall aesthetic of a room.  If you have chosen your colour scheme and have decided that teal blinds will work in your design then choosing the right shade of teal is a must.

Choosing the right shade of teal blind

Teal is the colour that sits between green and blue on the colour wheel. It is versatile and can be both invigorating and calming depending on which shade you have chosen. Teal has become an increasingly popular colour in interior design with popular shades ranging right from the darkest inkiest peacock green to the lightest of pastel duck egg blues.

By adding teal to your home you are adding a trending which complements both cool and warm colour schemes.  

For a bold and moody look consider using a deep and dak teal tone. For a more neutral, feminine and calming effect, opt for a light pastel shade.

How to style teal blinds:

Neutral Colours: Teal blinds give a balanced and harmonious look when they are paired with neutral colours such as white, beige, or grey. This combination creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for bedrooms or living areas.

Bold Colours: For those looking to make a statement, teal blinds can be paired with bold colours such as yellow or pink. This combination creates a fun and lively atmosphere that is perfect for playrooms or home offices. Our favourite combination is teal and grey roller blinds.

Metallic Accents: Teal blinds can also be paired with metallic accents such as gold or silver. This combination creates a luxurious and elegant atmosphere that is perfect for formal dining rooms or home theatres.

Mix and Match: Teal can be mixed and matched with any other colour to give a unique and personalised look.

Material: Teal blinds can be made from various materials, including velvet,fabric, vinyl, or wood. Each of these materials offers a different look and d texture which creates a different look and feel to the room..

Pattern: Rather than opting for a plain block colour of teal you could decide to go for a subtle or bold patterned blind.  Check out our teal-patterned roller blinds for inspiration.


Our favourite teal blinds

We offer blinds with teal in them in all of our main blind types.  See below our top picks from each of our categories:-

teal velvet roller blinds:

teal vertical blinds

duck egg blue replacement blind slats

teal venetian blinds

teal blackout blinds

teal patterned roller blinds

teal patterned blinds

dark teal blinds

teal kitchen blinds

teal blackout roller blinds

teal and grey roller blinds


Names of teal colours



duck egg

sea green



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