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Helping you to create a home you adore is something we’re passionate about here at Lifestyle Blinds. We hand-select all of our designs, work with premium suppliers throughout and craft all of our window blinds bespoke to fit your windows. This allows us to create an online range of white window blinds that suit every home - from demure minimalism through to bold maximalism. Using your window measurements, our in-house manufacturing process produces the highest quality white window dressing with full fitting instructions to suit your budget too.

There’s something timelessly elegant about white blinds. No matter whether they’re hung in bedrooms or offices, these window dressings are one of the best ways to inject style into your home. White is one of the most versatile colours on the spectrum - one that compliments neutrals and bolder tones alike. So you can effortlessly create a home that exudes your unique personality and benefits from durable blinds that will stand the test of time.

At Lifestyle Blinds, we’re experts in all things window blinds. We know that the right one will instantly improve comfort, reduce energy bills and create a space you want to show off to every guest. From traditional plain white roller blinds paired with full-length curtains to faux white wooden blinds in kitchens and wipe-clean white Venetian blinds, we have something for everyone. All of our window dressings are made bespoke in the UK, using the highest quality materials and your measurements for the perfect fit. We have child-safe, cord-free solutions to suit busy family homes and a host of different fabric styles to suit your needs. Plus, all of our white blinds are supplied with full installation instructions and a 3-year guarantee that offers peace of mind for years to come.

If you’re considering white blinds for your home, read on to discover our tips and tricks for finding the right ones the first time.


White Wooden Blinds

For the perfect blend of natural wood grain and crisp white, choose a white wooden blind. Available in both real wood and faux wood, these made-to-measure blinds have an undeniable elegance and longevity that works perfectly in living rooms, bedrooms and offices alike. They have a similar design to Venetian blinds, with multiple slats. Choose from a range of different grains and tones, with everything from pure white wooden blinds to off-white wooden blinds, depending on your preference.


White Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds no longer have to be silver or metallic in their finish. Nowadays, white horizontal  blinds are one of our most popular options and work perfectly in moist environments. With multiple horizontal slats, an all aluminium design and dual-operation, they effectively manage light without compromising on style. Many homeowners use them in kitchens and bathrooms, due to their water-resistant and wipe-clean nature. And being able to rotate the slim slats means more accurate light control is within reach.



White Roller Blinds

Sometimes, it pays to stick to the classics and white roller blinds allow you to do just this. Made bespoke to fit seamlessly, they have a simple pull cord operation and are one of the most effective forms of light control on the market. Opting for a white colour needn’t impact light control - advancements in technology mean that white blackout blinds are just as effective as their darker counterparts. And, you have the added benefits of interior design versatility with a window dressing that slots easily into any room.


White Vertical Blinds

Offering full-length coverage, vertical blinds already elongate the look of your windows and make ceilings look taller. However, choose white vertical blinds and you’ll also add the illusion of more space around the entire room. From textured options to demure patterns and even rigid PVC vertical blind options, there’s something for every home. Plus, they offer dual operation to make light management and maintain easy access through patio and French doors. We also stock white replacement vertical blind slats that clip into place quickly, refreshing your existing blinds and working within your budget.


White Cordless Roller Blinds

Bustling family rooms deserve just as much light control as any other which is why our white cordless roller blinds remain so popular. They have a similar design to roller blinds - the main difference being that the traditional cord has been replaced with an internal spring-loaded mechanism. Simply pull gently on the bottom bar and you’ll be able to shift the fabric up and down to manage light, without putting the safety of children or small animals at risk either.


White Motorised Roller Blinds

Ideal for out-of-reach windows or in households where tech is a key focus, choose our white motorised roller blinds. They too share their design with roller blinds except, instead of an internal spring, they have a rechargeable lithium battery fixed discreetly in the top rail. With the supplied remote control, you can adjust window coverage at the touch of a button - all while maintaining versatile style and flexibility with your chosen decor. These blinds can also be synced with home smart systems!


White Skylight Blinds

Designed specifically for roof window blinds, our white skylight blinds are simply perfect. They are the best form of light control on the market, due to the brushed aluminium channels that lock the fabric taut over your window. With a pull-to-adjust design and blackout thermal fabrics, choose an effective way to create a stylish, practical and easily evolved space in your home.

White Day and Night Blinds

Day and night blinds look stunning in white giving you the ultimate soft and dreamy window covering.  Ideal for privacy day and night and very reasonably priced too.


White Textured Blinds

All-white rooms can look clinical so it pays to know tips and tricks to overcome this. One of the best ways to add a white blind to a white room is to use texture and white textured blinds are the ideal choice. They bring added depth to a space as well as other design features that can influence your choice of soft furnishings and accessories too. From white textured roller blinds to white textured vertical blinds, we have a range of options here.


White Blackout Blinds

Contrary to popular belief, white blinds aren’t less capable of managing light than darker options. In fact, white blackout blinds are one of the best ways to get the most out of your room both practically and stylishly. They visually expand the look of a room while offering a multi-layered barrier against unwanted light. Again, you have a host of styles to choose from, including white blackout roller blinds and white blackout vertical blinds, as well as white replacement vertical blind slats to elongate the lifespan of your window dressings too.


White PVC Blinds

There’s no need to overlook style in any room - even bathrooms and kitchens where high moisture content can be challenging for traditional window blinds. White bathroom blinds are crafted with a wipe-clean PVC surface. Instead of being absorbed into the fabric, water beads on the surface and drops off. This eliminates the risk of mould and mildew growth, creating a more hygienic home and blinds that last for much longer too. And with a range of white colours to choose from, you can easily focus on style too.


White Patterned Blinds

There is a misconception that white window blinds are too simple to be stylish. But, just because you’re drawn to crisp white tones, it doesn’t mean you need to give up personality-driven interior style. White patterned blinds come on a wide spectrum, from those with simple linen-inspired details to boldly designed options. No matter whether you opt for white patterned roller blinds to get the most out of your chosen pattern or white Venetian Blinds with shimmering details, there’s something here for every room.


White window blinds are anything but boring. There is certainly a misconception that you either need to have a minimalist interior style or are struggling to find the right colour if you choose a white window dressing. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth if it tried. White blinds remain a popular choice for many reasons - including their versatility and endless style. Yes - over the past decade, we have found ourselves drawn to minimalistic styles. People like Marie Kondo taught us the importance of keeping our homes organised, minimising clutter and loving every accessory. Eliminating mess has been proven to benefit mental health. Advancing technology introduced modern materials that became the focal point in many homes. Busier lifestyles have freed up less time for cleaning, creating a demand for wipe-clean surfaces (and fewer of them at that). And, as such, we have become a nation obsessed with minimalism.

White blinds fit into this interior design obsession perfectly. No matter the colour pallet you’ve chosen, white window blinds slip in elegantly. They allow you to bring focus to other accessories without compromising on practical light control. They easily slip into window recesses, offering a seamless style detail that compliments other accessories. And, they are available in a range of premium and easy-clean fabrics to suit your busy life. However, it doesn’t just have to be a love of minimalism that draws you to white blinds. As one of the most versatile colours on the planet, they are just as effective in maximalist, rustic, bohemian and industry homes alike. There are few colours that white doesn’t pair with - in fact, we’d be hard-pressed to find one.

At Lifestyle Blinds, we bring you the widest range of white window blinds online. All of our fabrics are hand-selected, chosen for their unique style and sourced from the highest quality suppliers. Our goal is to create an eclectic blend of traditional and unique window blinds, available in one place and made bespoke to fit your windows. From white roller blinds with subtle patterns or blackout properties to white Venetian blinds with perforated texture and faux wood white blinds for bathrooms, there promises to be the ideal solution for you in our online store. All of our blinds come with full and easy-to-follow installation instructions, allowing them to be fitted in under 30 minutes and promising to suit your budget too. So, it doesn’t matter what room you’re styling or the decor you’re looking to create, we’ll have the ideal choice right here.

Are white blinds in style?

These days, it feels like interior design evolves just as quickly as fashion. As swiftly as we fall in love with a new pattern or style, the next ‘big thing’ rolls in and we’re right back on Pinterest, searching for the perfect household accessory. So you might be wondering - are white blinds still in style? Here lies the beauty of white. It is one of those colours that just can’t go out of style, no matter how hard it tries. As the leader of the neutrals, white interior design may have evolved over the years but it has never dropped completely out of style.

White acts as a blank canvas - the base colour from which you can inject personality and add details. It is spacious and wholesome, helping smaller rooms to appear larger and helping to pull together a space seamlessly. In turn, white blinds will always be in style too. Modern technology and a greater understanding of customer demand have meant that many new window blind designs have entered the market. And, even with all of these advances, white remains a consistent colour option across the board. No matter whether you’re looking for a white roller blind to effectively manage light or a white wooden blind that injects contemporary luxury into your home, there will always be a truly beautiful option out there, just for you.

Managing light with white blinds

Can white blinds be as effective at managing light as other colours? This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this question and the answer isn’t as simple as you may think. It’s entirely reasonable to assume that darker fabrics will reduce excessive light more. After all, if you hold two pieces of fabric up to a light, the white one will appear less effective at blocking the light. In part, this is true. Darker colours, including black, red and navy blue, absorb more UV rays than lighter colours so if we were just talking about simple fabrics, darker blinds would be more effective.


However, modern window blinds use multiple layers and tonnes of research to ensure they tick more boxes than just style. White window blinds use multi-layer and premium fabrics that offer a physical barrier against unwanted light - and one that is just as effective as their darker counterparts. The colour is less important when choosing blinds these days. In fact, we always recommend focusing on the style of blind that is best suited to your home first and then worrying about colour. Chances are, there is an appropriate solution available for you.

Can white blinds be blackout?

They certainly can. White blackout blinds are some of our favourites. The white colour helps to make a room look larger and airier. They are calm and relaxing - perfect for bedrooms and living rooms where you want to be able to fully switch off at the end of the day. Plus, with white being one of the most versatile colours available, they offer both a subtle backdrop and a statement detail, regardless of the room they’re fitted in. White blackout blinds have a unique relationship with light too. They can make a room look bigger while blocking out unwanted light.

Blackout blinds use a multi-layer design. The inner fabric panel is opaque and physically blocks unwanted light from entering through the window. This is then sandwiched between two layers of premium fabric in the perfect crisp white or off-white colour. So while you’re creating a more spacious looking home, you’re also prioritising privacy, light control and even temperature in many situations too.

What about temperature control? Can white blinds do this too?

Light and temperature come hand-in-hand and the right window blind will help you to manage both of these. Again, the best way to do this is to choose the right fabric first and focus on the colour second. You have two main options - thermal blackout blinds and thermal translucent blinds.


Thermal blackout blinds work in the same way we described above. They have a multi-layer construction which sees an opaque, light-blocking panel sitting between two colour layers of fabric. The central panel blocks unwanted light AND heat, keeping internal temperatures consistent and helping to manage comfort in your home. The best way to use them is to open and close your blinds in line with the sun. During the winter, keep your thermal blackout blinds closed during the early and late hours of the day. This locks in heat generated by your central heating system and prevents excessive loss. Aim to open them during the warmest hours of the day when you’ll be most likely to benefit from natural thermal heat.

During the summer, you’ll want to reverse this. Open your blinds during the cooler times of the day (early morning and late afternoon). This way, you’ll bring cooler air into the space, reducing your dependency on air conditioning or fans. If you’re not using a room or have a south-facing space, close the blinds during the warmest hours to prevent high heat build-up. For busier rooms, you’ll want to consider the second option in temperature control blinds - thermal translucent blinds.

Instead of blocking out all light, thermal translucent blinds use a woven fabric and white thermal backing. Rolling them down will diffuse the available light, allowing a room to be used throughout the day while minimising glare. The thermal backing reflects unwanted heat and light away from your windows before it can pass through. It is just as effective as a blackout thermal solution - the main difference is thermal translucent blinds can be rolled down during the day without eliminating all available, natural light.

And, the true beauty of both of these technologies - they are both available in white blind options. White thermal blackout blinds and white thermal translucent blinds are both stylish, versatile and incredibly practical in the busiest homes. Plus, when used properly, they’ll help to reduce household bills too - what more could you ask for?

Five ways to style white blinds in your home

Now you’ve fallen just as much in love with white blinds as we have, it’s time to consider how best to style them in your home. If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times - white blinds are incredibly easy to style. So our biggest piece of advice has to be, find something that you love and go with it. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. It’s your home and it deserves to be a space you love a little more every single day.


If you’re still looking for inspiration on how to style white blinds, read our top tips here.

1.Use white blinds in smaller rooms to create the illusion of space

White is a naturally reflective colour, making it perfect for smaller rooms. What most people look to do in compact spaces is create the illusion of space and white blinds help you to do just this. Because they are fitted around the entrance spot for natural light, they visually make your window look larger and allow light to be fully optomised in this space. We love the idea of an all-white small room but if you’re looking to introduce colour, consider soft pastels or warmer beiges to keep the room looking as big as possible throughout the year.

Choose white roller blinds in smaller rooms. They sit neatly within your window recess, allowing you to optomise on both floor and wall space too. Choose white cordless roller blinds or white motorised roller blinds to eliminate the bulk of traditional pull cords. Or, opt for a white translucent roller blind which will minimise glare but allow diffused light into smaller rooms all day long - perfect for offices and playrooms alike.

2.Play with texture in all-white rooms

Sticking solely to white in space is the heart of minimalism, but it can feel clinical if it’s not done right. The best way to break up clean, white surface is to introduce different textures. You can do this through statement rugs, scatter cushions or (our personal favourite) white textured blinds. Some designs are subtle - the kind you need to get up close and personal with to fully appreciate. And some are bolder. But whatever way you look at it, white textured blinds are a beautifully subtle, elegant and stylish option in any room.

Texture also isn’t reserved for soft fabric options when it comes to white window blinds. White rigid PVC vertical blinds come with vertical ribbed details that add angular charm to your windows. And white Venetian blinds are also available with hammered details or speckled texture for added charm.

3.Pair white blinds with wooden tones

White is the pinnacle of neutral tones so, if you’re looking for a warm, inviting and effortlessly timeless partner, it has to be wooden tones. It doesn’t matter whether you love White Oak, Hickory or Walnut tones, natural wooden hues work with white to instantly tie together a room with style. Choose wood grain furniture, stick to hardwood flooring or even find the perfect wooden accessories. If you want to go further, hang white wood blinds on your windows and pair these with the grains on other favourite items too. This truly is the perfect duo when it comes to household style.

4.Consider metallic details for a dash of luxury

White is one of those colours that manages to be both minimalistic and have an air of luxury around it. Crisp white surfaces create the illusion of affluence and there’s no finer way to play on this opulence than to inject a dash of metallic sparkle. You could choose white thermal blackout blinds that have a shimmering thread woven through the fabric - these promise to shimmer as the light passes over them. Or, consider one of our white roller blinds with coloured bottom bars. Instead of matching your bottom bar to your fabric, you can choose one finished in copper, gold and silver - a dash of luxury that instantly elevates a traditional-looking window dressing to new heights.

5. Introduce greenery and foliage (both real and in print)

There’s something special about the bringing together of crisp white and natural foliage. Maybe it’s the juxtaposition of this partnership - rarely, in nature, do you see clean white surfaces alongside thriving plants. But it works so beautifully in homes by creating a minimalist backdrop that highlights the main features of your chosen plant to perfection. Imagine, white roller blinds pulled halfway up to expose a draping fern or String of Pearls plant that stretched down from the window sill. Or floor-length white vertical blinds hanging next to a tall palm. Indoor plants don’t only look great, they also help to cleanse the air and bring a sense of calm with them - the perfect choice for office spaces where you need to focus and bedrooms where you want to switch off.

There are no rules when it comes to styling white window blinds in your home. The most important thing to consider is your personal preference. White blinds have a versatility that can effortlessly transcend evolving trends, making them one of the most cost-effective options in any home.

White blinds maintenance - what do you need to know?

Now down to the practical side - how do you clean white blinds? If your home is constantly flooded with footsteps, sticky hands and a million guests, white blinds may seem like one of the most impractical choices. After all, there is little disguising dirt and grime when it sits against a crisp white surface. We spoke about the importance of considering fabric/material for practicality earlier but the same applies here. If you consider the challenges you expect in each room and the most suitable blind material, it’s easy to keep white window blinds looking their best.

Firstly, why do white blinds turn yellow?

Window blinds are the first barrier against UV rays in your home. This means they are most likely to experience the damage associated with these harmful rays. High exposure to natural sunlight causes a chemical reaction in blind fabric, causing certain elements to break down and a yellow discolouration to occur. This yellowing can also be caused by indoor pollution, such as cigarette smoke exposure which leaves nicotine residue on their surface. It’s harder to prevent the latter cause over the second one. If you’re a smoker, take yourself outside and as far away from your windows as possible. This way, there is no chance of smoke-related discolouration Include your blinds in weekly cleans and schedule a deep clean once a month to remove grime from the surface.

UV exposure is harder to prevent - after all, protecting your home from excessive light exposure is the main role of a window blind. Choose a window blind that has a UV protection coating which features on many white faux wood blinds and invest in quality blinds that will be designed to reduce this discolouration.

Cleaning a white window blind - our top tips

No matter what style of window blind you choose, regular cleaning and maintenance are the best ways to get the most out of your investment. And, regardless of the colour of the blind, the way you clean a window blind will depend on its type. So here are our top tips for each one:

Cleaning a white roller blind

Roller blinds have few horizontal surfaces where dust can sit, making them impressively easy to clean. If you’ve chosen a 100% waterproof white roller blind, the wipe-clean surface means you simply need to pass a microfibre cloth over the material - ideally, after every shower, wash or moisture-producing activity. With traditional fabrics, a dry microfibre cloth will pick up unwanted dust. You can also use a traditional duster but make sure you avoid applying excessive pressure as this can cause damage to the surface.

If you’re spot cleaning, make sure to only use cleaners designed for your window blind fabric. We recommend testing on an inconspicuous area to make sure it doesn’t stain or cause unsightly discolouration. And, follow the instructions fully to prevent damage.

Cleaning a white vertical blind

Vertical blinds were designed as an easy-clean and versatile solution - originally used extensively in healthcare and office environments. They are similar to roller blinds in that there are few horizontal surfaces where dirt or grime can settle, meaning they are easier to clean than other styles. Follow the same rules as roller blinds - don’t apply too much pressure when dusting and spot-test new cleaning formulas to make sure they don’t cause damage.

Cleaning white wooden blinds

Whether you choose real wood or faux wood blinds, regular cleaning is essential to make sure your new window dressing lasts and continues looking its best. Real wood is a highly porous material, meaning it will absorb excess moisture if it’s not removed quickly. Too much moisture causes wood to warp and increases the risk of splits and irreversible damage. This is one of the main reasons why you don’t hang a white real wood blind in a bathroom or kitchen - it simply cannot stand up to the fluctuating temperatures and high humidity.

Wooden blinds need regular dusting, between the slats and across the surface. Close the slats in one direction and wipe downwards with a microfibre cloth or duster. Twist the slats closed in the other direction and repeat. And then, open the blinds up and wipe down each individual slat, making sure to focus on the areas near the knotted frame. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with a soft upholstery brush to dust quickly

If you notice stubborn marks, dampen the microfibre cloth and rub the area gently. Avoid too much pressure as this can remove varnish or protective coatings. And, as always, be cautious of cleaning chemicals and only use those designed for your specific window blind covering.

Cleaning white Venetian blinds

With white Venetian blinds, the same cleaning rules apply to wooden blinds. However, keep in mind that aluminium is more flexible than wood. It can quickly become bent and misshaped and, in window blinds, this will have a big impact on your blind’s ability to manage light and privacy. When you’re dusting - whether with a cloth or vacuum - avoid pressure and provide support underneath each slat with your hand.

There are few differences between cleaning white blinds as they are when cleaning any window blind. Just make sure you include them in your weekly cleaning schedule and you’ll get many years of service from your stylish white window blinds.

The perfect white window blind for your home here at Lifestyle Blinds

From bedrooms to living rooms alike, there is always a place for a white window blind in your home. Modern technology has made it easier to manage light, privacy and temperature effectively, regardless of the colour blind you choose. White blinds aren’t just practical but they bring a certain charm to your interior design. As one of the most reflective colours, a white window dressing will help to make the room look bigger. It will create the perfect base colour for other tones, pair beautifully with wooden details and offer a backdrop for the most intricate patterns too.

No matter whether you fell for a white roller blind, need the child-safe design of a white cordless blind or want the elegance of white real wood blinds, you’ll find everything and more here at Lifestyle Blinds. All of our blinds are hand-selected by our professional team - chosen for their durability and unique style. We manufacture each one here in the UK and make them bespoke to fit your windows perfectly. No matter the size of your window or the decor in your home, we have an option here to suit your needs.






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