Bedroom Blinds

Bedroom blinds should not be an afterthought, they should be one of the first considerations made when you style your room. To create a good sleeping environment you need darkness, therefore our top recommendation for bedroom blinds are blackout blinds.  

Total Blackout Blinds

If you are looking for complete darkness in your bedroom then BlocOut blinds offer the perfect solution. These blinds are made with a blackout thermal fabric that effectively blocks out all light, ensuring a pitch-black environment for optimal sleep. The innovative design leaves no room for light leakage, providing an impeccable ambience of darkness. Experience a truly exceptional slumber with our outstanding blackout blinds.

Childrens Bedroom Blinds

For those in search of blackout blinds for kids or blackout blinds for nurseries, you've arrived at the right place. Prepare to be delighted by our wide array of captivating designs tailored for infants, toddlers, and even trendy teenagers. You'll enjoy our vast selection of playful prints, polka dots and lively stripes to unicorn motifs, fierce shark themes, and even edgy graffiti-inspired patterns. With such choice, there is something for everyone!

No-Drill Bedroom Blinds

If you're seeking a hassle-free alternative for installing blinds in your bedroom without the need for drilling, we have the perfect solution. Introducing our innovative No-Drill Roller Blinds, specifically designed to alleviate any concerns of wall damage and particularly handy for those who are less inclined towards drilling!  If you are a renter these blinds are great as you can revamp your home without losing your deposit. 

Bedroom Roller Blinds

The roller blind makes for the perfect bedroom blind. With a single roll of fabric, they provide the best window coverage. This translates into perfect light control too. Choose a blackout thermal roller blind and you also benefit from a multi-layer fabric that helps to regulate temperature too. Roll them down at the end of the day and it takes seconds to create a relaxing haven.

Bedroom Cordless Blinds

Blinds without cords are the ideal solution for children’s bedroom blinds. When considering blinds for a children's room you need to consider safety and effectiveness at blocking out light. Cordless blinds are great for this. You can check out our standard cordless roller blinds and also our 100% blackout thermal BlocOut blinds which are operated by an unseen spring in the headrail. 

Electric Bedroom Blinds

Imagine controlling your blinds from the comfort of your bed. Well, it no longer needs to be a thing of dreams. Electric bedroom blinds have a rechargeable lithium battery discreetly fitted into the top roll. The remote allows you to adjust window coverage with the tap of a button. Plus, most models can be synced to your smart home system. Just say ‘Blinds Close’ for darkness.

Wooden Blinds

If you want a sleek, timeless and elegant window dressing, choose real wood blind for your bedroom. Contrary to popular thought wooden blinds are not blackout so we suggest you pair them with a blackout curtain to give you a fantastic darkened bedroom and also enable you to control your privacy. Wood is a natural insulator, helping to lock in heat and keeping your room warm during the colder months. These blinds also offer heightened control over light. The horizontal slats can be adjusted to your exact requirements. They are also available in a host of wood tones and grains to match the rest of your accessories.

Vertical Blinds

If you have larger windows or even a Juliet balcony, the best bedroom blind option may be a vertical blind. With slats that rotate on a top rail, they provide two options for light control. Rotate the slats to manage privacy or draw them over to one side, allowing light to flow in or giving access to doors. Of course, it goes without saying that you will need to choose blackout vertical blinds to go in your bedroom. With a wide range of styles and designs to choose from, vertical blinds are a practical option for bedrooms - and, they come with child-safe features to suit busy family homes. 

Skylight Blinds

If you’ve converted your loft into the perfect master bedroom or teenage hideaway, you should definitely consider blackout skylight blinds. Featuring brushed aluminium channels screwed in around the window frame you are ensured the best coverage. No other blind type of bedroom blind allows you to darken a room as successfully or manage temperature so effectively. Using just your unique window code, we can manufacture own-brand skylight blinds that fit most major roof window brands - including Velux®, Fakro®, Roto, Keylite, Dakstra, Dakea to name a few loft window brands.

The Science Of Sleep

Light plays a key role in our ability to achieve full restorative sleep and, therefore, the window blinds you choose couldn’t be more vital. We have one of the widest ranges of bedroom blinds online, with options to suit every single style. Our made-to-measure designs are crafted to fit your windows seamlessly. So, whether you’re drawn to minimalist neutrals or want a bold pattern, we’re confident you’ll find the right solution here.

Your bedroom blind has several key roles to play. It needs to manage light, helping your body to sink into deep, restorative sleep. It needs to give you privacy to change, relax and sleep in comfort. It needs to help balance the temperature throughout the day and night. And, it needs to fit in with your style requirements too. That’s a lot to ask from a simple window blind and it’s one of the reasons why we think your bedroom blind deserves proper consideration. Getting a proper night's sleep isn’t just about waking up without bags under your eyes. While you rest, your body gets to work. This period of rest allows your body to kick in a multitude of repair processes. Your brain rids itself with waste and locks in new information. Your cells repair, healthy hormones and proteins are released and muscles begin to heal after the day’s activities.

A good night's sleep sets you up for the day while also reducing the risk of chronic illnesses in older life. Our bodies are programmed to slip into a deep sleep in relation to light. Therefore, having the best bedroom blind is a practical way to help support healthier sleep. We want you to enjoy every moment spent in your home. That’s why our window blind solutions are designed to fit every requirement. We work with the highest quality suppliers to create roller blinds, vertical blinds and wooden blinds that far exceed your expectations. Our team hand-selects each fabric design to make sure we have an eclectic range and provide a made-to-measure service that perfectly fits your budget too.

Choosing the right bedroom blind doesn’t just come down to style. As we mentioned above, light plays a key role in how restorative our night’s sleep can be. Before artificial lighting existed, humans rose and settled with the sun. During the early morning, as the night turned to day, we would rise and begin our days. When temperatures dropped and darkness fell, we retreated back home and prepared ourselves for sleep. These days, many factors hinder our ability to function like this. Yes, household lights play an impact. But so do devices, such as smartphones and laptops.

We spend so much of our days exposed to blue light which impacts our body's ability to produce the sleep hormone, melatonin. In a healthy adult, melatonin acts on receptors in your body and works with your internal clock (circadian rhythm) to encourage sleep. Disrupting this hormonal balance increases the risk of insomnia or heavily broken sleep. In fact, as many as 20% of adults report not getting enough sleep during the night and even more suffer from chronic sleep disorders. The right window blind won’t combat the damage you’re doing by using your phone in bed or working late. But it can help to create a relaxing environment that promotes good sleep. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that you stop using electronic devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime - even earlier, if possible. This gives your body time to adjust, recognise the light conditions and begin to produce the necessary hormones.

To create a good sleeping environment, you need three things:

  • Darkness
  • Noise reduction
  • Cool temperatures

The right bedroom blind can help with all three of these. A blackout thermal window blind will sink your room into darkness. The thermal nature of the fabric will block excessive heat, lock in temperatures and allow you to cool a space without the need for additional devices. And, if you choose right, your bedroom blind can even help to reduce the noise from the roads and surrounding area. So choosing the right window dressing isn’t just about style (even though that's incredibly important too!).

To get the best night's sleep, you want your bedroom to be around 18°C. Because our body temperature drops during sleep, this cooler temperature allows our bodies to flip into a restorative state. If our bedrooms are too hot, it increases the risk of tossing and turning, as well as disruptive sleep. Blackout thermal blinds don’t just sink a room into darkness. They also prevent thermal heat from building up, providing a physical barrier against external temperatures and keeping the room cooler for longer. If you plan to use your bedroom during the day (for example, if it doubles as an office space), you’ll want to choose a thermal translucent roller blind. This woven fabric allows muted light to pass through and also boasts a pearlised backing that redirects unwanted heat away from the window. Both styles are an effective way to manage temperature and keep your bedroom perfectly balanced for sleep.

What to consider when buying bedroom blinds

If you’re anything like us, style plays a key role in your buying decisions. After all, you want a home that looks and feels good - one you’ll want to show off to guests. So we understand that the first thing you may spend time looking for is the perfect colour or pattern for your bedroom blind. However, there are a number of other factors that you need to take into consideration if you’re going to get the very best results.


The fabric of your bedroom blind is incredibly important. Along with the design, the material you choose will play a key role in managing problems such as excessive light or temperature. If light control is your key consideration, choose a blackout thermal roller blind. These offer good window coverage and use a multi-layer fabric that effectively blocks out all light. Unlike vertical blinds or wooden blinds, they don’t have numerous gaps where light rays can seep through. This makes them one of the most practical bedroom blinds. (If you’re looking for full blackout, you’ll need to choose a blind that locks the fabric into side channels - such as a skylight blind).

Equally, the right fabric can work to manage temperature too. If your bedroom tends to get excessively hot or cold, thermal translucent roller blinds are perfect. They have a pearlised backing that reflects unwanted heat away from the windows while locking in the internal temperature too. And, with a range of colours, you don’t need to compromise on style in any way either.


When it comes to bedroom blinds, you have a wide range of style options to choose from. Our personal favourite remains the roller blind - largely because of the reasons we mentioned above. They are easy to use and can accommodate the most complicated patterns with ease. If you have larger windows or a balcony door, consider a vertical blind. These come in the same blackout thermal and thermal translucent fabrics, allowing for effective comfort control. They are also ideal for access and offer two means of operation, giving heightened light management too.

Cordless roller blinds and motorised roller blinds give all the benefits of traditional roller blinds - all without potentially hazardous pull cords. Motorised roller blinds can also be programmed into your smart home system or controlled while you lounge in bed on a lazy Sunday morning. If you’ve got a thing for traditional style, wooden blinds naturally regulate the temperature in your bedroom and introduce a range of grains to compliment your furniture too. And finally, if you have a loft bedroom with roof windows, you’ll want to consider skylight blinds. With brushed aluminium channels, they lock fabric taut across the window and provide the very best light management.

Blackout Blinds FAQ's

Should you choose curtains or window blinds for your bedroom? Once again, the choice comes purely down to personal preference. There are benefits to both styles (of course, we air on the side of window blinds) but let’s look at some key comparisons.

  • Curtains are more suited to large bedrooms while window blinds suit smaller spaces just as effectively
  • Curtains can be fitted over the window recess for effective light management but are more restrictive - they can either be fully open or fully closed. Bedroom blinds can be adjusted minutely, giving you heightened management over comfort at all times.
  • In children’s rooms, curtains are a safer option than traditional roller blinds but they are also tempting for playing behind or games. Roller blinds sit discreetly within the window recess and, if you choose a cordless or motorised roller blind, are perfect for use with small children.
  • Roller blinds are also considerably easier to install. They fit within your window recess and look seamless when the bedroom is completed. Curtains need an additional batten to hang properly and need to be spaced equally to give a sleek look.
  • Blackout roller blinds fitted outside the recess will effectively block all external light. Plus, they are equally as effective if fitted within the recess.
  • If you need to use your bedroom throughout the day, translucent roller blinds are more effective than curtains of the same material. With material pulled tight over the window, you’re able to equally manage light and reduce glare.
  • Waterproof roller blinds are ideal for many rooms, including children’s bedrooms and playrooms. They are wiped clean - in a way that curtains can’t be - and withstand high moisture or fluctuating temperatures too.
  • Blinds are a more practical solution for windows above radiators. They effectively cover the window without inhibiting the heat emitted from the radiator. This means you can cost-effectively use central heating while reducing heat loss through the windows too.

Whether you choose curtains or blinds for bedrooms, the final choice will come down to your personal preference. For us, window blinds win by a landslide. But we also enjoy seeing bedrooms that have both blinds and curtains used together - whether this is for aesthetic reasons or practicality.

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You need a dark and cool environment to sleep well.  Therefore our ultimate recommendation for bedroom blinds is blackout thermal blinds.  You can have total blackout thermal blinds in the form of the BlocOut Blind or if you don't want it totally dark you can have blackout thermal roller blinds, cordless blinds, electric blinds or vertical blinds.

total blackout thermal blinds

There are several factors to consider, including the colour.   There is no right or wrong answer but these are our recommendations

  1. Light neutrals: Light neutral colours like white, beige, or light grey can help create a sense of openness and make the room feel more spacious. These colours also reflect natural light, making the room appear brighter.
  2. Soft pastels: Soft pastel shades like light blue, mint green, or pale pink can add a touch of colour while maintaining a sense of airiness. These colours can create a calming and soothing atmosphere in the room.
  3. Match with wall colour: Another option is to choose blinds that match the colour of the walls. This can create a seamless and cohesive look, making the room feel larger. It's particularly effective when using light or neutral shades for the walls.
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Do you go bespoke or simply buy a ready-made blind Ikea blind? For the best blackout blinds not to mention the most aesthetic choice, in our unbiased opinion, made-to-measure blinds win every single time. Each set is made specifically for your windows, using your measurements to provide the perfect fit. This means you get the very best light control, the most accurate temperature management, and the ability to prioritise privacy too. We also offer many customisable options that extend the past size. These include everything from slat width to fitting option and roll position. This means you can truly customise your blind perfectly, no matter how specific your requirements are.

We know that the term ‘bespoke’ normally comes with a higher price tag. However, we work hard to combine high-quality with low, affordable prices on all blinds. Our online range includes a host of material options that all come with their own prices. Plus, we have so many options to choose from, that it’s easy to find the right bedroom blind to suit your budget.

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