Thermal Blinds

If you are wanting to create a cosy and comfortable home, you'll want to look at thermal window blinds. Say goodbye to unwanted light, glare and temperature fluctuations. Say hello to year-round comfort and privacy.  You will find the best range of hand-picked blinds that are guaranteed to help you live better, keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. 

Cassette Blinds

Cassette blinds with side tracks are a fantastic solution for creating total darkness and controlling the temperature in your home. With a top cassette and brush side channels the BlocOut™ blind is guaranteed to not only keep you cool in the summer but also warm in the winter. This blind is the belt and braces of thermal blinds. 

Thermal Roller Blinds

Thermal roller blinds offer an excellent solution for you if you are looking for a contemporary and affordable thermal blind.  Featuring a thermal backing that creates the perfect physical barrier against heat loss and gains through the windows. Options include cordless roller blinds, decorative cassette roller blinds and no-drill roller blinds.

Thermal Vertical Blinds

Thermal vertical blinds are ideal for any window in the home but are particularly suited to large or long windows and are therefore perfect as thermal patio door blinds.  With the added benefit of being able to tilt so, you can control precisely control the amount of sun rays that enter and leave the home. Available in both 89mm and 127m slat sizes.