Buying Guide For Roller Blinds

Perhaps the most versatile of window coverings, roller blinds come in such a huge variety of fabric types that they are suitable for every room in the home. Looking for a privacy blind to shield you from outside gazes? Or perhaps a thermal roller blind to maintain your comfort throughout the seasons, keeping you cool in summer and cosy in winter? Choose from polyester and cotton combinations for the living room or soft PVC waterproof fabrics for the bathroom. Not forgetting the range of colours that suit the different types of decors in homes across the UK. A made to measure roller blind fits perfectly in your window without the need to re-size. Take advantage of our free next day sample service and browse our fabulous range here.

Why Buy Roller Blinds from Lifestyle Blinds?

With 30 years in the blinds industry and 20 years of online presence our experience is unparalleled. From manufacturing to retailing, we’re not just an online store, we’re true blinds specialists. Here’s a quick look at what you get from Lifestyleblinds.

  • Three decades of experience selling window blinds
  • Informative buying guides to help in your purchase
  • Safe and secure payment systems
  • Peace of mind with guarantees on all our blinds
  • Exceptional quality from UK based manufacturers
  • Diverse palette of colours
  • A large range of fabrics to cater for every requirement
  • Personalise your blind with upgrades options
  • Every roller blind comes with an electric upgrade version
  • Free samples so you can feel the quality before purchase
  • Every blind made to measure
  • Fast delivery – most blinds delivered in 7 working days

Where can you fit roller blinds?

With the easing of restrictions on extensions and building regulations, homes in the UK are seeing an increase in size, leading to variations in window sizes and the need for small to extra wide roller blinds. Whether it’s the standard windows in living rooms and offices or larger glass spaces in conservatories, the fitting of a roller blind offers a versatile solution. Not just limited to normal windows, fitted roller blinds enhance bay windows, whether square or angled.

Roller Blinds are ideal for the variations in size and uses due to the huge range of options in fabric types. In bathrooms the fitting of roller blinds is beneficial with functional waterproof fabrics, including soft PVC in both plain and patterned finishes, complete with mould-resistant coatings. These blinds are especially suited for those tricky small windows adjacent to showers, frequently found in UK homes.

For bedrooms, the installation of fitted roller blinds with thermal blackout linings is a game-changer for shift workers, tired parents and restless toddlers by blocking out most of the sun when it appears in the spring and summer months.

Roller blinds have consistently been a popular option for kitchen windows, and thanks to advancements in fabric technology, including flame-resistant and waterproof finishes, Lifestyle Blinds offers an expansive selection of materials specifically designed for kitchen environments.

What are our different types of roller blinds?

One of the most exciting advances in our industry is the types of roller blinds now available. With a simple and clean finish as standard when fitted with the roller blind brackets the blind operates with the roller tube covered with the fabric in open view. Now there are now more options.

Pelmet Roller Blinds provide a 70mm cassette neatly fitted into the recess to cover the whole roller tube with a choice of different colours for the cassette or a fabric insert to match the chosen blind material. Coupled with a choice of colours for pelmet itself the design options of cassette roller blinds are substantial.

Cordless Roller Blinds eliminate the need for a chain or cord making them ideal for those require pet friendly. Those with cats and dogs no longer need to tie up the chain to prevent their beloved pet from toying with it. Just as beneficial in stopping young children from reaching for the chain and creating a safety hazard. These spring operated roller blinds are not only user friendly but straightforward to install.

No Drill Roller Blinds developed by Louvolite feature the innovative Grip Fit® bracket revolutionising the fitting process. Even seasoned DIY enthusiasts loath drilling into tiles in bathrooms, now they can be fitted in literally minutes, with no drilling and no mess. Truly an innovation for window blinds.

Day and night blinds offer a stylish duo roller blind with fantastic precision privacy and light control. Also known as zebra blinds due to the inherent striped layout of the fabric they are available in varying shades of grey, white and natural colours too. With a simple chain operation you have a contemporary solution to managing light and privacy.

Electric Roller Blinds have been around a long time, but the need for hard wiring or qualified electricians is no more. Battery powered motors are discretely fitted into the tube, and solar chargers keep them charged, making them accessible for DIY shy home owners. Remote control motorised roller blinds fit nicely into our homes and with Smart Home integration with Alexa and Google Home you can operate them without having to get up from your sofa.

View the stunning selection of fabrics for these enhanced feature roller blinds by clicking on the links below.

What Fabric Options Are Available for Roller Blinds?

Fabric selections available for roller blinds cater to distinct preferences and requirements. From the gentle ambiance created by light-filtering fabrics to the cutting-edge efficiency of solar-reflective materials, there's a fabric for every function. Thermal translucent and thermal blackout options provide the ultimate in comfort and energy savings, keeping your space cosy and efficient throughout the seasons. This introduction will guide you through just some of choices.

Light Filtering – Allowing varying degrees of light to come into the room depending on the thickness of the fabric, whilst preventing anyone from outside being able to see inside.

Sheer & Voile – Replacing the old fashioned nets of the 80’s, these allow lots of light in and a view of the outside world. During the daytime visibility is mostly prevented from the outside, however at night with lights on, a filtered view is possible.

Blackout blinds feature a self-coloured backing on the fabric, which significantly darkens a room, enhancing conditions for sleep and nap times by blocking out light.

Thermal Blackout – In these times of high energy prices anything we can do to retain heat generated in the home will help reduce heating costs. These fabrics prevent heat from hitting the cold window and circulating as colder air.

Thermal Translucent – In spring and summer months we still want to e able to protect our privacy but don’t want to darken the room or keep heat in which is where these fabrics are ideal. With a pearlescent heat reflecting backing results in light filtered through but you can’t see through the fabric and it reflects heat back onto the window to reduce heat in the room.

What Other Roller Blinds Do You Sell?

Below are quick links to colour and feature categories for this fabulous range of roller blinds.

Inside and Outside Recess Windows

How to Measure For Roller Blinds

Our comprehensive measuring instructions cater to a wide array of window types where roller blinds can be installed, from bay windows and conservatories to standard windows. These carefully crafted guides aim to alleviate any apprehension you might have while wielding a tape measure.

There’s advice on measuring for inside recess mount (recess size) and outside recess mount (exact size)

Recess Size: The majority of blinds are fitted inside the window recess covering the space where the window sill sits. Our instructions help with allowing for handles on uPVC windows which need to be taken into account.

Exact Size: When hanging the blind on the outside recess of the window you need to ensure the fabric sits outside of the window space. Similarly when measuring for bay windows or conservatories exact size is the best option.

Help on measuring for every window type is available here.

How to Fit Roller Blinds?

We’ve made it as simple as possible. In the box you will receive the fully made to measure blind with the mechanism to operate it, brackets, and a safety device for any cords or chains if the blind has them.

Due to the different surfaces that the blind can be fitted into we recommend you purchase the wall plugs and screws to suit. Usually, you will need a size 7mm drill bit but read through the fitting instructions to confirm. The only tools you'll need are:

  • Cross-head screwdriver
  • Drill with drill bits
  • A pencil
  • For detailed fitting instructions for roller blinds click here.

    Our Most Popular Roller Blinds Colours and Features

    When we sit down to put together a range of fabrics it can be easy to get excited by the possibilities. Narrowing it down to colour palettes and features that our customers want is where our Interiors and Trends Director Naomi Showman takes over. What are the must have and season defining colours? What do our customer need from their roller blind shades? What have our customers been asking for and what are permanent fixtures functionality wise. Here is just a selection of our most popular range, to view the full range click here.

    Grey roller blinds: Comfortably the most popular colour section are our grey roller blinds, a perfect blend of style and functionality. These blinds offer a subtle charm and are considered a versatile colour suitable for most décor themes. With a large array of shades from light to dark they're an ideal choice promising both quality and value.

    Black Roller Blinds: A true statement sophistication is instantly achieved with our black roller blinds. Ideal for creating a bold contrast or complementing darker interiors, these blinds offer both privacy and style. Their sleek design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also provides a practical solution for light control.

    White Roller Blinds: With a huge palette of colours now available you’d think white wasn’t popular anymore but that’s far from the case. These blinds are perfect for reflecting light, making your room feel more spacious and airier. Their crisp, clean look seamlessly fits into any decor, offering a timeless charm while ensuring privacy and light control.

    Blackout roller blinds: Enhance your sleep with our blackout roller blinds, designed to banish light and ensure privacy. Perfect for ensuring restful sleep these blinds merge practicality with aesthetic appeal making them ideal for shift workers and children’s and adults bedrooms alike.

    Bathroom roller blinds: Our specially designed roller blinds combine style with practicality. Mould and water resistant and easy to clean, they're perfect for the unique demands of bathroom settings. Choose from a variety of patterns and colours to complement your bathroom decor, ensuring both functionality and flair.

    Kitchen roller blinds: Most of us spend a lot of time in our kitchens trying to emulate TV chefs . Transform your open plan kitchen with our versatile roller blinds, designed to withstand the hustle and bustle of the heart of your home. Easy to clean, they're perfect for busy cooking areas. Choose from a wide range of colours and patterns to match your kitchen decor, adding a touch of style and practicality to your culinary space.

    How To Clean Roller Blinds?

    Keep it simple is our best advice when cleaning any blind. For roller blinds it depends on the fabric type. Water resistant soft PVC fabrics can simply be wiped clean with kitchen towels or a damp cloth.

    To prevent the build-up of dust on polyester or cotton fabrics firstly wind the blind all the way down then starting from the roll at the top gently wipe the fabric with a damp cloth. When finished leave it all the way down and open the window for an hour or so for it to dry.

    Roller blind mechanisms are best maintained using a silicone spray to and the control chain wiped down with a damp cloth. If there is more persistent dirt on the chain, then adding some warm soapy water to the cloth will be fine.

    Where are your blinds made?

    Our made to measure roller blinds are a testament to the manufacturing heritage here in the UK and Ireland. Each custom made roller blind in our collection is the result of close collaboration with the most experienced BBSA accredited manufacturers across the regions. By choosing local expertise, we ensure that every blind meets our exacting standards. This commitment not only supports our communities but also allows us to offer roller blinds made to fit your unique requirements perfectly. With our made to measure roller blinds UK collection, you're choosing quality, sustainability, and the very best of British and Irish industry.

    Customer Reviews

    While we strive to be the best, we don’t judge what we deliver ourselves. That’s where our customers get their say. What is our pre-sales advice, product quality and after-sales service like compared to what we think it is? Our online UK collection is backed by real-life testimonials. We can’t filter them, so when we don’t reach our standards, those customers have their say too, and we learn from them. When you buy roller blinds online these reviews are your guide to why customers buy from us.

    Buyers Guides

    Our Buying Guides at Lifestyle Blinds are written to give you peace of mind by ensuring you're well-equipped to select the perfect roller blinds for windows in your home. We delve into every detail, from the intricacies of materials to the practicalities of installation. Whether you're navigating the vast selection of colours and textures, or deciding whether to upgrade to an electric option our guides stand as a great guide. We're here to empower you with knowledge, so you can confidently make a choice that reflects your personal style.