Velvet Blinds

Velvet blinds offer a luxurious, elegant window covering option that can elevate the décor of any room. Our velvet blackout blinds come in 6 saturated colours that coordinate beautifully with furnishings and accent pieces. As well as adding a plush, polished look, velvet blinds have functional benefits too. The dense, insulating material helps retain warmth in winter and block harsh light in summer, keeping homes more comfortable year-round.  From an interior design perspective, the textured fabric adds desirable depth and dimension, appearing iridescent as light reflects oof its surface. 

Grey Velvet Roller Blinds

Introduce tactile elegance into your home with beautiful grey velvet blinds. These ultra-plush textured blinds beautifully accent any interior space.  You can incorporate velvet through accent pieces like pillows, throws, and velvet blinds. The key to working with velvet is using it sparingly so its captivating beauty has a focus in a room. Coordinating grey velvet blinds work amazingly in the living room, dining room, and bedroom creating a cohesive, style statement. The blackout fabric does make them ideal for bedrooms and TV rooms alike.